Cramers Hotel Preston VIC

Cramers Hotel Preston VIC

1 Cramer St, Preston VIC 3072, Australia

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Visit Cramers Hotel in Preston, Victoria.They have a bar and great food and drink choices. The Cramers Hotel has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu.
If you want to have a drink and play the pokies, this pub has 79 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Just been to a 21st birthday such a fantastic venue for a party the staff where so friendly

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM

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Latest reviews

Bryan A.
Not one of Woolworths' better offerings.
Plenty of locals were being hypnotised by the pokies but our late lunch saw an empty dining room.
Our meals were as much as can be expected but the "Gravy" on the Roast of the Day was appalling: straight out of the packet/can.
The staff were great but could we run to a Chef rather than a short-order Cook in the kitchen, considering the fortune the pokies raise?
Elijan Sejic
Stopped on a s way to Sydney. Great seafood platter with very fresh produce
Jennifer Marshall
I came and sat in the bistro section, midday on a Thursday.
I ordered the rump with chips and salad. I ordered rare (just over for my personal taste) with peppercorn gravy.
The peppercorn gravy was severely lacking peppercorns but aside from that worth the money!
Side note: Better to visit early, as a family, as the security approach your table and ask you to leave just before 10 pm!
Jeevi Ram
Amazing chicken parma as usual, they currently have a special for lunch and dinner where u get a Parmalat and a pot for $17.the atmosphere is really good to hang out with friends and watch sports in their sports bar section. Looking forward to my next visit.
Jennifer Marshall
I came and sat in the bistro section, midday on a Thursday.
I ordered the rump with chips and salad. I ordered rare (just over for my personal taste) with peppercorn gravy.
The peppercorn gravy was severely lacking peppercorns but aside from that worth the money! Also a play area for the kids, win for kids and parents alike!!
Side note: Better to visit early, as a family, as the security approach your table and ask you to leave just before 10 pm!
Ross Andrews
It's Ok. Went because it has a small inside playground which the kids wanted. My parma would have been really good if the Napoli sauce wasn't put on cold!
Jasna M
First time dining out at a bistro on my own
This place felt safe and inviting, I noticed other females doing the same.
I thought the menu was a bit overpriced for lunch. I had an entree sized salt and pepper squid which was filling and the batter was delicious, although a little bit rubbery. The presentation was also lovely, with a nice aioli spread and small salad and it took about 8 minutes.
Would order again
The real hero was the barman -G? He provided me with a phone charger, a port and severed food and drinks to about 9 tables with great timing and a smile :) and was the only one on the floor during lunch hour.
I'm sure he had other duties as the gaming room was packed and I only saw one other worker
Overall, a lovely establishment
Sarah Jane
Love this little bistro. Delicious food, awesome full of different activities playground. Servers were wonderful and sensible with any changes we needed to make. Will definitely be back. (One point is all the kids kept running to "stop" sign as there was a child on the sign. It was like a big kid invite sign not a prevention.)
D Nikoro
First and only time I visited staff allowed me and my group to order even though it was close to the bistro closing until dinner. The young bistro attendant who took orders was so mannered and lovely, the atmosphere was calm, quiet as it would be at the time of the day. Would definitely visit again in the the future.
Ordered grilled fish and veggies. Took 45 minutes. Small portion. Fish was burnt and dry. Really bad food. Definitely don't recommend this place.

An update from my review yesterday. The manager attended to my issue pretty much straight after my review. Having bad experiences is one thing but having management apologise and respond to you is going above and beyond. Very impressed! Thank you.
Darren Dellaportas
Came in and got bounced from the bar to the indoor dining area because it felt like the manager had told the lady at the bar not to sell the Parma special. She looked very stressed and uncomfortable. I was there just over 30mins before close, chips weren't hot and the Parma felt rushed or like it wasn't thawed out properly before cooking. Gentleman working at the other dining area was very helpful
Santo Pati
Ordered a beer on tap. The girl who served me was really nice. I said to the girl that the beer tasted flat. She got the manager (after I said, I wanted a different beer on tap). Not quite sure why that was necessary. I told the same thing to the manager. Who then gave me a lecture of how the keg was changed at '2pm'. After I explained I wanted something different. He said "there is nothing wrong with it" and just walked away, no resolution. He was very condescending & borderline smart arse. Came across very passive aggressive. Very poor management skills.
thiagu subramaniam
Food so so nice .my family love it. Manu simple but good choice. Sorry no pictures.
Danielle Richards
Went to check out the regular Sunday Poker & glad I did. Didn't play myself but 2 mates did - thanks to the regulars who were patient & friendly. I think the organiser's name was Shane.
Zahra Khoder
Ok firstly POONAH the Indian lady working the cashier Is the most rudest arrogant lady I have ever come across. Not only did her attitude stink but she also stunk. Didn't want to work as the servers were down. People like POONAH should not be allowed to work in the gaming industry. SHE NEEDS TO BE FIRED!
Cloe Crowhurst
I don't usually leave negative reviews, but tonight was just awful! Keep in mind it wasn't a super busy night by the looks of things.
We ordered through me&U as instructed by the staff, despite 3 staff in the bar drinks took over 30 minutes to be prepared and we're not correct. Our long land ice teas were not drinkable (they did replace them with a beer).
Some of our meals were beautiful, 3 of our steaks were cooked to perfection but the other two were medium to well, when we ordered medium rare.
Worst of all no apology for the drink wait or the poor service.
Raelene Cowell
Absolutely wonderful could not want any more. The Bar men liam was the best in customer service 5 stars
Onnida T
We went for UFC live and oredered some food. Steak sandwich 🥪 was good. Calamari was rubbery and I find that it doesn'ttaste much. Food wasn't that warm, maybe from the cold plate and Melbourne weather. Chips weren't great but edible. We like potato wedges more than chips.

I asked if I can have wedges on my main instead of chips but staff said no. She said I'm afraid the kitchen won't do it because of the price. She could've checked for me though. But I didn't say anything as she didn't offer to check with the kitchen.

I understand that it's Mother's day and they're busy but we ordered before diner starts to get busy. Anyway, not a big deal though. I ate some chips but didn't finish them. Salad was average, not cruncy fresh but good enough.

Not bad for a pub/hotel food. Big room, clean toilets and a lot of parking space.
dylan osbrough
Boss man in the pokies looks like he wants to rip yr head off lol.. but is actually very helpful and quite peaceful..nice eating area ,good food and large childrens play area plus up to date pokie machines
Jennifer Robins
Great pub, love the Sports Bar. Friendly staff, especially Amber. The new manager is a breath of fresh air.
Eddies Bandroom
Nice good value meals snd cater for large groupz
Great attentive and friendly staff
Moustafa Sayegh
Food is below average, good variety of games though. Avoid the steak, they never get it right, unseasoned and always way overcooked. The place is very gambling focused, wish they would put as much into their food.
Ronda Kuiper
Food yummy and staff extra friendly.I had Lamb Shanks tonight, it melted in your mouth and mashed potato which was very creamy
Linda Bramich
Just been to a 21st birthday such a fantastic venue for a party the staff where so friendly
Miffy Leigh
Great food, second time in 2 weeks we have returned for a medium rare steak that's actually cooked medium rare!
Stuart B
Good place well set out. Staff were great as well and the food is fantastic
Jody D
Pub meals. Large gaming room. TAB. BWS bottle shop. I popped in for a quick drink. Good price fast service.
Em G
Good service
Pie meal not too good especially for the price charged
Other meals looked ok
Wally Chiang
Your typical local hotel/pub place. Food isn't too bad. Have great play area for kids. I am very much addicted to the arcade games here. The dessert is the only disappointing thing here. Overall I think it's worthwhile visiting and the food is pretty substantial. Come here maybe one a month with the kids.