Junction Hotel Preston VIC

Junction Hotel Preston VIC

1 Plenty Rd, Preston VIC 3072, Australia
Visit Junction Hotel in Preston, Victoria.They have a bar and great food and drink choices. The Junction Hotel has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu. This pub has an average rating of 3.9 out of 505 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 3 to 5. The reviews for the Junction Hotel appear to be a bit mixed.
If you want to have a drink and play the pokies, this pub has 46 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Gr8 service good food and staff is very friendly

Opening hours

Monday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Thursday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Friday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Sunday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM

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Latest reviews

Noel Purdey
Brett and the team looked after us lovely, for a late, mid week evening meal. A nice comfortable atmosphere.
Jacquie Bremner
There was a man on the table next to us who doesn't appear to understand that shouting isn't always necessary, and we had trouble hearing our own conversation. Everything else was great.
Ken Morrison
Great pub meal. Everyone really enjoyed what they ordered. Can't beat simple food done really well. Service was excellent, prompt and genuinely friendly.
Choice of ambient music wasn't great being modern pop that was two & three notches too loud.
Would highly recommend you eat there over most other pubs in the area.
Craig "Boxy" Boxic
The new management seems to have put a new lease of life into the Junction.

Might start heading back down there again.

Friday night cash draw is a great idea, especially when the Mrs wins 🤣.

Welcome back to my circle of pubs again Junction 🤣🤣
Mexican Batman
Food was standard bistro pub fare

The staff were excellent though very nice and friendly
Jason Platty
I stopped by on a Wednesday for lunch with my friends. Didn't need a booking. We all went for the specials two of us got the parmigiana and pot combo for $20. And the others got special parmies bolognaise flavoured for a couple of bucks extra from the specials menu. We put on some keno then enjoyed ourselves. The food was fantastic everyone loved there meal and it was a struggle to finish which is never a bad thing. I couldn't fit it all in, will definitely be back it was a great lunch, and we got $5 from the Keno win. Nice quiet atmosphere we sat where we wanted, right in front of the nice gas fireplace. Your doing a great meal at a great price keep up the great work.
Helene G
New owners + management
New chef I haven't tried new menu
Staff members are welcoming happy alert considerate
Special thanks to Brittany Brian Perry Carlos
Angela Donato
Fantastic calamari meal. Generous serving, great for family lunch. Really friendly staff.
Enzo Donato
The food was fantastic. The calamari are the best i've ever had. Great service friendly staff
Shaman Eyes
Decent food, nice atmosphere, but Tim behind the bar is extremely rude and un friendly.
Hopefully his service can get better in the future, especially on the day of a funeral.
Dropship AUS
Menu change from the last time
We went , place have some great discounts if you have a pension card. Good quality seems to have gone down slightly , I've posted the menu . Staff service was average and the toilets was shocking and clogged at the time .
The food here is excellent. Top notch taste and meticulously presented. The chips were crisp and fresh from non-frozen potatoes. The noodles are perfectly seasoned and full of crisp vegetables. Curry dishes perfect. The salads, fresh and full of darker greens with some kind of brilliant dressing. Only thing is the food arrival can be slow at times. We ordered a particular dish, and when we checked after waiting for a long while, it turned out we hadn't ordered it at all! The woman taking our order misunderstood what we said or didn't listen! Again, thanks for the nice tucker, chefs!
Lauren Chambers
The two bar staffs were excellent especially after their supervisor couldn't understand our ordering and we were one meal short on our table. It was the other two staff members Jake and Carlos that noticed and corrected their Manager error where as she was more worried about what was ordered and not her error.
No apologies offered from the SUPERVISOR!
Family shouldn't be given these roles if they can't manage simple tasks.
Leanne Scott
Great staff and the dinners are great and affordable
Justine Pettiona
Food was really disappointing this time. In the past the food has been great. There were no customers in the restaurant which was odd for a Sunday. The fish was in small pieces like offcuts. It was full of bones. The roast pork was dry and inedible. Such a shame as this is one of the better pubs in preston. Really hope this was just an off day for the kitchen. Service was good as always
Maddison B
I normally don't write bad reviews but if you have a dietary requirement please avoid eating here. I went and ordered a vegetarian dish. They have a separate menu for all their meat free dishes. I was told a couple times it was mock meat. Pretty devastating after asking a staff member to check for the third time with the chef to only find out you've been eating chicken. Was also not offered a refund of any sort...
Standard issue pokies/TAB pub.
Reasonably priced bistro, however part of the tables area looks directly into the pokies room so some families may wish to avoid, or at least ask to be seated elsewhere.
Separated public bar filled with a mix of friendly characters betting on the horses. Good for a yarn over a cold one and a game of pool.
Sadly though, the character filled bar doesn't balance out the lack of character in the staff who were a mix between disinterested, and flat out insultingly rude.
Kassie Church
Great experience, amazing with children of all ages and absolute hands down best feed in Melbourne!
Can not recommend the food any higher then 5 other wise I would!
Linda Kirkpatrick
Craig and Helen serve a great meal with top taste and the bestest service ever. If you are looking for a place that's family friendly this is the place. Highly recomended
Bianca Lewis
Food was ok customer service was atrocious. 3 large-ish tables in the bistro today and two were parties. One was for an 80y/o woman. They were treated wonderfully by the lady who appeared to be the manager, plates,cutlery and serving knife provided for their cake.

The other was my daughters 1st birthday. We had to clear our table ourselves to make room to sing happy birthday. When I asked for plates and such for our cake we were not provide with cutlery until some had finished earing. When I asked for an extra sugar packet it was handed to me like I had offended her. She told us with a laugh she would finish clearing our table when we left. Our group was the smallest of the 3 yet we seemed to be such a bother. If any tip was left I assure you it fell from someones pocket. Last time we dine here.
Darren Stewart
My mother and i went there today for lunch and the employees there was magnificent, and one lady in particular was fantastic. Her name is Tracey she knew her job and she came and ask how we like our food the other employees were fantastic. To me the junction hotel is clean and very impressive right across the board, it's very hard to find a hotel like the junction hotel. And the food was fantastic i believe the food is very good for your money I would differently recommend the junction hotel for shaw
Rohit Arora
The chicken Parma is hands down the best in this area... The staff are really friendly as well and the food being this tasty makes this place awesome...
Sue Osullivan
Had 15.00 chicken parmigiana , couldn't finish it ,but it was really yummy and chips were great too.
Ronda Kuiper
Meals were nice abs senior Meals were back. Staff friendly as well
John Witte
Great place fo pop in for a quiet drink and a cstch up.
Cathy Bithell
Fantastic customer service and wonderful steaks. Thanks guys.
Jody D
Looks good now all renovations are done.I can't comment on the food as it's been 2years since I last ate here.
Puneet kapoor
Gr8 service good food and staff is very friendly
Sophia Durante
I wouldnt waste my time . Please do yourself a favour and look else where . Terrible service and food not fresh. Easter Sunday only 4 tables were occupied shouldve known
Glenn Smith
Stopped in for a quick drink after work. The bar staff were great and the wedges were great.
Norman Afif
Amazing as usual.There's something so strange about the salad.It's got curry flavour dressing on it.At first I thought that was so odd.But now I absolutely love it.My only complaint is the pokies take my money and the menu has been downsized. But I imagine that's because of.. well you know what..