Castello's Victorian Tavern Gisborne VIC

Castello's Victorian Tavern Gisborne VIC

22 Aitken St, Gisborne VIC 3437, Australia
Visit Castello's Victorian Tavern in Gisborne, Victoria.They have a bar and great food and drink choices. The Castello's Victorian Tavern has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu. This pub has an average rating of 3.8 out of 570 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5. It appears there are mixed reviews for the Castello's Victorian Tavern.
If you want to have a drink and play the pokies, this pub has 50 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Nice food, good portion size, attentive and friendly staff

Opening hours

Monday: 09:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Thursday: 09:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Friday: 09:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 03:00 AM

Latest reviews

Rebecca Ellul
Claim to be family friendly but are far from it. One particular staff member quoted our children were 'annoying' and spoke so rudely to us because our kids were playing on a spare table which was not reserved nor next to any other tables. (Midday on a Tuesday) This was after being charged $14 for a jug of SODA WATER. Will never return to this venue and discourage anyone thinking about it to give it a miss. Terrible treatment of its patrons from poorly trained hospitality staff.
Stephanie Relph
Nice spot, good food. Suited us for half way catch up with family in Bendigo. Took one star off a 5 star review, because of smokers in close proximity to diners. Even though they were outside, we copped it in the restaurant.
C Barrett
Friendly helpful staff. Fresh, airy and welcoming interior; internal kids playground; TV's for sport; wide selection of menu items, extensive bar and beers on tap; toilets on site
Johnno Page reviews
Went here for lunch. What a pleasant surprise the food was excellent,the service excellent and the staff was friendly. Access was really good for the walking challenged and the toilets clean. The food was a little more expensive than you would have expected but the quality and quantity was as well. Parking is fun as any parking in a busy shopping district. But overall very good
Sophie Burn
Meals were awful and overpriced. I ordered the $60 seafood share platter with my 5yo daughter. It was greasy, overcooked and the parts that were edible were insufficient for us, let alone 2 adults. My partner had a steak, also lacklustre. All staff, with the exception of one, seemed disinterested and would have preferred to be anywhere else. We opted to sit in the family bistro area so our kids could play. Unfortunately we weren't able to enjoy that due to grown men and teens occupying the kids playground. While that's not entirely the venues fault, it could have perhaps been managed. Overall, very disappointed. Will not return.
Angelique Mott
Great experience, lovely place. Meals were good but some of them were a little pricey. Recommend the Avo salad even though the price for the salad was $22. Staff were very busy, meals delivered but no interaction.
Mon Crystal
Wanted to go somewhere and have a drink and meal on a nice sunny day. We asked to sit outside and was told by one of the workers they can't have anyone outside because it hasn't been approved by the council, once we finished our meal inside we walked outside to see people sitting out there on the tables eating meals..
George Lewandowski
Such a pristine place to have lunch! Staff were very friendly and helpful. We opted for Seniors meals and they were enough for us. The chips are very, very nice! So we swilled good wine and had a great lunch!
Laura Van
What a wonderful evening, Trish, and the staff at the Costello Tavern went over and above, made hosting my private function such an ease, with an amazing setup, table service, and food! Such a great atmosphere, looking forward to hosting my next private function outside of our usual visits!!!! It's a shame I can only give 5 stars!!

Thanks again, team it was a fantastic evening. X
Jasmin K
The food was delicious but unfortunately the experience was quite disappointing. There was one waitress that was extremely rude and made snarky comments towards our table and has zero patience with customers. Christina looks old enough to know better than to speak to customers rudely and make comments but I guess age isn't maturity, also isn't a good look to show up to work with hickey's all over your neck.
John Raberaba
It's better than the photo shows and is Child friendly with a indoor playground. Lots of kids running around and noisily happy.
Food was fine and brought to the table all together which many places today struggle with.
Jessica Treadwell
Don't believe any of the 5 star reviews, food was not great. Pork belly was disgusting. Manager was rude to my sister, the door man sneezed into his hand then served people without washing his hands and had zero customer service skills. There was 30 of us who spent a fair amount on food and drinks, even opting for cocktails but when we asked for an extra table (we were squished onto tables where chair seats were literally touching and couldn't even eat without smacking the people next to us) we were told rudely no as the manager had already said no, we were very polite with the first time assuming they were booked out but upon being there for over an hour noticed several tables that were not used all night! As a result my baby nephew had to be placed on the ground where servers kept leaning over him to pass food to the tables.
Only a couple polite staff on, a young girl serving the bar and a guy. Staff were told food was bad but they didn't even respond or ask what the issue was to try to resolve. Best thing is the play area otherwise would never recommend this place. It was a joke and I will never go back. 30 people now have a terrible experience that could have been easily resolved.
Miller Miller
UPDATE: The service was terrible tonight, I asked for an extra table but was informed that the boss said no as they were booked out. We left at 8:30 pm nearing the end of service and the three empty tables next to ours remained unused all night.
The wait staff had no idea which table they were delivering to even though, like most places, each table had a number.
The specialty "pork belly" was not edible. It had the same texture as soft leather and minimal pork meat.
The caulslaw was bland, and the sweet potato fries were room temperature at best.
Whilst trying to cut the soft leathery pork belly, it fell on the floor, and that's where I left it. seemed to be the best place for it anyhow.
To top it all off, the young lady behind the bar used my glass as an ice scoop rather than the ice scoop itself.
I must say she had good customer service, and I know it's quick and easy to use the glass as a scoop, but it risks glasses being chipped and patrons drinking glass 🚱

Hats off to the owner, the venue itself is a great looking venue, but sadly, you need to work on your service.
For the price of the meals, the quality just isn't there.

I do not go out of my way to leave negative reviews but tonight I've been left highly disappointed and hungry
Darren Bennett
Watching others get seated today after being told they were fully booked was beyond disappointing. The manager claiming they'd just had a cancellation was simply BS as he'd been talking to us the entire time while telling us they were fully booked. A quite bizarre and extremely dissatisfying experience.
Dom Dwyer
We went for a Sunday lunch last week and all of us thought what a nice renovation this has turned out to be. This is in prime location to be making good profit in this area, if they can just wow their customers it should be pretty smooth sailing in future.

Unfortunately the food was well under par.
The steak looked appealing on the menu but I'd take marbling score with a pinch of salt. The economy steaks you can get at Woolworth are better then what I received.
One of thee biggest mistakes with
cooking steak is not seasoning it beforehand and that's exactly what it tasted like. Also extremely chewy but the proper preparation before could have aided this.

Why cany restaurants make their own GRAVY? The last thing you'd expect with your (marbled) steak is packet gravy.
Even more confusing as I ordered mushroom sauce and received packet gravy with 3 little mushrooms thrown in there.
It's also very easy to make a creamy mushroom sauce... I put this down to pure laziness..
Others on my table had similar experiences but I can only speake for myself.
Iced Gem
I attended on Tuesday and the staff were attentive, the food was great and the atmosphere was lively. Following dinner my partner and I attended the gaming section and were welcomed by and young woman her name starting with C (I can't quite remember) she was confident, welcoming and extremely helpful. We will most certainly be visiting again.
Jane Margariti
We have visited a few times since the recent renovations and the new playground has been a hit with the kids. Staff have been friendly and pleasant. Food has been delicious and cooked well each time, however the wait for food does drag mainly when the restaurant is very busy. Does get quite noisy as well.

Overall we have enjoyed our time at Vic's
David Kellam
Exceedingly average. Staff are under-trained. There's no cracked pepper. Pasta is over cooked - worst carbonara I've ever had. It had a whole egg on top. Used under-cooked bacon not pancetta. This was after a staff member confirmed it was excellent too, which is even more alarming as to the cognitive dissonance. Glass of white wine was sour, indicating poor bottle changeover. Wine list terrible to begin with though. No kids cutlery despite kids meals and many young kids here. No interest in trying to improve. Cleared a still eating table. Only redeeming feature is the playground. Steak was OK the other night. Just the meat. Not the salad or chips which were standard cheap s****.

Hard with kids as the QR ordering doesn't work, there's no table service and you have to queue up at least twice because you can't order food and drinks together. Never mind going back for more drinks or dessert. Try doing this with young kids. Speaking of dessert, the kids' arrived almost looking like dumplings in soup the other day. Clearly had been sitting on the bench for ages or poor freezer temperature control or both. And was of course poor grade in any event. Arguably OK for kids.

Literally everything here is way overpriced. Go elsewhere, including around the corner to Collective. This place wouldn't exist with competition. Maybe focus on a half edible set of meals instead of a reno. Manager was nice today, but working with poor ingredients by all definitions. And only interested in feedback around the staff, not the poor food. These people just don't even know what even average looks like, let alone good or great. WELL below par. I've been twice and won't return, but it was evident at looking at the other meals both times that this wasn't an aberration but their idea of an acceptable standard.
Sylvia Behan
Had a lovely birthday lunch there yesterday! Easily booked online and taken care of as soon as we entered. Children's meals came out first, after they had explored the new playground, as well as our garlic cheesy bread. Impressed that all our mains came out together. All our meals were delicious and plentiful! Both bar and wait staff were pleasant and very competent. Finished with coffee and birthday cake, which was no trouble for them and I was wished a happy birthday! Will definitely go back. Love the renovations also.
I was excited to try here again after new renovations. The place looks amazing with an open and welcoming feel after the renovations but unfortunately the food didn't meet the expectations that match the dining room.
For $64, we shared the meat grazing board. The chips and roast pork were the stars of the show. The chips were cooked perfectly and the pork was nice and juicy. The lamb koftas were tiny like the size of my thumb, the fried chicken had no seasoning and was so dry it felt like it was leftovers from the day before and recooked. The chorizo slices were dry and overcooked that it was incredibly hard and unpleasant to eat.
Someone else at our table ordered the paella for $34 and the rice was overcooked that it became mush in the mouth, prawns were overcooked to the point it was tough and dry, and overall the dish was lacking flavour.
The whole table was disappointed as we used to love coming here as a family. But now it seems over priced for what you get, and very disappointing and subpar food. I really hope the owners will relay this feedback to the chefs to improve for future customers.
Newly renovated and looks lovely. Food fab also PLUS they have a new kids play area that is huge
Some gaming/bar staff are friendly but most will not even realise you're waiting at the bar until you call out to them even though they're standing directly in front of you facing the other way. Make sure you ask for complimentary soft drink otherwise you'll pay $5 - no gaming venue I know of charges for soft drink. Machines are a little too squished together which means you're often huddled next to strangers and there are dirty cups between machines as staff have to room to access them when people are sitting there. Also I've come multiple times at night and it's either closed despite being before the times listed on hours signage at doors, and sometimes just turned away even though there are still people inside. Hours aren't correct on google or on the doors at the venue. So what are they? I'd like to know. Otherwise okay venue, mostly an older crowd if you want to avoid your typical rough crowd.
Warner Blake
All good food was enjoyed by the 6 of us. Look forward to the renovations to be completed
Robert Franklin
Food was great service great and prices where good too and was enjoyable
kelvin linard
Noisy, renovations being carried out as well as the dining room being quite small didn't help the situation.
The vegetable soup was excellent, the battered fish was very soft & oily, the chips were also oily.
No complaints about the staff, who were very helpful and friendly.
May try again when the renovations are completed.
Peter Olandezos
Dined here on several occasions and always satisfied with the quality of the meals. Great sized portions and good quality food. More than pleased with the service, the staff here are always so humble, friendly and welcoming. Fine dining in a warm welcoming friendly environment.
Cori "Cor" Scott
Nice food, good portion size, attentive and friendly staff
Cori "Cor" Scott
Nice food, good portion size, attentive and friendly staff
Michelle Jones
Everyone had a beautiful meal, table of 17 people and not one complaint is amazing.
James Steele
Had a good time here. the food is delicious and reasonably priced
Lynne Pretty
Staff very helpful to sign in and order food.
Lovely meal.
John and Cherri Thomson
I have been coming here for years and on an average the food has always been really bad. We only come because family like the convenience. This time I was surprised. Everyone's meals were enjoyed except for the schnitzels which were dry.Prices aren't cheap but one doesn't mind if your food is good.Service and staff are always good.I hope they keep up the good work, enjoy
Ralph Ainsworth
Three of us booked in for dinner on a Wednesday night and the service and food was great. Even with the menu items less than the previous menu a year ago the quality was still there.
Janet Skopilianos
We had a lovely lunch here. I had the home made gnocchi which was amazing and my hubby had the chicken Parma which he enjoyed. The meals are a generous size and it has a lovely atmosphere. The staff were polite. Overall a nice place.
Michael Walsh
All good. A bit too much food for both my wife and myself, but the quality of the food was excellent. Thankyou.
dee ess
Great service even though they only had sides that were suitable for vegans the chef said he could prepare something for us as a meal great kids area too with a big slide and a free arcade games console