Sanctuary Lakes Hotel Point Cook VIC

Sanctuary Lakes Hotel Point Cook VIC

280 Point Cook Rd, Point Cook VIC 3030, Australia

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Visit Sanctuary Lakes Hotel in Point Cook, Victoria.They have a bar and great food and drink choices. The Sanctuary Lakes Hotel has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu.
If you want to have a drink and play the pokies, this pub has 70 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Good food, friendly services. Great place for entire family.

Opening hours

Monday: 08:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Tuesday: 08:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Wednesday: 08:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Thursday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Friday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Saturday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Sunday: 08:00 AM - 02:00 AM

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Latest reviews

Dianne Lofts
We visited for the buffet lunch on a Sunday. Was supposed to be a seafood buffet but were only prawns, mussels and a poached salmon. There were several other international dishes as well, which is understandable because not everyone likes or can eat seafood. Several of the dishes were dry, as though they had been sitting under the lights for some time. We were there when the restaurant opened. This was unusual because although we haven't been there for about 12 months or more, on our previous visits the food was delicious. I guess it is very inexpensive for what you get, but it would've been better if it wasn't dry and over cooked. We'd go again and give it another try. They could've just had a bad day.
Charlie Pelliccia
Great local place to have a meal. So much variety and the staff and service provided is always of a very high standard. Keep up the great work.
Mary Panui
??'?The weekend Seafood Buffet Lunch

✨Watery Butter chicken had to scrap the spoon around the bottom to find pieces of chicken from a refreshed batch.
✨Tough roast beef
✨Limited seafood options.
Mussel, prawn, smoked and baked salmon and crab salad. Quite standard and not something that stands out as a "Seafood Buffet" lunch.
✨Seafood dipping sauce had an "off milk" undertone taste to it. Not fresh and prayed not to get a sore tummy later 🙄
✨Stuffed Zucchini under cooked.
✨Desserts... Nothing good to share about that either.

This Lunch bar is standard.
It use to be a really great food place. Can't say the same now.

✅Pork was tender and juicy
Will we go back? It's a no from us ??'?
The Table clearing team were amazingly polite and friendly! The only positive I can say besides the juicy pork ✅
Carlos Jaime De Leon
Affordable buffet lunch if you are craving for eat-all-you-can for $31 per person (drinks not included only tap water).
Really liked the yakisoba and lemon chicken and fish of the day, everything else was just alright
Adrian Vanniasinkam
A slightly different experience than traditional suburban hotel. Liked it enough and will make the 30 min drive again sometime.
R.J. Mano
Honestly out of the majority of Hotels, buffet's I've been to, I've got to say this is by far the best FOOD, SERVICE and Atmosphere in regards to food consumption. Without a doubt awesome attentiveness by Staff, politeness, clearing of unused plates, cutlery, cups etc. Highly recommended, you won't be disappointed. I'm not a seafood person, but those who've eaten it here at SLH rave on about it. I'll be coming back here again, it was worth the drive.
Simbarashe Blessing Mutero
Plenty of parking, delicious food and variety of cuisines up to sea food and Asian.. The dessert awesomely great. Compared to many buffet places their value is beyond what you get, it's just incredible.

They have a playcentre for kids and large TV screens to catch up pm sports!
Claire Vu
Love going here! Food was very delicious especially the woodfire pizzas. Continuously freshly made and taste amazing! We came back the for the pizzas and the friendly service from staffs. Great selection of other foods and definitely a hidden gem!
Rohan Oldfield
We had a birthday here and did the buffet. The food was surprising very good and there was plenty of different cuisines to choose from. Suitable for ages.
mele k
Am a frequent visitor over the years & this place has its ups & downs. Prices have risen, the recent quality has improved which is good. Family friendly with good staff. Play area is poorly run down & unclean. They have changed the soft drinks options which sucks too, not a fan of the new options apart from solo.
Molly Maree
Food was ok, all the deserts were sooooooo sweet it was over powering, we were given a 2hr time booking, for 2 tables for a birthday with 20+ people, we were asked 30minutes before our time was up to be out with in 25minutes to give them a 5minute buffer for the next booking because they where already there waiting... So unprofessional! We probably won't return after that! Not only is it rude it's not our fault that the staff can't do bookings correctly to allow time to clear tables!
Jennicar Bravo
Been here a couple of times and it's great for large bookings. It's child friendly as there is a playground. The food is great but selection of food could be improved.
Marina Thompson
i came with 3 friends. Not much of a variety of food. No crackling with the pork. Food not hot enough by the time you get to the table its cold. Not into mussels on ice in shell, would have been nice if it was warmed in shell with sauce not plain and cold. Poached or baked fish was the best. What I thought was calamari turned out to be battered onion rings and they were stone cold. Paid too much wont be coming again at those prices.
Kiwi Jim
I have eaten here many times. When the place reopened after covid, I found the place had dropped the ball, and the food had gone down hill. I didn't think I would Eat here again, until a couple of weeks ago I wanted a roast dinner & didn't feel like cooking that day.
Fortunately, choices at the time were few, as I made a late choice in the evening to dine out. So I ended up trying here again. And Wow!! What a turn around! The food was spot on! Everything tasted good and cooked great!

Oh but you really need to keep an eye on your crockery as the plates are not always clean. Need to check on it more constantly

Good job guys, you had definitely lifted your game that day😅??'???'?

Keep it up!! PLEASE!
nix moeau
I used to work behind the buffet and the food was better years ago. We booked for 7.30 and it was a disgrace. We had to wait for a clean jug to get a drink for the table. Food was empty, the soup was empty and I had to ask someone to top it up. They were short staffed. The new chicken and marinade was interesting, it tasted like star anise or cinnamon, not nice at all. The desserts were the only good thing. The noise was unwelcoming and the floor map made the room feel twice as small with the new wall dividers. The beef was cut too thick which made it chewy and not having a steak knife was hard to eat it. There used to be more workers behind the buffet to cut the roasts. The tables now have paper and not nice table cloths, that made it feel cheap. The waiters taking plates were the only think on point.
Geeshi Live
Nice place to get a buffet experience once in a while.

We went on a one Sunday..
(After a pokies session which is located next to the buffet area)

Had a large food variety experience in different cultures.

Spent nearly $80 for two persons (excluding beverages)
Carla Gallo
What a hidden treasure this hotel is!!!! We have driven past so many times and always saw the carpark packed and now I know why. It's very family ??'? friendly and the staff are just as fantastic ??'?. Your tables are cleared every 5mins, they are cleaned and cleared straight away and the food 😀 omg fresh, so many different choices. I'm definitely going to recommend this to everyone ??'? for a hotel and a buffet you are restaurant deserving 🙌 well done ??'?
DxMT • 湾岸ミッドナイト
A great all you can eat! Very average selection. Was surprise that there wasn't much diversity.

Everything there was great though. Just seemed like for a all you can eat, you could have more.
Jeffin George VSB
Represented The Common People, creative art ministry at a celebration of 9 children's 1st Holy communion. Beautiful environment. Great staff with good knowledge and friendly service. We didn't any trouble. Loved it ❤
Danny B
Good place for locals to bring their family and friends for a dinner out. Not unique in a sense, but nonetheless the food is fulfilling and you have enough variety for the picky children.
Troy Statton
Don't bother here everyone at the moment. 35 machine with 3/4 of players playing 2 plus machines. Staff don't care about checking players until they are asked to. Personally watched 1 person playing 4 different machine. Spend your money else where that at least look after all. Not just a few.
Vesna P
Recently had a function at the hotel ....absolutely amazing, the room was great, food was so good, helpful, professional & friendly staff . Thank you Sarah for all your patience & understanding with all our needs .
Marta Bielski
Not a bad selection of meals in the "all you can eat" setting. You wouldn't leave hungry. Desserts not to my taste... But you don't have to try... Staff very efficient and smiling! White paper as table cloth and running around small children made me crossing this place off my list for the future visit.
Grace Castro-Caligaris
Good food, friendly services. Great place for entire family.
Paul Watkins
First time there. Had a Function room for a birthday party. Very modern facilities. Staff were excellent. Would definitely go back again
Buffet is below average in price and quality. Not something I would pay for again. Although, this buffet has lots of options children would enjoy such as chicken nuggets and a variety of desserts.