Mulgrave Country Club Mulgrave VIC

Mulgrave Country Club Mulgrave VIC

469 Wellington Rd, Mulgrave VIC 3170, Australia
Visit Mulgrave Country Club in Mulgrave, Victoria.This club has an average rating of 4.1 out of 1300 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 2 to 5. It appears there are mixed reviews for the Mulgrave Country Club.
If you want to have a meal and play the pokies, this club has 105 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Went to renew our membership and stopped for an afternoon tea at the Cafe. Shared a Chicken fajitas wrap and a bowl of chips with a pot of tea. Food and drink was excellent with the Dips and sauce. Staff were attentive to our needs with a very friendly attitude. We do love going for snacks or dine-in. We love how the Cafe area has been opened up with great use of space.

Opening hours

Monday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Tuesday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Wednesday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Thursday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Friday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Saturday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Sunday: 09:00 AM - 03:00 AM

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Latest reviews

Jenny flynn
I celebrated my 70th bday last night. The staff were friendly nothing was too hard they aim to please from the person at reception to the young men who were behind the bar. Food was delicious and everything went off smoothly. Thank you to all who participated. It was the most enjoyable night.
Salman Tahir
Good pace for larger group of friends. Drinks and food available are good. I did not like the souvlaki though...

Lawn balling was fun too.
Choc Pudding
Had been here in the past a few times, and found most of the time the food isnt great, only calamari was I remembered to be good.
Went again recently on a Monday lunch time, and surprised how busy it was, like almost full. To order food there was a long queue at the counter, I dont know whether there was event some kind.
Our table was quite dark, I think some lights on the ceiling were out. Decided to try their nasi goreng and it was one of the worst nasi goreng in my life. Whilst they were generous with meat, flavour-wise just not great, and I had never seen celeries in nasi goreng ever, so obviously they take nasi goreng name very loosely. I thought you cant go wrong with nasi goreng because I never had a bad one before but I was wrong.
Hot chocolate was quite sweet, tall glass so generous portion.
Anyway, I always know this place is good to sit and catch up but food is most of the time a big miss.
Very nice modern interior with good vibes. It was a busy night so the food was a bit slow. However we thoroughly enjoyed our meal and had a lovely time. The Parma was especially delish - good amount of cheese which was grilled to perfection ??'???'?
Last time we ate here we had cakes from the glass case. Most of us struggled to eat these cakes as they are very old and dry, but make sure you wear smart casual along with a neat and clean appearance 🙄
Penny Craig
Went here for a function and the room was tidy and very well presented. The wait and bar staff were very friendly and happy. The toilets were very clean.
Food was delicious with our menu consisting of entrees of pumpkin ravioli or calamari. Main was lamb shank or chicken. Dessert was a beautiful chocolate layered cake or a spongy orange cake.
I did find it a bit strange to have to supply my name, address and DOB just to enter the club however. Not really happy about supplying such information when I'm going once only for a function.
Philip Hodges
Had a great time, meeting with other people. The lunch was fantastic. Great parking space
Claire Rovic
Hey, modern, clean, with good food and a touch of style. If you have not been for a few years, I will say a great improvement.

Though still funded with Pokies....

For those who enjoy a bit of service, while still smiling the staff where wonderful. It had a very modern Aussie feel, with a touch of humour and professionalism.
Pleasantly surprised with the meals here I have to say. I hadn't read great things but the meals were fresh and lovely. The Portuguese Chicken had some nice flavours and everyone else at the table enjoyed their meals as well. The service staff were attentive and the service time was good for such a large crowd!
Peter Loosley
Had a ball playing lawn bowls. Staff were so friendly and helpful to teach us all about bowls.
Had a meal there, unfortunately Steak was overcooked but others who had the fish stated it was very nice. Drinks were done well and bar staff were great
Yin Tam
Food was great but service was okay. The staff got our orders wrong. But the manager came and apologized - she was nice. The overall experience was good.
Nevin Saroufim
We had my husband's 50th Birthday party there, food was amazing!! Staff are SUPER friendly, I would give them the award of the BEST Customer Service for the year :) Sharon, the on-duty manager was so helpful, she really made our day! Thanks so much Sharon.
The place is highly recommended for parties.
Leonie Hymas
Didn't have another meal as offered. Wasn't game enough after the debacle with the dried up meal. The others meal on the table was a lot to be desired also cold. Don't understand that you blame being short staffed with the quality of the meal and that the meals were cold. How does that work? Copout. As previously stated overpriced. Don't know why you have a supervisor - usless
Helen Kaye-Smith
Today in the Bistro we celebrated the 90th birthday of our friend. Trish welcomed me on arrival with our special birthday cake and took care of all the arrangements for that. The Bistro staff - I wish I could give you all their names - were very attentive and helpful despite a heavy demand on their time with many customers there and took precious time to take several photographs. Our Seniors meals were excellent. We will be back.
Vera Booth
On a positive note the venue has been very nicely upgraded and renovated. Staff were friendly and helpful. We have been to this venue many times over many years but no longer live locally. We were excited to return as the food has always be of a good standard. Unfortunately the food served tonight was incredibly ordinary. Offering a huge meal doesn't make up for quality. To add insult to injury, the coffee was completely undrinkable and tasted like gritty dirt. Wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Definitely won't be returning.
Leouel Jr Santos
Celebrated my son's 4th birthday here and the food was delicious.
highly recommend their seafood dishes and lamb.

They also have a casino and a playground to keep the young ones or other guest occupied while waiting for the food.

Nice ambiance and Satisfaction guaranteed.
Barbara Watson
Attended Xmas in July lunch, room was packed. Food alright. No bar service at tables, told to get friends to get drinks as being disabled I am unable to buy for myself. After complaining table service was provided for 1 drink which was appreciated. NO DISABLED TOILET for function room which consisted mainly of elderly people, lots with walking sticks and some walkers. Money is welcome which doesn't include service or amenities for all.
The Customer Service, was good, nice, clean and spacious club but unfortunately the quality of the food is a real let down. The last time I was at this club was pre pandemic and the food was bad, sad to say there has not been any improvement. The prices are very high, which demands a quality chef to cook the food.
George Lewandowski
Went to renew our membership and stopped for an afternoon tea at the Cafe. Shared a Chicken fajitas wrap and a bowl of chips with a pot of tea. Food and drink was excellent with the Dips and sauce. Staff were attentive to our needs with a very friendly attitude. We do love going for snacks or dine-in. We love how the Cafe area has been opened up with great use of space.
Hayden May
Visited for a conference. Very professional.Dining area looks great but I did not try out dining.
Angela Livy
We went to lunch with friends, our meals were very enjoyable. Haven't been to the Mulgrave Country Club for probably more than 2 years. The dining area has been re-furbished - it looks great, very tastefully done.
Annie Pan
Wonderful. The environment is better than before. Every thing is good, good food, good service, good view and we have a great time.
Had dinner, they served chicken with vegetables and tried some of the salmon as well. Cooked nicely and very flavourful. The dessert was this white chocolate pudding that was quite nice too. Date cake was warm and tasted like dates. Function was very clean.
Polo Jimenez
In general the place is a nice place, well maintained, with plenty of parking space and in a very convenient location.We had our church christmas dinner this week in a big round table which was very nice.It would have been a very nice evening except for two things that grabbed my attention. The staff at the bar was quite stressed out. I noticed with the two friends in front of me, so when I arrived I thought I was going to be extra nice to make her day better, but instead she managed to bring me down with her attitude. Then I ordered I lemon, lime & bitters for my wife and it was just a flavored soft drink from the hose.Maybe I'm wrong, but that's not what you expect from any pub. At least that's not my experience in other places.The reason I give only 3 stars is because you go out to have a nice experience. Something that you can't have at home or in a public space.I know it's not fine dining and I'm not even getting there because a pub is a pub. I don't feel entitled to a preferential treatment, but in this case I would have preferred to go somewhere else and probably I will next time a group reunion is planned there.