The Old England Hotel Heidelberg VIC

The Old England Hotel Heidelberg VIC

459 Lower Heidelberg Rd, Heidelberg VIC 3084, Australia
Visit The Old England Hotel in Heidelberg, Victoria.
The The Old England Hotel regularly hosts events such as trivia nights.
This pub has an average rating of 4.1 out of 1704 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 3 to 5. The reviews for the The Old England Hotel appear to be a bit mixed.
If you want to have a drink and play the pokies, this pub has 93 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Food was fabulous. Service was amazing. We will be back monthly as our social group gathering. Thank you for a well needed dinner. We were thinking Sunday live music in the balcony would be nice. 🙏

Opening hours

Monday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Thursday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Friday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Sunday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Wednesday 7pm.

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Latest reviews

Luis Fuentes Cid
I'll start saying. Do not waste your money on steaks.
Our table ordered three stakes. They took several minutes to provide the food.
Starters were good however...

I ordered a $48 stake that was under cooked. The cos salad is basically half a lettuce that I had to cut myself with one and a half cherry tomatoes and two slices of of radish. All this for $48.

All I can say is not to waste your money on stakes at this place.
Reeya Dhital
I really enjoyed the food, it had really good flavour and was very fresh and present nicely. The place is very cozy and feels like old England house specially with the carpets. Overall I enjoyed my time in there.
Craig "Boxy" Boxic
The food was beautiful.

I love the old building it's such a nice place, I love the bluestone room with the couches and chairs. It's a great section to chill and have a few quiet drinks and chat with mates.
Chris Cap
Been here several times.
Beautiful decor. The place is attentively maintained.
The food dishes are high end pub style, a very diverse menu and food portions.
Only feedback- the staff really can be at times rigid in accommodating customers. At times they are very good, then other times not so much. Depends on who you get and how proactive and courteous they are.
Ash H
Great setting with great food.

Had a great time and the food is just perfect. Hats off to the chef ??'?‍🍳 ??'?
Bindi Pawley
We had a lovely lunch and we're surprised by a medical emergency and needed to call an ambulance for my dad. The staff Scott and Harris were very incredibly helpful and I thank them with all my heart.
Neil Grant
Just got back from lunch with Mrs Grant she had the scallop pie, me the porterhouse steak with their signature thick cut chips . I was too busy eating and washing my food down with debortoli Shiraz to pay much attention to my wife. It was good and the staff were well dressed, polite and reasonable knowledgeable. Later on Mrs Grant informed me hers was good too. One day I might do a review just on their thick cut chips which I would describe as perfect. Anyway I would therefore recommend The Old England Hotel to anyone looking for a good meal and drinks
Have visited here several times, lots of parking available outside and located next door to a KFC and Woolworths.

Staff are friendly, they have a giant dining room section, next to the pokies, and an E-bar/ sports bar and rooftop terrace. There is a drive through bottle shop below.

The food is pricey, and lots of choices to choose from.

Each table has a QR code for service and ordering food and drinks without speaking to a wait staff.
Jamie Potisomporn
Have been in here, and taste hasn't changed much, which is good. Have always ordered the Roast pork loin which has been cooked nicely.

But also tried the beef ribs this trio and they were really nice. Meat was nicely cooked and great flavours
Foodie Files Melbourne
Cannot fathom why this place was packed to the rafters it was dark and dingy and despite Christmas cheer in the form of many sparkly decorations there was still no atmosphere. I didn't think it was possibly to not enjoy a parma but this was underwhelming both visually and taste wise. The menu did have quite a variety of dishes but I thought a parma was a safe bet in a pub. It was just about the most minute serving of a parma I've ever experienced. The plate was literally half empty. Sampling my mothers beef salad I realised she didn't fare much better as it was incredibly dry. Wouldn't return
Wandy Adventures
This pub is a pleasant surprise. The service was really good, attentive and quick considering we had a big group. The lamb in the lamb salad was cooked perfectly though I expected a bit more salad on the plate and less meat but it was not a bad thing. The steaks were cooked perfectly medium rare as requested. The rib eye especially was a stand out. The creme brulee was creamy and tasty, just perfect. Sadly the cannoli was not great, the ricotta cream was quite sour so that was a bit of a letdown.
Overall we had a great experience and would go back here again.
Gopi Bala
Had dinner here this evening.

The chicken parm and fish and chips were pretty good. The only downside was that no condiments were given to enhance the dining pleasure.

Ambience and service were also good.

A nice place to relax for the evening.

A nice chill out place
Christina Gangemi
Great meal. Polenta chips were delicious. Decent serving sizes. For main I got the grilled flake which was cooked nicely. Plus they happily swapped out the chips for vegetables for me. Good for a meal with family and/or friends. Nice big bistro with lots of seating too.
Jessica Flavel
Came here in July. Was pretty nice. Staff seemed friendly and the atmosphere was nice. Pretty busy inside. I ordered the pasta, which was pretty bland and tasteless. However I tried some of the fish and chips which was great, so I should've order that. Everyone seemed happy with their meals. Perhaps a bit pricey for tasteless pasta, but overall not too bad. I think its a nice spot for the older generation :)
Stephen Davies
I like being pleasantly surprised when dining out and this was more than pleasant.
The Old England's food was excellent from entree thru to dessert. (The Parma was magnificent)
The staff were friendly and accommodating.
The building itself is a classic with plenty of history - check out the photos in the entrance.
I highly recommend this place and hope to make another visit soon.
Andrew P
21/6/22 No refund or credit forthcoming. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!

EDIT : One would think this would have refunded on the spot, even after speaking to Rosa Roberts (senior manager) the venue so far has not refunded the meal. Not good enough.

We ordered our food at 1257. After receiving olives and rather ordinary herb bread quite quickly, we waited and waited for our mains. At the one hour point with still no meal (1357) I spoke to your manager, David. He became argumentative and was rattling off excuses.

To David's credit he did offer a free round of drinks to the table which we accepted. The food came out after waiting just over one hour.

The meal that I ordered was baby veal, which you expect to be very tender. It was extremely chewy and as you can see from the photo, burnt. The other two meals were below the quality I would expect at your price point. Very disappointing!
Donald Yip
Really really good pub food! Portions were generous, and the quality of the cooking was seriously good. Went with a party of 8, and they sat us in a really quiet corner when we requested a quieter spot. Service was excellent, with entrees coming out very promptly and no mistakes for quite a large order. Very cool and comfortable on a hot day too. Kudos to the Old E, we'll be back!!
Amanda H
Love the new terrace and the atmosphere of the place in general. The prices are a little on the high side but not too bad. There are lots of different sections so something for everyone. The staff are just always a bit rude and make it seem like it's an inconvenience to take your drink order which can make your feel a little unwelcome. Overall a pretty good place
TINA Triantafillidis
We go and gamble our money and to think we might get a nice coffee from the staff. Not a nice attitude I don't think any of them care what the customer needs.sorry but there are better places to enjoy and have a drink. I was told once that they are not a charity. Well they are not worth my time and money
Robin Y
The roast lamb I had was excellent. We loved the fresh, light atmosphere, with greenery outside. A great place to catch up with friends.
Lotus Vincent
Food was fabulous. Service was amazing. We will be back monthly as our social group gathering. Thank you for a well needed dinner. We were thinking Sunday live music in the balcony would be nice. 🙏
Robert Remeeus
A pleasant door greeting was a great way to start the evening. Such a beautiful venue, and peaceful atmosphere for a family birthday dinner. The staff were lovely, the food was perfectly cooked (steaks MR to perfection), and the wine was wonderful too (taking the mickey, recommended).
Angela France
Pleasant atmosphere and surroundings. Professional staff and good service.
People are smartly dressed.
Good parking. High food standards and quality. A broad menu. Prices are $29 and upwards on menu.
An upmarket hotel. May need to book early. Always busy.
Andrew Ford
I have been coming to the last Old England for years! Literally since I was old enough to get in. It's changed a bit since the days of the Hunt Club back bar. Now it's pokies and more sedate than before. But it has retained its charm as a nice pub to have a meal with family and friends. It's a good local and I'm glad you can still have a parma and pint 🍺 on a Friday.
We had a beautiful dining experience here recently. With 11 of us dining we were impressed that all our meals came out at the same time allowing us to eat together. Each person was extremely satisfied with their meal & not a drop of food was left on the plate! Meal presentation was beautiful, portions were generous & flavor was perfect! Look forward to returning!
Heath Johnson
Delicious food and comfortable surroundings. Staff were friendly and helpful. The food might be a little pricey but you definitely get value for money.
Michael Thadani
Came in on Mother's day with the family for an easy meal out. Efficient service, tasty food and friendly staff. As a bonus, my daughter was very happy with the stack of drawing papers and crayons they provided, which kept her occupied while we waited for the food to arrive. Good value.
Sue Devaney
Nice place to go with kids but the fish and chips I ordered was not great. Batter was very oily and greasy and my three yr old, who got an order of fish and chips off the kids menu got way more salad and chips. In fact his meal was huge.
Coral Allan
My husband and I loved The Old England Hotel, it's a grand old style which we both like the atmosphere there, they had pokies and a big dinning room. The best thing we enjoyed was the food, good quality as well as quantity. But did fine the children meals a bit dear, a very good size for older children but a waste of food for 3 year old.