Seaford Hotel Seaford VIC

Seaford Hotel Seaford VIC

362 Frankston - Dandenong Rd, Seaford VIC 3198, Australia

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Visit Seaford Hotel in Seaford, Victoria.They have a bar and great food and drink choices. The Seaford Hotel has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu.
If you want to have a drink and play the pokies, this pub has 94 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Friendly staff Sports Bar has great meal prices + great open fire, pool tables + tab also. The big smoking area undercover outside is great too. Bistro has lots of tables, yummy meals + kids area too. Pokies room is decent size + free coffees are great too. No alcohol drinks in smoking area after 10pm

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM

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Latest reviews

Robert Hendy
Great meals, really good kids playground and even Pokies, for those that can not resist. Their ability to hold functions of all sorts is most commendable. Have been to marriage reception, funeral celebrations, etc etc.
All very well catered for. Plenty of parking is also a bonus.
Jessie Dean
Worst experience ever!

Booked online, got to check in and no one could check us in, they needed a "Manager". Waited 25 minutes whilst 2 staff were happily serving everyone cash out for their pokies.

"Manager" arrives and says "checking in?", I responded "yes" as I approached the counter. She just stared at me so I thought she hadn't heard and repeated "yes, we are checking in".

The reply? Well, duh I know that - but I don't know your name so you'll have to tell me that. I was quite literally taken aback by such a condescending response - but my partner wasn't. He said there's no need to be rude after leaving us waiting over 20 minutes.

Then she comes out with "if you're going to abuse me, I'm not helping you". Even more in shock I asked how we were abusive - to which she said "rolling your eyes is abuse".

Weirdly enough - my next words were "please just refund our money - we're going somewhere else".

Maybe train "Managers" on Customer Service skills - or even other staff how to check in - it's not that hard, nor is a smile upon speaking to customers rather than rudeness!

Do not recommend at all - head further down the road to the Sands - where staff are lovely, friendly and don't ignore you for over 20 minutes!

Look forward to enjoying our delightful room and the restaurant etc next door here instead ??'?
Patricia Cross
Went for lunch on Wednesday. The meal was yummy and the service , what can I say it was wonderful. Went into pokie room and I was impressed with the staff very friendly. Also it was great to see the pokie machines being wiped down regularly. Well done. I am from Qld and have not seen that service since Covid. Keep up the great work and thumbs ??'? up to the staff. Definitely will be back. Thank you for the great experience.
Went looking for a table beside the creek which is a very pretty outlook watching the ducks and other bird life, but the room right on the creek turned out to be for smokers 🤮 with smoke leaching out into the diners area. This room needs to relocted further away from the diners.
Staff are very friendly and accommodating.
Food is only average.
Tamara Brown
Great place for a really nice meal.
Gave 3 stars for the rooms as it was very crammed in, not a lot of walking space in the (new to me) side room that used to be outdoor. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal I had, great size and well cooked. Good variety of meals to choose from and the prices were good too, lots of great deals on different days of the week for the whole family to enjoy.
Matt Wacker
Over all its improved since my last visit
5 years ago but it still
Needs a bit of work with the decoration and
Staff - the guy allocating the seating needs to be way way better and get a huge boost of enthusiasm or some red bull.
The seating we'll see the photo of ripped seats. The food well was pretty good and fast but kitchen staff without hairnets puts me off.
Overall passable .
LA May
I visited the Seaford Hotel Bistro with my family and we ordered crisp skinned barramundi with curried scallops, a risotto, half a dozen oysters and some wedges. While the natural oysters and wedges met our expectations, everything else was disappointing! The barramundi had zero seasoning, the skin was far from crisp and the scallops were still frozen in the middle. The risotto was overly seasoned with salt to the point of being nearly inedible. If an establishment is going to charge quite a bit for pub fare, at least put some love into it and learn how to season food correctly!
Diana Balfour
Won't be back. Not into going out for dinner where the children are allowed to run around like its a playground. Food was very average. Pork belly nice but potatoe mash tasted like instant & gravy tasted instant too. Seafood spaghetti too heavy with cream. Lacked flavour.
One of the waitresses need an attitude adjustment and to know how to button up her shirt.

If I wanted side I breast with my dinner that was thrown onto the table I would have ordered chicken.
tim coates
We had a table of 15 people, 9 people ordered their meals 20 minutes before the rest of the table. We received our meals 20 minutes after the rest of the table had finished their meals. Four of the 9 meals were stone cold, the 2 meals of twice cooked pork was cold and TOUGH. it had to be cut with a steak knife.
Andrew Silke
Incredible Food.
Pork ribs are mouth watering as they are so tender.
Seafood Prawns Oysters Scallops so Delicious...Fast Service. Very Friendly and Professional.
Everything was Perfect.
Highly Recommended A+++
Sal Kennedy
Really don't recommend. Scallop curry that was obviously heated from frozen as they were very cold inside. Curry itself was not much more than turmeric and coconut milk.

Risotto was salty to the point of discomfort.

So many TVs it felt like the pokies lounge was creeping into the dining area.

Staff were pretty good.
Fiona Smith
I ordered the roast of the day. Lamb was beautifully tender but cold, the vegetables were so underdone they were raw. So disappointed. When I told the waitress she was dismissive. They were really busy due to it being Mothers Day so I didn't take it any further but it's not hard to serve a warm meal and cook vegetables properly. I did appreciate the gift all mothers received but as for the meal, definitely disappointing.
Elissa Munro
Meals were good but when we arrived, (we had a booking for 13) the table was dirty covered in crumbs and we pulled out the chairs and more food remnants were on the chairs. We had to give the table and chairs a brush off before sitting.
Luckily the meals were very nice.
John Clark
Seaford Hotel as a nightcap accommodation can stay the night. Rooms are clean beds are comfortable and nice showers. The hotel is attached to the pub so you can walk next door and have meals. Really good food lots to choose from, can sit in a restaurant or their sports bar which is big to sit down and watch your favorite sports team. I and my work colleagues will be coming back
Andy Sneikus
Had the steak with chips and salad in the bar.
It's a TAB pub and didn't have super high expectations but it was a near perfectly cooked Rump and the garlic sauce was fantastic.
Service was efficient and friendly as well.
Great easy stop lunch meal.
Pauline Jones
Ordered a well done steak the one I received was medium.....just, as there was traces of blood on the plate from the meat. Asked for chips and vegetables received chips and salad. Did say something to the waitress when the meal was brought over she shrugged her shoulders and walked off.

The glasses weren't cleaned well, 2 in a row had lipstick smudges again staff didn't seem to care.

Nothing has changed in 12 months.
Tracy McCormack
The Christmas Trio dinner, was very average. The pork & turkey was good, but the ham tasted like it was out of a packet, not ham off the bone. My son had the Ribs, said they were okay. Needs a bit of improvement on the meals. Staff are friendly though.
Chris Bosman
We had such a fantastic time in the bistro to celebrate my 60th birthday. The food was really nice, everyone enjoyed their meals. The staff were excellent in particular a lady called Mealz. They did a great job and I would recommend having a meal or function there again. We had a great night..
Vikki Adams
Staff were friendly at the tab, chips were nice and the bowl they came in was big.
Tanya at the tab was
extra helpful she done a great job and went above and beyond which was great to see, she takes pride in her job and it was not a one off she is that way every shift she works. Great job Tanya
Kate Wellard
We went to the hotel for lunch today and ordered the $45 Hot/Cold Seafood platter. As we commenced eating we noticed the seafood tasted and smelled off. Given the price we attempted to eat some of the platter and became violently ill on the premises immediately. We reported this to three male managers who effectively did nothing and responded defensively. At no point did any of the managers apologise for our experience or offer any sort of recompense. We hadn't requested a refund and simply informed the manager so as to advise them of the state of their seafood. Shocking service and not likely to return soon.
Cherry ?
Rude assistant manager. This person need to be trained how to talk to customers.
I decided to have late lunch at the restaurant and no good experience either
Unfriendly cashier, lack of attention of staff
I have to remember twice they bring my dessert. They were not that busy as I could see the cashier laughing with kitchen staff very loudly while assistant manager was around. Clearly Poor management.
Need to be more professional and learn about customer service
Room was no well clean either
No good experience
Ruth Camilleri
Always great eating here, big meals and very yummy 😋 leave with full tummies. Staff are friendly and super helpful. Thank you for a great night out at Seaford Hotel. 😁
Spirit Angel
Stopped to have a snack, & see what was happening. The chips i ordered, were delicious with chicken salt. U get different kinds of sauces. The price was unbelievable. Definitely worth it & have been back..!!
Mel Bas
Just a typical hang out for the local druggies and the elderly. Not a particularly nice place too visit. Theirs always fights and the crumbs are always doing burnouts in the car park and fighting over the best room in the motel section
Jeanette McGown
Went there on a day out shopping as I've done a few times with my mum. Wasn't crowded. We sat in a part of the bistro which had a glass ceiling as I liked the effect of the sun streaming in. Noticed that a lot of the furnishings were tatty. The chairs were covered in a vinyl and on the tops they were worn. When I used the toilet the door of the cubicle wouldn't close as it had dropped drastically. I had to lift it to get it to close which no-one should have to do. Just needs an adjustment to the hinge. I meant to report it but forgot. Enjoyed my meal, I had the Lamb Cutlets. Service was good although a little slow as the person taking meal orders also was servicing the bar. It has lots of parking that's easily accessible and a motel is also on site. There's a servo close by and a small group of shops which is great for convenience.
Mathew Holt
Stopped in from out of town for dinner tonight with my family and we were blown away with how genuinely friendly all of the staff were.
It wasn't a feeling of forced politeness you usually get in any hospitality venue. Everyone we encountered had that air of genuine friendliness about them.
It was fantastic to see and a credit to the team.
Well done!
Great dinning experience.
Good clean place food excellent hot food is served hot and cold food is served cold
clean untencil and clean establishment
staff friendly and approachable make you feeling welcome highly recommended this place always a nice and friendly place to have a meal
cornelius doensen
This place has not changed 1 bit since I was here last 8 years ago, fir nature, tables, staff and unfortunately seems the same cheff to. Seems like the deep frier is doing all the work in the kitchen. Food not good at all. I might give it another 10 year's before I return.
Melissa Webb
Love coming to the Seaford hotel, friendly and accommodating staff, great public bar with open fireplaces, pool tables and TAB facilities. The gaming room is very clean and well run with plenty of staff to assist you and has its own snacks menu available for purchase at anytime day or night. The bistro has a great little play area for kids, food is great value and very filling.
Would recommend coming to check out this place and also has motel rooms onsite which is great if you are coming across town to see a live band or just working away from home.
Looking forward to when more covid restrictions are eased and get to experience everything the Seaford hotel has to offer.
Shai-lee Davies
Great staff. Large dining area & play room for children. Wide range to choose from on their menu. Very entertaining sports bar. Huge gaming area & staff are lovely. Accommodation is great, very clean & tidy.
Rob Taylor
Staff were laid back in their approach with average customer service.A hair was found in the food on one of the plates (we were in the bistro), my daughter lost her appetite after finding the hair so didn't finish her meal. After the rest of us had finished our meals, we advised a staff member that a hair had been found (it was the wrong length and colour of my daughter's hair and others at the table), the staff member returned with a bowl of chips that were already cooked (not cooked to order) and apologised, which my daughter declined the chips as we had all eaten and my daughter wasn't interested in anymore food from there.The rest of the meals were average.We personally won't return to this venue.I believe some customer service training would benefit staff, also have a look at the menu, we were told the menu was the way it was due to covid, but we have been to other venues in recent weeks that have a much larger variety of choices.
Trent Lowden
Awesome food for the price, good service. All round decent pub
Natalie Cotter
We stayed in the motel 27/2/21. Shower hadn't been cleaned, dirty cups and spoons, the kettle didn't stop boiling, had to turn it off. The little courtyard outside of the room was full of cigarette butts. We would Never stay there again. I would rate this motel a 1.
danny dolan
Friendly staff Sports Bar has great meal prices + great open fire, pool tables + tab also. The big smoking area undercover outside is great too. Bistro has lots of tables, yummy meals + kids area too. Pokies room is decent size + free coffees are great too. No alcohol drinks in smoking area after 10pm