Mildura Working Man's Club Mildura VIC

Mildura Working Man's Club Mildura VIC

100-110 Deakin Ave, Mildura VIC 3500, Australia
Visit Mildura Working Man's Club in Mildura, Victoria.They have a bar and great food and drink choices. The Mildura Working Man's Club has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu. This club has an average rating of 4.1 out of 749 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5. It appears there are mixed reviews for the Mildura Working Man's Club.
If you want to have a meal and play the pokies, this club has 67 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Had dinner with friends tonight and was told there would be quite a wait. Understandable as the club was very busy. We actually didn't have to wait very long at all. The Scotch Fillet was cooked beautifully and was very tender and the vegetables were absolutely deliciously tasty. My friends were of the same opinion as I was and extremely enjoyed their meals. Highly recommend.

Opening hours

Monday: 09:30 AM - 11:00 PM
Tuesday: 09:30 AM - 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 09:30 AM - 11:00 PM
Thursday: 09:30 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 09:30 AM - 12:00 AM
Saturday: 08:30 AM - 12:00 AM
Sunday: 08:30 AM - 11:00 PM

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Latest reviews

Lyn Murphy
Country brings a different set of dynamics so locating a Pub setting and dining option on a Sunday in the country for lunch presents it's own set of challenges but then you have the lovely people at the Mildura Working Mans Club welcome you with open arms.
This venue ticks so many boxes they deserve a 5 star rating πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί??'? great hospitality, awesome food, value for money and pet friendly. Many thanks for making our last day in Mildura an enjoyable and welcoming one πŸ«ΆπŸ€™β­πŸΎ
Called in for lunch, expecting to have a good meal at a club, but unfortunately that was not the case. The food is absolutely tasteless to the point that I even left my squid sitting on the plate and my husband's meal was totally tasteless also. Very disappointing. Specially because of the prices you charge.
You'd be better reducing the size of some of the meals and also reducing your prices. People enjoy food when it's got some flavour that lingers in the mouth.
Greek Aliti
Great food and chill atmosphere with friendly staff, what else would you want
I was told that the food here was good and that the serve was generous...... well my Rigatoni Carbonara was OK but the serve was small! had to order another serve. To the Chef...please remember that Rigatoni pasta has a massive hole filled with air through the middle of it, so please adjust your portion size! The highlight of my experience was your TOP indigenous waitress Biannen! She was on the ball and knows how to look after customers...give her a raise!
john moorfoot
Good mate of mine rang me and said, come on we're going to the Worker's for lunch and a few games of pool. I enjoyed a hearty steak sandwich and chips washed down with an ice cold pint of Great Northern!! Always friendly staff and eager service, also a fantastic atmosphere with a great club feel. Get in and have a good time.
monica Ks
Well we dine here frequently and we have some mixed experiences with the staff members. Some staff are really sweet and inviting and some can be not so pleasant. Kids love the play area and we can eat while they enjoy their play in the enclosure. I honestly think that there could be more options in the menu ...may be have some specials of the day. Overall, I think we will keep going there until we get bored of the menu. There can be some inconsistencies in the food quality but that's ok as long as the staff is accepting and making up for it.
Lauren Harmer
Our go to for a quick and easy meal when we can't be bothered cooking.. directly across from the cinema which was handy on this occasion.
Quick and easy meals.
Chose the pot and parmi option and the schnitzels were crunchy and delicious.
Good atmosphere.
Small games room for the kids.
Good parking at rear or street parking along the front... if you get there early.
Outback Phantom
Unfortunately, it was Average this time round. As a group of 4, we went there for lunch. Staff and service was great, but the tables for 4 are far too small. Barely enough for 2 people to have a meal, let alone 4. Meals were of an average size, chips with the meals were barely warm and they also lacked in flavour, mine was one of the most tasteless Nasi Goreng's I have ever had, I only ate half of it and left the rest. Thankfully I had some nice cheesy garlic bread to top up on. Very surprising to all of us, as the chef appeared to be someone of Asian appearance. Thanks anyway to the staff, they were great.
p.s. The club contacted me and expressed their disappointment with the quality of the meals we received. We will go back again as this, I hope, was a one off experience. The club has never failed us in the past with some excellent meals, e.g. The Beef Cheeks was the best I have ever had.
Chris Everett
Had dinner with friends tonight and was told there would be quite a wait. Understandable as the club was very busy. We actually didn't have to wait very long at all. The Scotch Fillet was cooked beautifully and was very tender and the vegetables were absolutely deliciously tasty. My friends were of the same opinion as I was and extremely enjoyed their meals.
Highly recommend.
Lynn Flockhart
Would highly recommend this club. The meals are large and delicious. The staff are very welcoming and friendly. Big bonus is fur babies are allowed on the outside eatery. Our girl was given so many pats from the staff. Thank you.
Riley Lokos
Bloody brilliant place for a feed in the area! Servings are of generous sizes and staff are very accommodating to vegetarians/vegans.

Free bread rolls available with dairy free spread as an option, which I have not see before, it's usually only butter. Food came out In a very timely manner. Drinks from the bar are fairly priced too.
Christopher Camp
Some very nice and helpful staff but also a couple of very to the point and rude staff. One of the ladies who was great said their would be a 15 minute wait for meals and we could sit in the bar area which was fine. But when about to order a male said their was at least a 30 minute wait for meals and was quite rude. Regional Victoria has been ravaged by the pandemic so anything you can take you should and much better customer service by all staff.
Sheree Gould
Really nice chilled and relax place for a meal. I was in the pub area with the boxing day test on, the NFL and of course the horse n dog racing. Food was delicious. Staff were so cheerful
This is a nice venue and is one of the main providers for functions which are held in their upstairs area. There is plenty of parking at the rear entrance and your parking can be validated inside. The meals are large and the price is reasonable. There is poker machine area, bar and a large dining area. It is a clean venue which is located on one of the main streets through Mildura.
Only issue was when I attended recently for lunch and the older male who served us was abrupt and appeared to not want to serve us. When I attempted to clarify one of the meals his response was "look at the menu". The reason I asked was because the menu did not clarify. I attempted another query and received a similar abrupt response. He then walked away before I ordered our drinks and started serving someone else. Then walked away from them to take my drink order and grunted at the other person when they asked about their drinks. May want to consider dining here as a last resort if this is the usual service provided.
Russell Dunn
A nice place to go for a drink. It was clean, had atmosphere, served cold beer, spacious and had alot going on. Decided not to eat here based on previous reviews. Went to a local pizza restaurant instead. And so... I have now been to the infamous Working Mans Club Mildura - tick (and unfortunately no long bar any more).
Slick Donovan
Had a $20 parmi and pot (aka schooner in SA). Very good value indeed, comes with chips salad or veg, I got the veg and definitely recommended the veg. The salad looked kind of sad.

Must go if you're down this way
Marilyn Lawson-James
Great service. Roast of the day with veges was scrumptious. Coffee was barely luke warm but delicious flavour and very creamy. Great size screen to watch the tennis on.
Darren "Dazza" Barnett
Great lunch. Good service. Very welcoming, plenty of parking.
Leanne White
Mildura Working Man's Club offers very good food at reasonable prices. They even do a terrific breakfast on weekends.
This friendly club was once the home of the longest bar in the world. Unfortunately, the 91 metre bar was dismantled in the mid 1990s to make way for more revenue-raising poker machines. I'm not sure the Club Committee made the right decision to remove the bar as it would have remained a fantastic tourist attraction.
Visitors to Mildura can easily obtain a 'Temporary Member' ticket which is valid for seven days. Wendy, Patsy or Veronica are likely to be not far away to assist and are all extremely friendly and helpful.
The Club is located next to the Quest Apartment Hotel and on the main drag (Deakin Avenue).
Whether you are on your own or in a group, you will enjoy your visit to this great welcoming venue.
Carole Krake
I'm really struggling to say anything positive about our recent dining experience. I think the photo shows how much love went into my meal. Cauliflower without white sauce, no greens, the fish was super greasy and the potato was mushy. My friend ordered the roast pork. At $22 you would expect gravy at least, but no gravy available. She was luckier than me, being served two pieces of cauliflower without white sauce and three pieces of pumpkin and again greens not included; she ate half her potato. We did not expect fine dining, but as long time members we were very disappointed with our meals on this occasion.
Tracey Demaj
Meals were nice but unfortunately cold. Service was great but very slow due to not enough staff. Those poor girls need a pay rise $$
Alan Cousins
Good meal pleasant surrounds a little dated but clean and friendly
Jane Wright
Enjoy going here, good to see the friendly, efficient staff - Jeremy, Kristy, Chloe, Stephen, who you can tell WANT to work there.
Meals are always good.
Tony Hollingsworth
How nice of a surprise to have prawn crackers come out on your plate of garlic prawns to dip in your sauce,which there was plenty.Followed up with a punt and a few points watching the great Tom Brady on the MAASSSSSIVE sports screen
John Cyc
Only went for a look, very well presented, good menu, dining area, bar and pokies. I didn't have time to go there for lunch or dinner, but I wouldn't hesitate to go there next time l'm here.
Kat Mack
Dined here on Anzac day for lunch in the Bistro . Ordered half serve of Chicken Snitchzel and veg. Was a really good meal. Vegies were cooked well and full of flavour. Snitchzel was not oily and crispy crumbs. Family members ordered full size meal and the plates were full.The man serving at the drinks bar needs an attitude adjustment and a smile and communication would be good.
Graham Coleman
Staff were great, very helpful, polite and professional. Food could've been a lot better considering the positive feedback I'd gotten from previous customers. Schnitzel was burnt and crunchy, chips were very distasteful and had no flavour to them, bacon in the carbonarra was under cooked, there was also a blonde hair in the pasta and neither myself or my partner are blonde haired. Disappointed with the food but everything else was fine
intheyear 3030
Good service, good selection of pokie machines. Good payouts
Pringles Original
Quite a good place, came here with my 89 year old daughter, she had some Orange Juice and said it was good. I passed out a few times, quite a good time.