Summerhill Hotel Reservoir VIC

Summerhill Hotel Reservoir VIC

840 Plenty Rd, Reservoir VIC 3073, Australia
Visit Summerhill Hotel in Reservoir, Victoria.They have a bar and great food and drink choices. The Summerhill Hotel has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu. This pub has an average rating of 3.9 out of 327 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 4 to 5. It appears the reviews for the Summerhill Hotel are fairly consistent, showing that everyone appears to be reasonably happy with the Summerhill Hotel.
If you want to have a drink and play the pokies, this pub has 88 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Good local to view sport and have a beer. Massive screen to watch cricket or footy. Has the main beers on tap, Carlton draught, dry and VB. Staff super friendly.

Opening hours

Monday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Thursday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Friday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Sunday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM

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Latest reviews

Lyn Webb
Meals are amazing pub meals. Great value for money, great portions. The staff including Kristy and Bella are so welcoming, caring and attentive. Love all the friendly staff.
Paul Busutil
Just had my second feed here, the first time I ate here I really enjoyed the quality of my meal and thought we must go back and tonight did not disappoint .
First time I had the seniors Lambs Fry and Bacon and tonight Mexican Parma both top quality meals as far as pub meals go and all the bar and table staff are super friendly.
Looks like I have found my go to place to eat whenever I'm in Resa.
Valerie Kacarik
We've been coming to this place for a couple of years but in the last year we've really really been very impressed the food especially the steaks have been cooked to perfection

We were there today and we took our son , my God he was so impressed with his meal which was steak cooked to perfection , he said service was fantastic and the assistant manager is excellent he's a hard working peoples people who will go out of his way to help and hats off to the staff and chef, meals were spot on, service fantastic steak unbelievable .. Make sure you head to this place.. You won't be disappointed at all
clerk chase
The location was a little out of the way... but located in a mall would be good for a feed at lunch.... I got a blue steak which was near to perfect... soft and buttery to the taste buds

We also got a seafood basket... which I don't recommend. Felt a little underwhelmed by it

The servers allowed us to sit 5 minutes to closing time and even allowed us a decent amount of time to finish our meal.. we didn't feel rushed

For a pub feed, it's worth it ??'?
But don't get the surf and turf option

Never used the rooms so I didn't rate
Stephen Dore
Slow Service & On A Quiet Day Ordered a Seniors $18 meal With Free Beer or Wine, But I Was Knocked Back For An On Tap Apple Cider ( What's The Difference !! ) But The Meal
Salt & Pepper Calamari Was Just Excellent
Dallas Taylor
Good evening
A year or so ago I was a resident in the area and frequented your hotel, to play the pokies. This was more than a year ago. I have since returned to Reservoir and popped in to your venue. I was hoping to catch up with one of your gaming staff, Mikki, she always was a welcoming staff member.
I was wondering if Mikki is still employed at SummerHill, I have been in a couple of times and current workers do not know of Mikki.
Can you please let me know if Mikki is still employed at your hotel, if not do you know where she is working? I would love to catch up with Mikki again after an absence due to my work commitments interstate.
I rarely place reviews, however in a gaming environment Mikki (I'm hoping the spelling is correct) was a comfort and supportive in her role on the floor.
I would appreciate a reply. Mikki gave me the best of customer/hospitality service and Mikki was so accepting of my 'addiction', without prejudice and made me feel comforted.
Eve (EveG)
Chips warm & some burnt, presentation of food on the plate unappealing, nearly 25 minute wait, definitely no where as good as it use to be.
The hamburgers were also presented with a steak knife shoved into the centre of the hamburger, I thought this rather odd.
Benji Pee13
Cannot fault this place at all the food is always good and customer service is amazing! Highly recommend Anne the extremely hardworker who always goes above and beyond with her impeccable customer service. Thank you
Sue Walker
Love the meals, always beautifully cooked and the service is great.
Lou is always helpful and cheerful.
Definitely love coming here.
John Capomolla
Decided to have a chill evening, so I went into the gaming floor. After a short while, walked over to the coffee station and ordered a hot chocolate. I'm watching the girl proceed to throw 2 heaped teaspoons of chocolate into a cup followed by hot milk. I could have done better job making my milo at home. Full of floating chocolate bits, and when i finished it, the bottom of the cup resembled something that a pig would lay in. Chocolate didn't melt and tasted like warm milk. Probably a better option would be to put the chocolate into the milk jug and froth it together. Now, i am fully aware that it's complimentary, but for god sake, please train certain staff to make it properly, even if you need to charge. I'd be quite happy to pay for a decent cup
Harry Cooper
Be careful if you have parents or grandparents who go here. I am having some night shift knock off beers and they announce the incorrect times over the loud speakers to keep people gaming. It is 2am and they announced 1am on a recorded message
Kaz Jory
This bistro has really gone downhill, the nice staff are gone!
The meal l had was pork roast, well the one slice l got was roasted alright, it was hard, brown and looked old, l worried actually l might get sick, lm not a huge pork eater but mostly it's white meat, not this it was brown! Just wished l had of taken a picture to put with this review. I took plate to the counter and told her to tell the chef to try eat this as it was really bad. A worker came and asked me if l wanted a free drink or cake l think he said, but l just wanted them to know people are not going to eat that, l would say it had definitely been reheated in a pan, l have ticked this bistro off for good, l hope they can get proper chefs who know how to cook.!
Kahu Moana
Summerhill hotel you are dropping in standards.

I ordered bangers and mash off Uber eats. I don't know how a chef could fail on such a simple, simple recipe. I would've cooked myself but being in the emergency awaiting doctors, I don't see that happening.

The veggies were half cooked, mash was like rock, sausages weren't cooked fresh, it's as if they were sitting in the bain marie for hours.

Management it's about time you invest in your workers and send them to some sort of training where they can do better for themselves, for their team, for the business and for the customers. Ultimately this falls on you management.
Melinda James
Just had the worst meal delivered. Parma ( overcooked) the size of my palm, served with overcooked chips full of oil. Looks like it's been re re re cooked. False advertising when they say qualified chefs with quality food!! My meal was made by a 5th grader.
Definitely not recommended
Vincent Pham
Good local to view sport and have a beer. Massive screen to watch cricket or footy. Has the main beers on tap, Carlton draught, dry and VB. Staff super friendly.
Vincent Pham
Good local to view sport and have a beer. Massive screen to watch cricket or footy. Has the main beers on tap, Carlton draught, dry and VB. Staff super friendly.
Daniel Kerovec
O went to this venue with 15 other people and we had a great time. Food was excellent, its clean and a bit fancy. O will be going back for the soup of the day and a loaded Parma.
Kylie Frank
Had lunch here today and it is a pleasure to be here. The staff there are always so friendly, I put a couple of bets on at the tab and the new girl there had the most friendliest smile and attitude, much nicer than the Indian male who is always rude.
Nick Richardson
Dinner tonight was not a great experience.

Firstly, the girl on the counter was friendly enough, but didn't have knowledge around drinks or food. Which is fine we all have to learn, but she had no support immediately around her to ask.

Ordered an onion rings as an entree for the table to share, kristy was the server for the meals, the mains showed up and I said I don't think they are ours we ordered an onion rings to come out first, she responded with well these are ready and the onion rings aren't so they will
Come out when they're ready.

We ordered 2 parmys chips and salad and side of mushroom gravy which is $3, when they arrived it was plain gravy. This point was raised with Kristy who said " well the ticket in the kitchen said plain. That's why you got plain." We advised her the ticket was incorrect and asked to her to change it, which seemed like a major inconvenience for her.

Lastly, there was a seafood basket on the specials beside the till, prior to ordering it, I asked what was in it. Was advised, fish, prawns, calamari and scallops. What arrived was processed "prawn cutlets", what they called the scallops are known at the fish and chip shop as seafood bites, rounds of processed seafood extender, the calamari was the processed "squid" rings and the fish is still unknown, all of it completely disgusting.

I get that sometimes food isn't wonderful, there's issues with suppliers and mistakes happen, BUT the attitude and blatant hostility around it was unnecessary.
Shantel Stray
Went here tonight with the fam, 3 Parmas and one steak medium. Steak came well done so I went up and complained and asked for my money back as it is a reoccurring thing, the manager argued that it was medium even though had no pink colour at all. I always ask for medium so I think I would know what it should look like. They then said they couldn't refund and gave a $25 voucher even though I paid $36 for the steak, so now I'm loosing money. I then complained again and they asked if we wanted a jug of coke and we said no due to the loss of appetite and just wanted the full refund. They further said no we can't give the remaining amount on a voucher. The staff were also laughing at our complaints. What a disgrace from the staff and business.
Qawaq Aaliyah Dare
Ordered a meal delivered from Uber eats and it was exceptionally disappointing.
I got a steak with chips and salad and I requested a medium steak, they gave me a well done chewy one that was burnt around the edges. It was horrible so after a couple bites I was done. They packed the salad on top of the hot meal so by the time it arrived it was warm and all wilted so couldn't eat it. I asked for extra seasoning on my chips and they had practically none so they were bland and not enjoyable to eat.
Also ordered their Mac and cheese which was cold and all gluggy, the flavour was not nice at all either.
Onion rings were ok but definitely won't be ordering again.
Angel A
Lousy food. I decided to get a parmigiana into me. Absolutely starving after walking every aisle at the local Kmart store. As you may imagine we were starving hungry. Both of us ordering the same meal with similar ill encounters.
Chicken was pink in the centre and the crumbing overly crispy and over done.
Salad was soggy and the fries tasted uncooked
Kelsie Sparkles
Good inexpensive food, lovely staff
Dorothy Goulding
Best steaks ever staff amazing.
Pega Seiya
Had dinner last night, was served by Julie who was lovely. I assumed that steak night meant I would be paying for a full-sized plate, but instead got a senior's plate, which I could have gotten any other day. I feel like I was ripped off.
Louis Martin
Had dinner last week and it wasn't their regular chef so I was disappointed the food was a tad bland. I'll come back and I suggest you all go there on the days when their regular chef is in. The staff are so welcoming and friendly, even one customer was giving one of the female staff a hard time and she still remained friendly and courteous towards the rude man. The drinks are prepared right in front of you so that show genuine staff, the same female staff went around the room providing soft drinks and water to other people, I asked if I could have a coffee and she politely brought one to me. It's such a relaxing environment. I gave it 3 stars due to the tasteless Parma, but great customer service.
Ronny Deol
Food and staff is really good but aircon doesn't work. I asked the staff if they can do anything about it but they said it's automatic they can't change the temperature. Everything else is good but please fix your aircon.
Jedd Dryden
The price discrepancy of the Parma I had was completely different to what was listed on their website.

Parma was a run of the mill experience, nothing too great, nothing too bad. EFPOS machine was also not working even though it is COVID, had to get cashout at the nearest ATM, with an additional $2.90 fee.
Paul L
Nice placeHeaps of machines to pick fromTAB nice Aswel
Amanda Lousise
There is a particular gothic-looking staff member who is quite intimidating to customers and other staff. She never has a smile and is quite rude and nasty. We have seen her belittle other customers and her other staff members on several occasions to the point we had to alert the manger several times. Disgraceful behaviour!! We are regulars and to see that girl rolling her eyes and talking down to customers after a simple request for coffee is all needed to have that hotel go downhill. All of the other staff are so lovely except her.
Jemima Gardiner
Good pokie venue... No identification needed too play. Nice atmosphere to eat, drink and gamble by choice.
John Nicholson
TAB and Seniors Meal. Sports on every Screen. Aust beats NZ in Wellington ODI. Can't beat that. Great Food. Great Service. Cheers Nicko
Good and relaxed mostly old folk
Crystal Gobby-Thackray
My partner and I placed an order for take away, thought why not support a local business during the pandemic. Sadly it's not what we hoped for from our local pub.Steak was all fat, the squid felt cheap/processed. Chips were all soggy from the meat. The onion rings were actually decent. The Milkshake was yummy. Sadly we couldn't even eat our garlic bread, by the time it got to us it was like someome dipped bread into water and let it sit. The lemon meringue tasted kind of like chemicals. Salad dressing was great with the salad though. The mushroom sauce was bland.It's disappointing we spent $80 on a meal we ended up feeding to our dog.I'm sorry for this to be so negative, I just really hope something can be taken from the feedback and other customers are able to enjoy a more positive experience and meal.