Robin Hood Hotel Ballarat Central VIC

Robin Hood Hotel Ballarat Central VIC

33 Peel St N, Ballarat Central VIC 3350, Australia
Visit Robin Hood Hotel in Ballarat Central, Victoria.They have a bar and great food and drink choices. The Robin Hood Hotel has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu. This pub has an average rating of 4 out of 1218 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5. It appears there are mixed reviews for the Robin Hood Hotel.
If you want to have a drink and play the pokies, this pub has 20 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Have not been to the RH in decades and it was a look at their menu online which had us book a table for NYE dinner. Both the wait & bar staff were some of the happiest and friendliest employees we had experienced all Christmas week in Ballarat. We even let them know this because their happiness was infectious. Dinner was lovely & we left happy. The end

Opening hours

Monday: 09:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Thursday: 09:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Friday: 09:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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Latest reviews

Geraldine Lynch
We have been visiting different Ballarat pubs each month and we had originally planned to go elsewhere but it wasn't open on a Tuesday so we ended up here for no other reason than that it was open for lunch. What a lucky lucky fluke. It's been the best so far. I didn't even bother looking at the main menu once I saw the specials list - there were so many dishes I wanted to try. Fortunately I was with a generous friend who let me try her duck dish - it was sublime. I had the mushroom gnocchi and it was just as good. Both meals were very generous portions. I feel like I've struck a goldmine of gourmet level food. And to top it all the service was friendly and efficient.
Rhianna Kate
Super rude to people with allergies and dietary preferences. Went the for Xmas lunch and was highly disappointed by the food and the treatment. Would not recommend it if you have dietary requirements.

Including a picture of one of 2 'salads' (aka bowl of tomatoes) served for meals requested for milk and egg allergies. The other salad was served with a disclaimer that we couldn't actually eat it, because it contained food we had mentioned can't be eaten and asked not to be given. Not sure why they would give us a salad whilst also telling us we couldn't eat it...

The main was an undercooked piece of eggplant on hummus. Wildly overpriced for what we were given. We had to find food when we left, as a piece of eggplant and some cherry tomatoes is not a proper balanced meal. Come on, you can do better.

Edited to include response:

Emailed staff to ask them to rectify the situation after the event and to give a chance to resolve the matter somehow, but I was met with a rude response, dismissed and then subsequently ignored.

The very first phone call I had before the event was rude and dismissive when I first mentioned the dietary needs of the 3 people at the table.The tone of the call became very patronising, but I let it go.

I see in your reviews that the staff have also been rude to others with dietary needs in the past, so this isn't a one off example. From my treatment I can tell that some of your staff must hold archaic views on differing dietary needs. Not even an apology shows a refusal to acknowledge that you could have done better.

Yes all the people at my table, including me, were very polite, regardless of the fact that I was certainly not alone in believing the food was overpriced and sub-par.

My review is entirely fair. There's even photographic evidence. Your response here again, merely solidifies that fact.
Renée Renée
Have not been to the RH in decades and it was a look at their menu online which had us book a table for NYE dinner. Both the wait & bar staff were some of the happiest and friendliest employees we had experienced all Christmas week in Ballarat. We even let them know this because their happiness was infectious. Dinner was lovely & we left happy. The end
Jody Golding
Once again a fantastic meal, considering they catered for our group booking of 55 people our meals were so nice and so quick. The staff didn't stop all day and could not do enough for us. Kate thank you once again you are amazing at your job and you are half the reason we keep coming back.
So on behalf of the Monaro Club of Victoria thank you for everything
Jody golding.
Marisol Calvert
Wonderful place for a get-together and have the kids entertained. Hospitality was amazing, very welcoming, and felt at home. Food was quick to come and delicious! This will 100% be our favourite place to dine when visiting our friends in Ballarat from now on. The jumping castles and digital interactive play made it better than the average playground visit. Great for all ages. Can't wait to go again!
Helen Kennedy
Fantastic & fun play area fir the kids & if you come on the right night face painting too...
The staff are so welcoming & friendly. The food was tasty, cooked perfectly and came out promptly. When we're in town again, we'll be back!
jacqueline wroblewski
Absolutely the best service! Staff were all delightful with my rowdy kids, great sense of humour and friendly. The play area is the best in town with jumping castles and a telly in the dining areas so you can sit and enjoy the delicious food without having to check on the kiddos. Will definately be back every time we visit Ballarat! We had the beer battered flake and the lamb shanks. Couldn't be better!
Jenni Johnson
We were there at 6.30 on a sat night and the hotel was packed. It was a very cold winter night and unfortunately the hotel car park is very small, so most patrons would have needed to park in surrounding streets, which are very poorly lit, and walk to the hotel. The dining areas were full of diners.

We have young grandchildren, so we checked out the children's playground. We found it in a room that felt very small and overcrowded with children, ranging in age from pre-school to teenagers and equipment. One of the jumping castles looked very tired; its vinyl covering was cracked and had a large repair patch at the front where children climb into/onto it.

The meals tasted nice, are very big, served on large plates, a large amount of chips and a salad that consisted of lettuce leaves, a little grated carrot and a couple of small pieces of tomato. There wasn't too long a wait for our meals.
The bar & wait staff were welcoming and efficient.
The venue was definitely warm, which was lovely on a very cold night.
Lee Lee
Went to this hotel for the $20 T-bone steak as advertised online. Turns out, in person it's $23!!! When mentioned to staff they shrugged and said it was an old website! (And false advertising!!)
The t-bone itself was thinner than a slice of bread and full of gristle. I was hard pressed to get through it and left more than half of it on my plate! The chips were inedible and the salad at least was well dressed.

The one saving grace was the busy wait staff who was happy, busy, attentive and respectful! She worked hard and still met our needs with water, lemon and lime! The bar staff could use a bit of her personality!

The $42 bottle of pepper Jack Shiraz was average, and with Dan Murphy next door I expected better value for money.

Atmosphere was hampered by a card night set up adjacent to the meals area where the dude on the microphone wrecked our ambiance!

Went back the following week... t-bones better quality this time, but card night MC'd by dude with a booming voice (no Mike in hand this time!!!)
Jason McDonald
We visited this pub on our brief holiday in Ballarat. The food was unfortunately average, but the playground made up for it! Great place for families with younger kids. We have 2 toddlers and had arrived in Ballarat late in the day and wanted to eat at a place where we could let the kids run around a little bit without having to worry about disrupting other people. This is your place! They've got a decent play area and also got cameras in there which beam a live feed to TVs in the eating area, making it easier to monitor your children. A very nice touch. They've done a good job in separating the family section from the rest of the restaurant, so people without kids can eat there too without much disruption.
Mark Mcculloch
Nice friendly service. We went on parma special night, so nice
Will return soon
Jenny Dumesny
Wow...we all had great meals, chicken parmigiana with mushrooms on the side, gnocchi and Beef cheeks...staff were very friendly and food was very well presented.
Rachel Verry
Lovely staff, excellent food, very impressed. Huge portions which we happily ate later, overall excellent pub!
Ian Mansell
My wife and I called in for a bite to eat. Unfortunately it was half an hour before the kitchen officially opened. The staff were very accommodating and said that they would open the kitchen specially for us. After looking at the menu we chose the waffles - they were yummy (and reasonably priced. Can recommend
Andrew Pym
Came for the pokies and decided to eat. The pookies room is small but most of the new machines are here.
The staff are friendly and attentive, choice of 33 parmas is good, the parmas themselves were well cooked but nothing special when it came to taste. The chips were good and side of onion rings also.
The massive range of Parma options is a bit of a gimmick. Especially when you can't cook the basic component of the Parma properly: the schnitzel.

My schnitzel was soggy on the top and burnt on the bottom. The cheese isnt melted.

Honestly there are so many better options in Ballarat, don't be fooled by the gimmick of a carbonara parma
Attention ToDetails
Chef can't cook a steak for the life of him, asked for a med to well cooked, instructed the Waiter I'd like it pink but not bloody! First time come out well done with cold chips. Second time come out well done but manage to get hot chips, not ideal that one person was now left without a main meal for the night because a qualified chef can't cook a $40 steak!! You were also heavy handed on the salad dressing that you couldn't even eat that without getting a cringe of vintage taste.
After so much trouble a refund was given for that meal and a comp dessert was give. (A main meal to eat would have been nice)
Kylie S
We came early on a Thursday night, managed to score 2 Parmas for $30, and they were huge portions and nicely cooked, as were the flake and chips. Lovely staff, quick service. Kids enjoyed the playground.
Keith Nallawalla
Love the wide range of Parma options but the place was so busy that it took over an hour for our food to arrive, which meant the kids had a late night. Some of our meals weren't very warm either, probably waiting until the whole table was ready. Staff were nice though.
Radmila Todoreskov
I was there tonight and used a senoir card for my meal 1st time as I've just turned 60. What I got was a portion size meal for a 5yr old child, or 90 yr old on their death bed !!! A 1/4 of a schnitzel!! 2florets of broccoli ,one of cauliflower, a tblespn of mash and a little gravy.Seriously ???? Never again... very disappointing. . I Should be been told they were tiny !!!!!
Greg Miller
Great pub, awesome meals for mum's birthday. Fab friendly staff looked after succeeded expectations. One to try for sure.
Fantastic food and service. Don't go near the play ground. . Some real potential for serious injury in that place. Clear rules written on door that a parent must supervise however this is not enforced or even monitored. Feral kids charging into other younger kids, kids in their teens mouthing off to others, meanwhile all parents dine oblivious to whats happening. More so an issue with parenting than an issue with the restaurant however it should be monitored more closely before a serious injury occurs. We ended up leaving due to this.
Shara Molyneux
Amazing food, amazing atmosphere and an even more amazing playground for the kids. Definitely a family fun venue.
H Rampel
The meals were nice and service was good. Our only concern was the playground. There were older kids being extremely rough. I copped a hit to the head and my kids were too scared to play. While staff can't be expected to supervise children, it would be good if they could check in every now and then in case parents need to be reminded to monitor their children's behaviour. It was quite dangerous.
Mick Roberts
Really nice quiet place for a meal or drink. Very clean venue with friendly and helpful staff. CC on tap??'?
Caine Stabek
Customers expected to line up for 25 to 30 minutes to get service, like herded cattle, and then wait an hour and a half for food to come. My plate apparently had food on it, but it was hidden under a thick layer of oil. I fail to see how any of the staff were being covid safe too. Terrible experience all round.
James Witham
This Hotel, which my eldest son recommended, was a pleasant surprise. Food was excellent and so were the prices. Didn't have my V.B on tap but otherwise a good range. Thursday night is a good time to visit as you buy one get another schnitzel for $5; there's more than 30 varieties to try, by the way.