Noble Park RSL Noble Park VIC

Noble Park RSL Noble Park VIC

1128 Heatherton Rd, Noble Park VIC 3174, Australia
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Visit Noble Park RSL in Noble Park, Victoria.
If you want to have a meal and play the pokies, this club has 35 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Very nice venue but was a little disappointed that there was no meals.

Opening hours

Monday: 09:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 09:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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Latest reviews

naiem ahmadi
It's really a friendly environment and has the best food ever
Halim Achakzai
Wow amazing experience,,, feeling safe ,, no junky no trouble makers ??'? friendly staff
Christopher Howarth
Required to use the toilet upon going to the door it would not open when it did I was confronted be there security who said I could not use the toilet so I said OK I will play the pokies signed in and he snatch the sign in slip from the machine and would not give it to me and put it in his pocket, I went and used the toilet when came out I asked for the duty manager to which the person answered they are the the duty manager then suddenly the security person grabbed me from behind and pushed me 20-30 metre and out the door for no reason whatsoever will not be going there again and the think also is my father fought in the war for this country
Lisa Andraczke (L Andraczke)
Never going here again! The manager of this club asked me to prove my disability as I didn't stand during the code of silence. (I had left my walker in the car and had used my support worker to balance with when I went in. I was aghast, - the manager came over, when my support worker went to order our meals , why I didn't stand during the silence. I explained I had a disability. He then asked that "next time I tell the manger at the front desk I have a disability so I can be excused! " Your management and staff desperately training in inclusion.
The food was very average, as was the service.
Fran Hutcheson
Great fish patties with a side of history 🤎
So I was a member of the public who attended your ANZAC Service yesterday and have been a supporter of noble park RSL from my time in the local Scout and Guide movements, and while the service was unfaultable, the attitude of some of your Women's Auxiliary members is ENTIRELY unacceptable.

After the service, while everyone was trying to fit into the Bistro one of your WA women was complaining that people had 'Stolen' chairs from 'Her' table and that she HAD to have chairs there.

I witnessed this woman walk up to an elderly lady and try to pull the chair this woman was about to sit on out from under her and then get aggressive with the woman because the woman was holding seats for others who were caught in the blockages that people cause trying to squeeze into an area that is too small for larger crowds.

This woman, I believe her name was Lyn, then re-approached the elderly lady who was sitting on the table next to me and my family and accused her of talking about her, which she was not, and pulled the "I've been a member here for years and my husband was President of this RSL for many years" and to not be so rude. Now, surely if this was the case, Lyn would have KNOWN where to go to get chairs without having to try to pull them out from under a little old lady, and she should know better than to try and pull her husband's previous position, as this was NOT hers and is a position he has not held for at LEAST Eight years, possibly longer. Out of the whole situation, the only one who had been rude to anyone was Lyn, and she should have known better. On days like yesterday, attempting to pull rank on members of the public, of which she has NO idea if they have served or not, this is ENTIRELY unacceptable. This event has soured over a decade and a half's worth of good memories from events at Noble Park RSL, and I will no longer be allowing my children to attend services at your Club if this is the way your members treat the General Public.
Roy Bunyan
Last night was excellent. New chef limited menu but very well cooked meals, served up hot and yummy.
Entertainer Jim Laing made our night with his strong voice, magical guitar work, excellent choice of music for RnR dancing. PLEASE repeat book JIM LAING.
Small crowd, but when the word gets around the patrons will be back.
RSL management you're now cooking with gas. Please keep it up.
Neville Johnson
Very nice venue but was a little disappointed that there was no meals.
Yvonne Bell
Meals are disgusting.
Staff are good,music is great thats the only reason we still go.
Worst experience ever. 1st we were forced to sign in. 2nd we I had to find my own table. Then one of the people I was having dinner with, waited for an hour and didn't get their food before I was kicked out for no reason. The security guard physically pushed me, made my wife cry and would not apologise to her. And the manager wasn't helpful, he was also abusive. Don't go there.
Smokvica Berber
Some staff are not helpful and service is not the best, although enjoyment is not bad. So-so experience each time i visit.
Cougar Harris
Worst service ever waited 1 hour for meal. Steak wasfull of grissal and tough. Other meal was cold and under cooked. It was not buisy so no reason for slow service
Alan McNamara
The music was great but we won't be rushing back for a meal :-(
hans weiss
Over the food was good. The porthouse steak was a little rough. However the sticky pudding with caramel source was heavenly. A must regrets.
Irene Archer
We went to the Springvale RSL for a meal on a Wednesday night, the meal was lovely could not fault it but. came to 7pm.
We are to stand for the 2 minutes silence, I was really disappointed you couldn't hear the trumpet playing because it was to quite.
But their was music playing in the main dinning room speakers.
To myself and my husband that is an insult to our soldiers that have fort for our country
Liz Barclay - Wilson
Reading previous reviews, we must have attended the wrong day and time. We decided to try out the Noble Park RSL for lunch. The fact that it is,dated was no concern, however, despite the friendly service, the food was very poor standard. There were three of us who attended and all of us visit RSL venues but never encountered lunches of this standard in all the years visiting RSL venues. We two ordered porterhouse steaks which we could not finish as they were tough and full of sinew. The other meal was a burger which was black and crusty on the underside.

Our experience in other RSLs are more than positive. Even before many had a makeover, the food has always been fabulous.

Not a review I like to write but reviews are all about giving am honest opinion.
E Wilson
Margaret Purcell
It's a nice quiet place, staff are great
Paul Lynch
Look nice place for meals, a little dated, chicken parma night Tuesday and Wednesday, steak night Thursday night. Pokie venue is small and dated.
Nathan McKeough
Very nice, comfortable atmosphere with good staff.
Stasys Tamulevicius
Friendly staff, nice atmosphere tasty food. Very enjoyable experience
Maree Hanigan
Friendly service and friendly staff diffinatly be going back
Bishnu paudel
Not too crowded. If you are bored and want to hangout around local place. Nice drinks but not wide options. It was ok . This place follows covid rules abd proper social distancing.
Michael u201cBentleyu201d AUFood
Great place to have meal and a nice drink and mix with the locals.