Kangaroo Flat Sports Club Kangaroo Flat VIC

Kangaroo Flat Sports Club Kangaroo Flat VIC

1C Station St, Kangaroo Flat VIC 3555, Australia
Visit Kangaroo Flat Sports Club in Kangaroo Flat, Victoria.This club has an average rating of 4.2 out of 277 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5. It appears there are mixed reviews for the Kangaroo Flat Sports Club.
If you want to have a meal and play the pokies, this club has 60 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

This,was a great place.. Lovely meal and awesome sweets also has play on the pokies

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 11:30 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 11:30 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 11:30 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 11:30 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 11:30 PM

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Latest reviews

russell davis
Not a bad place for a pub meal. Went on a busy night and had to wait some time for the meal. But OK.
Greg H
What a hidden gem this place is. I have known about the family friendly Kangaroo Flat Sports Club for years but I have never been here until now. A group of us booked a table and had a meal. The table we sat at overlooked the well-maintained and manicured football field which we saw thru full-length windows. The food was just excellent along with the coffees and desert. The place was packed however the efficient staff handled the very busy situation well. As we left for the night, we all agreed we would come back again soon. Well done to the team.
Matt Parker
I've been a regular customer for many years now & I look forward to many many more. With friendly staff, a great selection of foods & with a very comfortable atmosphere as well. It always pays to book ahead just in case. ???"??'?
Halo 1980
Only good thing was the price of the food the menu had wide range of food choices. My choice wasn't the best but that was one item. Place was clean an felt comfortable.
ouiwith thepoodles
I had left a good review for the kfsc, I had a steak there last night the garlic butter tasted like it had sat in the cool room uncovered for a month and the once amazing veggies were just sloppy and over cooked, this place has gone down hill! The girl behind the counter taking the orders kept sipping on coke even when taking orders. They weren't busy on the 23rd of September
Debra Butt
Delicious and tasty meals every time I visit this club. Great customer service from helpful staff too
Sarah Morgan
The venue is beautiful and the food is great, BUT... I asked a staff member if I could have a doggy bag and she looked me in the eye and lied to me! She told me that it is "against legislation" for venues to allow us to take food home. As stated...lie! There is no legislation in any Australian state or territory that prohibits people from taking home the food they have paid for. Very disappointing.
Shane Dell
Very ordinary food. Usual soggy cold chips and completely unripe tomatoes in the salad. The seafood platter inclusions were just your normal frozen Asian products and were served barely warm and undercooked. Chicken schnitzel ok, but not hot.
ann dowd
Great seniors meals, bigger than most other clubs/pubs. And very accommodating to my 100 yr old mum.
Jessie Acquisto
Great food, highly recommend, great environment, friendly staff!! Will certainly be back!!!
Ally Gilbert
I love the KFSC and attend every month for their meat raffles. The food is very reasonably priced and your food is delivered to your table really quick (unfortunately, i feel sometimes that its too quick). The only let down with the bistro is that when its busy there is only one register and the line can be 50 people deep at times and it can take over 30 minutes to order your meal. By the time you make it back to your table, some of your order is sometimes already there.

The one thing i find that lets this place down is ordering a starter. 9 times out of 10 the starter is delivered with your main meal and i absolutely hate this. I was to have my starter and enjoy it and then have our main meal. With this doing it this way, your meal ends up going cold whilst you are eating the starter.

The staff up there are awesome and really friendly. There is one bloke behind the bar who is an absolute character and he makes my night every time we go there.
Jane Chambers
Absolutely love this place! Old fashioned and comfortable. The staff are very nice and the food is generous and delicious. The menu is extensive and caters for a variety of tastes. Onion rings are to die for and the homemade sponges are just like Granny used to make. This is my go to eatery in Bendigo. Food is great and prices are very affordable.
Angela Beer
It is my favourite restaurant to go to. The place itself is lovely, always had great experience with super friendly staff every time, and the food is always really amazing and filling every time as well and well worth it. I don't expand my restaurant orders much, but I've tried the regular Parma, avocado Parma, I think another type too, and various roasts of the day and they're always wonderful. And from people I dine with everything else is always great too.
Lord John Drake Cooper
Nice place. Great view from the glass room. Nice feed there. Can't say much about the venue as I was there for a function. Didn't see the place really. Lots of parking.
Yvonne Knipe
Friendly staff; always good food; served promptly; value for money... Spacious and quiet venue for lunchtime groups. Discount on most items for members.
Lissybird ***
If I could honestly give this place 0 stars I would... where to start.... the rudeness of staff who don't want to listen, and think it's their food, or the rude behaviour at my friends who were not at the table when the original argument began...if you don't want people to take their own food home, to give it to their dog.. best u put that in big writing on your menu.. or on a sign at the door, because this joint is the only place I've been in this town told by one staff member the food could be taken, and then the next comes over to demand the food not leave the table.. as far as I'm concerned I paid for it.. period..
Then to be actually informed we were charged an additional meal was just the icing on the cake.. thanks for the refund of all those meals, and I won't recommend this place to anyone either... There were better ways to go about this.. but oh well, such is life.
I think the staff are amazing here . They go above and beyond . Couldn't be happier with their meals and service Thankyou both Acacia and Chelsey
Leanne Martin
I think the staff are amazing here . They go above and beyond . Couldn't be happier with their meals and service Thankyou both Acacia and Chelsey
Brendan Cook
Great meals. Good desserts. Fast service. Friendly staff. Will be going back.
Sophie Schubert
Food was pretty good but I got a cheese cake pod and it was nasty and expensive it tasted l like a white chocolate moose with sprinkles and not enough water added to the mixture which made it crazy sweet and way to much.
If you do go here do not order the white chocolate moose pod at the register
Garry McQueen
Meals are great and staff are awesome, always welcoming, friendly and efficient. Love the place!
Margaret Brandhoj
This,was a great place.. Lovely meal and awesome sweets also has play on the pokies
margaret dawes
Great service and meals. Sticky Date pudding was amazing
peter bourchier
Staff and function manager excellent always willing to go out of there way to ensure every thing is right for that special occasion Peter Bourchier
Nicholas Grist
If your not bothered by hair in your food go for it ... the last 6 times I have been there I had a hair on my plate ... I always order the steak and that's what I have always found one on ... gross ..Last time it happened I was confronted by staff when I wanted a refund and was told I was banned from the venue.. they were told promptly I have no desire to return to the establishment for a hair in my meal ....
Charli D
Had not been there in about 15 years. The food is absolutely superb and so reasonably priced. The service was great and it has such a warm and relaxing vibe. Will definitely be going back on a regular basis. My only gripe is I wish that I didn't have to look at the pokies which were right on front of us. Would prefer that area to not be visible when we are sitting down for a meal.