Waurn Ponds Hotel Waurn Ponds VIC

Waurn Ponds Hotel Waurn Ponds VIC

1154 Princes Hwy, Waurn Ponds VIC 3216, Australia

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Visit Waurn Ponds Hotel in Waurn Ponds, Victoria.They have a bar and great food and drink choices. The Waurn Ponds Hotel has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu.
If you want to have a drink and play the pokies, this pub has 70 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Well well well. Who knew. We attended here to commemorate the passing of a family member. The staff were friendly and efficient. The food was delicious and plentiful. Nothing was too much trouble, it was very much appreciated.

Opening hours

Monday: 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 09:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Sunday: 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Latest reviews

Nathan Jones (Nato)
Had a ribeye, it was over priced, and was full of fat that wasn't even cooked itself, a few people on my table ordered the same thing and was just full of fat and definitely wasn't worth the $45 that it cost. Service was very slow, 45minute wait on a half cooked steak is a joke. Toilets were out of order and had to go outside. I would say next time they could do this or that better, but unfortunately there won't be a next time. Absolutely disgusting.
Karen Mc Auliffe
Went there Australia day with 6 0f us for dinner, was greated by a lovely lady also took us to a table, same lady took our meal order, we then wanted tea,and coffees, this was at 8•10pm i was told by the man there sorry coffee machin is switched off, i couldnt believe it the lady there was so apologetic, i askedher for her name and it was Mary .You know the waurn ponds hotel need more waitresses like her, old school, we will only come back because of mary
Always smiling•Thank you Mary
Completely stuffed up our reservation. Gave our table to some old farts before we got here and we were forced sit up the far corner, miles away from where we initially booked. No sorry offered and staff were argumentative when questioned about why this happened. I've been here quite a number of times and it's sad to see the quality of service drop to this level. Will not be returning.
Peter and Angela "Peter and or Angela"
Two medium rare steaks and it was almost perfectly cooked. One was slightly under and the other was slightly over. It was steak night and the meals were great value. Service was friendly and although we waited 15 minutes in the que to order the meals came out quickly.
We will certainly be back to try the meals again.
Kathy Drew
Went here last night (22923). Hardly any diners at all in the place. Thankfully I got my receipt with the time on it. They brought out several meals that we did not order. Most of us received our meals within 15 minutes, except for 2 of us. We told them 6 or so times that we were still waiting on 2 meals. After 50 minutes of waiting and another complaint those meals finally came out (everyone else had finished eating by then). I went and complained about the length of time waiting for those meals and demanded a refund for them which I got without argument. 1 of the kids meals basically tasted like pasta with tomato sauce on it. Not good service at all, has definitely gone down hill (right to the bottom in fact) since I was last there. WILL NOT BE RETURNING AGAIN.
Jay Martin
Well well well, what a review I have today...

The first time I went to this pub was anzac day. I lasted 20min till the old Lebanese bouncer started about us having a good time.

We asked other patrons who agreed on our side it was in good fun and humour.
He asked us to leave....

I let it go and left.

I waited 6 months or more to return, and when I did I took my brother who is currently going through a very serious treatment, which has caused severe hair loss and he wears a cap for confidence when out in public.
All was well, we were on our second scooter and had just finished a game of pool and put a few dollars through the gaming room when, yep you guessed it!

Mr security from the (Airport) comes in with out any question or hesitation asked my brother to leave the venue with his cap on.

I have managed to obtain full video footage of this incident if any one would like to see the poor, unnecessary treatment from the hired "thug".
damian king
The meal was great, large parmigiana to fill a hungry stomach.

It's definitely holding up the pub vibe that I enjoy, and not trying to be complicated,
William Hayes
I booked a table but someone else was on the table, the staff were not very helpful, it is not a pub it is just a room with a few tables, when the food came out I got a stake cut in half, and some cold chips, not worth the$ 36 price tag. I WILL NEVER RETURN
Bree Barnes
Bar staff were lovely, waiters were very pushy cleaning the tables and not patient when delivering meals. Pork cutlet was swimming in jus, 2 tiny chat potatos and burnt brussle sprouts. Mash was inedible but steak sandwich was good.
Lots of room for improvement, 2 stars solely for the nice green hair bar lady and the venue.
$20 Steak night ( Wednesday) is outstanding value. Fantastic porterhouse ( large serving of estimate at 300 grams ) with superb vegetables. throw in really friendly staff.
kellie mannion
Not overly impressed with the main meals, I had what was supposed to be a beef brisket burger, however it tasted just like a frozen beef pattie you would get from the supermarket. The deserts on the other hand were to die for.
Aud Hughes
Had lunch at The Waurn Ponds Hotel with friends today. We found the food and service excellent. We would go back again anytime. Thanks to Dale and Mary for making our visit very enjoyable. Nothing was too much trouble.
Jeff and Aud
Stacey I
Fun night out with the kids. They always love the playroom and occasionally they eat their dinner. But they always come back in for their icecream sundae.
Steak night wednesday is always a hit.
Attended the bistro after being told by the bar to order and then once in the bistro we were told they are not serving the public due to a private function in the back of the bistro. No changes were made online to opening hours etc for the public or signs outside.

The staff were rude and did not make any effort to advise of this prior to coming into the building. Very disappointing and I will not recommend this establishment to any friends or family. Drive over to the next suburb and don't waste your time here!!!
Alan Manson
My wife and I had our evening meal at the hotel last Wednesday 8th February.
She ordered Vegetarian Tagine. The menu said it came with "...garlic herb yoghurt (GFO) (V) (VEO)". When it arrived, there was no yoghurt. She asked the waitress where it was, and after her advocating with the chef for my wife on three occasions, we were informed that "...the hotel does not offer that type of yoghurt" and "...that it should not have been on the menu".

Instead, the Chef (Mark) offered my wife CREAM (on her main course) as an alternative!!

Given that my wife is dairy intolerant, this was totally unacceptable. Eventually, the management offered her a substitute meal to which she was grateful.

When my wife purchased our drinks, she asked for a Rose' but was given a Chardonnay. When I asked for a "Cab Sav" I was informed there was none available. I had to accept a Chardonnay as an alternative.

I want to thank "Mary" for advocating for my wife regarding the meal matter. She knows how to deliver customer service as a professional, whereas the barman should be severely disciplined for failing to supply a "Cab Sav" as requested, and forcing me to have HIS ALTERNATIVE DRINK.

As for the chef, it seems he doesn't know anything about dietary matters. To offer "cream" as a substitute in a Vegan meal is an insult, and shows his ignorance in these vital dietary matters.
We won't be going back to this hotel anytime soon!
Debra Magnusson
Chicken Parmigiana was dry, outside burnt, coating was unpalatable, sauce for it and a kids penne tasted like cheap bottled sauce. A pot of coke mix, was $9.20 each. Apple juice was $5.50 a glass. $75 for 3 way below average meals. Yuck. Had to get takeaway for the child. She didn't like any of it. And she's not fussy. Best part we're the chips and even they we're average. They were not busy, so no excuse there either. I don't usually give reviews either.
Laura Hobbs
It's worth coming here if you have kids because the play area is great (the two stars are for kid friendliness), but we were VERY disappointed with adults food. The chips are great. The Greek salad was not worth eating - cut up cucumber, sliced capsicum, red onion, a couple of olives and stale feta. Our friend got a vegetarian burger and it had a whole chunk of halloumi cheese that was inedible. I had a southern style fried chicken burger and could not eat the burger because it was too spicy (for me) and the chicken wasn't very nice either. Drinks are over priced $5 for a smallish Coke Zero. Serving staff were pleasant.
John Novak
Disgusting, we booked for a 60th for the 20 dollar all steaks on the menu night. Only to find it was false advertising to trick people to come. Also was on the website. Told can't have but can get another one.
Ran out of vegetarian food but can have arrancini balls.
Also ran out of mustard sauce.
We were also told management knows about this dishonest advertising but have done nothing for weeks.
Easy resolve, remove from website and put a sticker or change the advertising on the menus
This place needs to close down
Glenn Leslie
A great venue for a quick meal and a drink ... or take your time.
The food is tasty and the serves generous. On both Parmigiana night and steak night- the place buzzes.
Rebeccah Hibberd
My MIL booked the function room for a family reunion 3 months ago. She was told at the time they could fit up to 80 people and she booked for about 60.

When she arrived for the booking today she was told that we couldn't have the function room due to social distancing and we ended up grouped up one end of the noisy dinning area.

Why did nobody contact her beforehand? Instead she is blindsided on the day. Shows up and gets an offhand apology. If she had been informed of the issue earlier she could have found another venue to accommodate.

This is beyond unprofessional and astoundingly poor customer service.

Not good enough.
Christie Hall
Won't be back unfortunately it has gone down hill. My husband ordered chicken parmigiana and came out warm at best, I ordered the satay chicken and had bit into several cold pieces of chicken. Told staff member and the reply was sorry about that. We left clearly not finishing our meal.
Gen O
Really gone down hill. Went with 10 people, kids meals were meant to come out with other meals. They didn't. Steak was the toughest ever. Replacement was just horrid. Shepard's pie was so oily, burgers tasteless and oily and the rest meals were sub-par. Salad was soggy and old. Really average meals for the price. Prices have gone up and food quality down, I would pay the prices happily if the food was decent. Too bad it has a great area for kids. Wont be returning in the near future.
Staff were lovely.
MapleLeaf Aussie
The meals are good and the service is great, with quick delivery after ordering. Everyone in our group enjoyed their meals.

Hotel management have paid good attention to accessibility but the dining chairs are not comfortable for anyone requiring any degree of lumbar support - I would suggest taking your own cushion.
Bill Gold
I ordered chicken schnitzel. Chips and vegetables. They forgot the chips, veggies were cold and schnitzel was barely warm. Not impressed
Who cares __mrhjb
Steak night wednesdays was excellent. All food cooked right and the value is unbelievable. Honestly though I would have been happy to pay full price for the steak as it really was good. Salad good, chips good. Can't fault it but that's all we had was the steak.
Tracey Vogt
Well well well. Who knew. We attended here to commemorate the passing of a family member. The staff were friendly and efficient. The food was delicious and plentiful. Nothing was too much trouble, it was very much appreciated.
Merryn McClusky
Very friendly staff and good service. Suitable for all ages, a good inside playground and a separate little Cafe.
Cara Plant
Food was fine and majority of staff members were nice. However the lady that seemed to be managing was being short and rude towards us.
Wendy Bourke
Enjoyed a great meal in the bar. Great price and service. Meal was delicious.