Steeples Mornington VIC

Steeples Mornington VIC

Cnr Racecourse and, Cnr Racecourse and, 225 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Mornington VIC 3931, Australia
Visit Steeples in Mornington, Victoria.They have a bar and great food and drink choices. The Steeples has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu. This club has an average rating of 3.9 out of 879 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 3 to 5. The reviews for the Steeples appear to be a bit mixed.
If you want to have a meal and play the pokies, this club has 84 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

A beautiful place to have a meal or a drink. Staff working tirelessly under covid conditions. A great credit to them all.

Opening hours

Monday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Tuesday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Wednesday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Thursday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Friday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Saturday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Sunday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM

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Latest reviews

Linda Wing
Lovely piece for a friend's catch up. Staff fabulous. Good great. Lovely views of the windows
Nick Waldron
Steeples was extremely busy the evening we attended. We were shown to our table by a very polite and smiling member of staff. Informed the roast had run out and the soup of the day available.
My wife had the seniors salmon and sticky date pudding and I had the Vietnam flavoured chicken and Greek Salad.
My wife enjoyed her meal with no complaint. The Vietnam Chicken I had for a starter was very good. The Greek salad with lamb. The lamb was well cooked. However the salad lacked any olives and seemed all it consisted of was lettuce and one or two other ingredients together with Greek yoghurt. Tasted okay but seem to have bits missing compared to other Greek salads had in the past.
The staff were excellent and everything looked clean and well presented. Particularly liked the menus.
Adding everything up, will give it a solid 8.5 out of 10.
Mona S
Loved the Beef Ribs! service was excelent, kids loved running around to playroom while waiting for food to come. will be back!

Add: i had steak three times, they are super thick and dry as! Hope next time is better. Or I'll stick with Garlic bread. Service still great.
The Dude Abides 113
great food
Chicken parmy is huge..
korean chicken is good

very busy and popular place in Mornington.

big steaks and seniors sized meals also
Diane Maclaine
We dined here last night with a table of ten, a couple of us were vegetarian and chose this venue as last time we came they had an amazing vegetarian menu. Last night was a disaster!!! No vegetarian menu !!! The menu said choose any Parma and they can give it to you plant based, several of us ordered this only to be told it shouldn't be on the menu as they don't have it !!! I ordered a mushroom burger, the pattie was burnt as were the sweet potato fries, my friend ordered the risotto and it tasted like plain boiled rice. Incredibly disappointing as this was a special occasion for us.
Michye Kavesh
While I personally found some degree of enjoyment in the food, my date had a different experience altogether. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the chicken parmigiana, and the coffee was also below their expectations. Moreover, I perceived the lady who directed us to our seats as displaying both racist and rude behavior. This perception stemmed from her insistence that I sit in a specific area despite my refusal, claiming that all other seats were taken. However, this turned out to be untrue, as those seats remained unoccupied throughout our two-hour stay. Thankfully, my date's race seemingly played a role, as we were eventually allowed to sit elsewhere. I found this treatment to be unpleasant, and overall, the service fell far short of what I had hoped for.
Teresa M
Good service, delicious food, play area for kids is good except one of the terrors managed to make a hole in the wall whilst we were in there!
Sue Brabender
A delicious midday meal enjoyed in a group of 30+ people. We were all very happy with our meals. A variety of options to choose from. Premises clean and modern. Staff polite and professional.
Corrine Wimetal
I'm appalled at the chef's attitude

Came for dinner asking for a simple swap on a burger. Got told that was fine so I paid for my meal thinking I was going to get what I paid for. Instead I got told the chefs refuse to do the simple change which was only asking for a chicken patty instead of a beef Patty (which it says on the menu is an option).
To then find out that the chefs abused the staff because they didn't want to do the change is disgusting!!!!! The way the chefs were acting was as if I was asking them to cut off a limb !

The floor staff were amazing but the let down for the night was the chefs. I didn't enjoy having to take off the patty as I don't eat beef to eat a burger with no meat.

I don't want the bad review to come back on the floor staff as they were amazing
But I think someone needs to address this issue as everyone that tried to help us got abused !! That's not right at all. no one should come to work to get abused

The 3 star rating is for the floor staff.

Think they should get new chefs !!!!!
My friend had roast of the day, which was pork, I ordered the Christmas dinner in July meal. Both meals were sub par. The roast pork could have been anything but we both agreed it was probably shoe leather...tough ,tasteless and indistinguishable. Vegies were either barely cooked or over cooked. Had to laugh, my meal had turkey, pork and ham...the ham was two tiny round slices of packet deli ham that they'd heated up....not really what I'd imagined
The staff were very good and friendly. They did offer a meal replacement for my friend . I've eaten here a few times lately and it's always pretty average to disappointing. I'll be going back to the Mornington Hotel to eat in future.
Cameron MacDonald
Very noisy with children running around so if that bothers you it would be a consideration.
The menus is exactly the same as the Cove in Patterson lakes, not very imaginative.
No salad dressing which left the salad dry.
I would say steeples is very similar to an RSL.
Glenn Arboit
Seafood Linguine I would rate 10/10. I have had a few times now. I have to say it is the best I have had in years. My son is also hooked on this dish & he was a Parma boy. The flavours & seafood are just amazing. Beats the Rocks & SouthBank Seafood Linguine any day. Highly recommended. I'm glad they do take away also.
Rita Lykokapis
We booked Sunday night which was fantastic! We were asked to sit down once we arrived. We were told what the roast of the day was & soup of the day. Hubby thought the roast of day sounds delicious. He got up went to the counter and asked for the toast of the day they told him that they ran out. It was only 6.15pm. I think it's the right for people to know once they're seated that they've ran out of whatever's wasn't available. We walked out! Very disappointed!
Linda Bugeja
Staff friendly and polite. Three of us has the chicken burger. We all thought the chef should have a look how Nandos do theirs. The last few times very disappointing re/meals, so will take them off our list of places to go for a while
Angela Heskett
After reading many mixed reviews for Steeples, my family and I were a bit hesitant to eat here. We were pleasantly surprised with how great the food was and the staff were super friendly. A great family restaurant with lots of variety on the menu. The desserts were especially amazing.
Matt Swift
Nice food and able to order and pay at the table. Has a room for the kids to keep themselves entertained.
Dave Hughes
Kudos where it's due! Had not been here for a quite a while after disappointing meals. But been twice recently and hats off! Massive improvement! Both times tables of 10 plus. Meals all served very closely together and the quality of the food across the board excellent! The bruschetta simple, quality and delicious! The steak a good cut, well cooked and also delicious. Keep up the good work! Happy, content and will be back
Joanne Vandoorn
Steeples, as the name suggests is right next to Mornington race course.
It's large, noisy and popular. Which is great because it caters for everyone. Families with a kids playground all indoor, up to our seniors, with a vast menu to match.
A couple of things have changed, there is no longer full table service and their kids menu no longer includes a drink and dessert for a set price.
The food is nice and they have tried to cater for dietary needs. The staff were friendly and efficient.
It's a good place to go out to. But you must book.
Alanna Ash
Will never go back.
My husband and I wanted an early quick dinner, 5.30. I asked for the conference room for a quieter experience. Told it was booked out. Sat in the main room with very few people but the noise from the play area was ridiculously noisy, and one table of loud people.we were on the opposite side.
The calamari was awful mine was a senior size my husband full size. It was greasy and not good texture. We can't blame Covid for everything.
When leaving the room I wanted was almost empty. If we had been told to vacate by 6.30 that would have been fine.
Phoenix Swanson
It was quite a night, like stepping back into the early nineties. Delicious meals and fingertip service. A place you can relax and kick back to your heart's content.
Christina Abbott
Rather disappointed with the menu. Seems like the same as every other pub on the Peninsula. Staff are good but run off their feet. I always liked ordering at the table. Not any more. Sadly cost cutting has affected the friendly atmosphere. Won't bother coming back.
Kelly McKenzie
A beautiful place to have a meal or a drink. Staff working tirelessly under covid conditions. A great credit to them all.
DC007 Silver
Decor nice, staff polite, food ok.

Xmas in July meal booked with parents.

3 Xmas in July menu flyers handed from staff on arrival.

Every menu item had to be checked with kitchen.

Complete confusion and different responses from different staff members.

"We didn't have that menu tonight"

"YOU can still get the fish, Steak Wellington has run out."

"No mains still available, sorry!"

"Oh that menu was for M - Friday and the others sold out in 15 minutes."

"Sorry, food didn't arrive, Xmas in July starting Monday!"

Better value Merchant Lane or restaurants Main street or pubs on beach front
Caz Q
Food was yummy, staff friendly and attentive! Good selection of local vino. Great offerings for seniors. It's a great local.
daryl HAYNES
Thanks so much to all your staff for their kindness in particular the waitress who was serving us for Dad's Wake, 27th May. Excellent service.
belinda wilson
Fantastic meals much improved from our last visit a few years ago.The food was so fresh,wait staff were great.Will definitely be taking our kids there for our next family get together
Anne Young
Nice decor. Good service & pleasant, efficient staff.Extensive Menu.Certainly recommend it.......4 out of 5
Sheryl Walters
We took my husband to dinner at Steeples for his birthday and had a fabulous night. The food was great. Thank you Darren for amazing service and making the night very special. Well definitely be back.
carlo nesci
Great service, fantastic food, nice place!We've been eating on the Mornington Peninsula for years, and we'd never tried Steeples. It was honestly one of the best meals we've had. Simple, delicious, well presented food and great friendly service. Highly recommended.
Chris Dixon
First time here tonight. Wasn't good/wasn't bad. Had the eggplant parmigiana based of the waiters suggestion and was a little disappointed. The accompanying salad was fantastic but the parmigiana, not so much. Staff were friendly and accommodating.