Melton Entertainment Park Melton VIC

Melton Entertainment Park Melton VIC

2 Ferris Rd, Melton VIC 3337, Australia

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Visit Melton Entertainment Park in Melton, Victoria.They have a bar and great food and drink choices. The Melton Entertainment Park has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu.
If you want to have a meal and play the pokies, this club has 80 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Dinner last night was so tasty. Alisha' was so professional in her ability to make people feel welcome . She came up to the table a number of times to check in how the meal was and whether we needed anything further - highly recommend and keep doing what you are doing.

Opening hours

Monday: 08:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Tuesday: 08:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Wednesday: 08:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Thursday: 08:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Friday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Saturday: 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 01:00 AM

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Latest reviews

Dirk Heinzelmann
We used Melton Entertainment Park for our annual end of year corporate function. This has been the second year in the row.
The event went down without a hitch, from the booking, to event proposal package, menu selection, quote, venue inspection and final arrangements.
The venue was perfectly located for our needs, easy parking, easy access. Our very large group was given access to an outside terrace joining our banquet room and we had a separate private bar. Festive music was provide as well as a microphone for a few speeches.
The food was honestly outstanding, super delicious, all the meats, (roast beef, slow braised lamb, grilled chicken) were tender, all the sauces tasty, vegetables beautifully prepared and the desserts sensational.
Staff were extremely polite and very helpful. Security were quiet, but present and they did their job. Staff understood our requirement to adhere to the predetermined finishing time of the function and were very professional to ensure this was done.
We cannot fault this venue and believe you will not find a better host for large corporate functions in Melbourne's far western suburbs. - Thank you
Kate cu
We held a function here in one of their function rooms a couple of months ago. I was pretty disappointed and won't be returning for future events. It was an absolute mess to organise everything!
We received a quote with everything required plus planned everything out ready to go about two months prior to the function all via email. that part was a breeze and Tamara was lovely to deal with!
Then a week before the function (maybe less) we were contacted by someone else to go through the ENTIRE event plans again and pricing.
Everything was organised in the same email chain in which they were responding to so had all the answers there it was just pure laziness. We were then charged more than quoted with additional charges never mentioned previously in our quote.
We had 2 kids meals and told them to cancel one, they cancelled the incorrect meal.
They added a bartenders fee never originally quoted.
They told us it was 20 people minimum yet the quote states $2000 minimum spend.
There are a choice of salad options which she forgot to ask what we wanted.
The desserts chosen it was now too late to order (we picked this months in advance)
When we arrived for the function no one had a clue what room we were in, we were sent walking around to all their different function rooms to try figure it out for ourselves.
It was actually a horrible experience and the only saving grace was the hospitality staff at the event were absolutely amazing, friendly and attentive its a shame the events coordinator ruined it. When all of this was brought up especially the pricing part the response was pretty much either cancel the event or pay the price... absolutely appalling.
Lisa Hardy
Dinner last night was so tasty.
Alisha' was so professional in her ability to make people feel welcome . She came up to the table a number of times to check in how the meal was and whether we needed anything further - highly recommend and keep doing what you are doing.
Rebecca Davis
I first visited this venue in 2018 and had an underwhelming meal, which I didn't finish. I wanted to take the remainder of my meal home for my Dog and was told I couldn't, so I vowed to never return.

Over five years later, my Partner wanted to have lunch here and I reluctantly agreed.

It appears nothing has changed. I ordered the fish 'n' chips, which from memory was $28.00 and the fish tasted like dirt - actual dirt.

I'm not sure where you source your fish, but there are fish 'n' chip shops all around the suburb that are serving far better quality seafood at a FRACTION of the price!

The side of vegetables consisted of two humongous pieces of Cauliflower, two pieces of Broccoli and two slivers of Carrot - talk about underwhelming.

The Chefs here clearly have NO pride in their outputs. I'm now permanently boycotting this over-priced bistro. Do yourself a favour and do the same.
Victoria Ioane
We had our Melton Broncos presentation there on Friday night. Each paying $50 a ticket for a buffet meal. If you are going to run a buffet... please make sure there is enough food to cater for everyone, as there were so many people that didn't eat at all. It was unacceptable and very disappointing. Also serving Christmas pudding for dessert. It's not Christmas yet... No kids eat Christmas Pudding...It seems as tho these were puddings that could of been left over..
That you needed to use up. Alot of People left starving and needed to purchase food on the way home as it was to late to cook something by then. ???'
Michelle Mavrou
Dinner was mediocre at best, and they closed the kitchen before we could order dessert. Parking was easy, and the bathrooms were clean and tidy. Staff were ok, but the view of the horses racing was interesting. I'm not sure if I'd go again.
Chantelle Yates
great great great staff - moved our table closer to play area after over hearing me make a comment - went out of their way to help and assist me - I am not a fan of the kids play area as I think its too cluttered and not suitable for little children - my 18month old has a massive egg on his head after tripping over the slide and hitting his head on an "out of order" lollipop dispenser. staff were on hand to help fill out an incident report and supply ice for his poor head
Claire Colwell
Enjoyed our trip for parma night, the whole deal is hood value. We ordered the Mexican, American and Spanish and the Spainish was the stand out for the table, a real winner.

Will be making this a more regular night outnfornthe family (probably once a month/every 5 weeks)
Andrea Stepney
We had a family lunch of 40 people in the bistro. The staff are excellent, very professional and helpful. The food was a high standard and served quickly especially as there were over 140 people in for Sunday lunch. Thanks for making our day so enjoyable & stress free. ??'???'?
Connie Rossetto
My daughter and I stayed at mantra melton at Easter and now back again for another family event.
The reception , bistro and housekeeping staff are amazing . Always friendly and accommodating. Thank you all for your services. We will be back .!
Cheryl Steele
Stopped for a meal after a busy day. Menu options and prices were very reasonable. Service was good and food was tasty. Will be back!
Can't eat the Bruschetta! Chopping tomatoes in half on top of toast is not how it's done. Don't be lazy Tabcorp Park and make it the proper way. All the other food is great and the service is awesome as always.
Attended for a race night in the upstairs function room. Venue it self is a great set up.

The food is terrible and comes out too late, it lacked taste and highly doubt the desserts were made there. For $45 per person I won't be coming back. I'd rather choose from a menu.

The prizes on the night could have been better, for example wine or voucher from a sponsor?
Allison Gibbings-Johns
Jennifer, our service person was excellent. I cannot say the same for the food. My vegan option was ok but all of our chips were hard dry and nearly cold and mostly inedible. In one of the meat dishes the meat was very tough.
Brenda Holmes
Not the best food this time around the crumbs on the chicken Parma fell off all over the chicken, the deep fried ice cream was frozen solid and the outside was cold not at all like it is supposed to be. The crumbs they seemed to use were the apple crumble crumbs I only say that because I had that desert last time and it was terrible I remember the flavour of it.

The only good thing was the drinks
Private function upstairs. Food served so late then servers started bringing food out right on the awards presentation ceremony for kids. Brought out cold, not even warm. Security staff were great, venue itself good but smelt a lot like mould/wet carpet type smell. Restaurant usually no complaints but $65 per head for the function over $300 to eat minimal and cold food was a major let down.
d jay
Food was average and overpriced, also took a long time to order everything. Not great. $28 for a Parma and a few chips. Brother got ribeye, was cold, $59. Not recommended
Mr. "Franz" Ribzz
Good eating and the staff were funny, had a good chat with one of them. I went with Family and friends got sitted down in a good spot, kids have a play room which was great allowing the adults to sit back and have a few drinks. The night we went was Parma night so good specials and a decent meal. No complaints what so ever.
Mr. "Franz" Ribzz
Good eating and the staff were funny, had a good chat with one of them. I went with Family and friends got sitted down in a good spot, kids have a play room which was great allowing the adults to sit back and have a few drinks. The night we went was Parma night so good specials and a decent meal. No complaints what so ever.
Leeanne Laidlaw
Sadly Tabcorp weren't able to get staff to operate their Tab next to the dining area. They had a machine that wasn't working properly so bit of a nuisance for punters. (There was a sports bar that due to renovations wasn't accessible internally. It rained most of the afternoon so it wasn't an option)
The show we saw was a Bee Gees tribute band who were very good. Food was nice and atmosphere was fine with friendly sevice.
Kirsten Steel
The menu is average and the food reflects that. Not enough GF options so I ate a side of steamed green vegetables. Our tables meals were too expensive for the quality and quantity. They wanted to charge $1 pp (there were 22 of us) to serve an ice cream birthday cake for an 8-year-olds birthday which they only mentioned to us when we arrived with the cake. Wouldn't recommend this place and we won't be coming back.
Nice venue and friendly, efficient staff. Good food and reasonable prices. Dinning chairs abit uncomfortable and they tended to locate people close to other table. Considering they were less than half full, you still felt crowded and people were bumping chairs when moving to and from their tables. That was a bit disappointing and unnecessary.
Leah RTK
Attended one of their music events on level 1. Nice atmosphere, friendly service and food was great. Will come back if they have good events on.
Carlos Becerra
Food was poorly cooked and over priced. Orderd a meduim rare Steak, it was nearly raw and pepper sauce was too strong. The pasta was store bought maybe from Coles and was not freshly made, for those prices you would expect handmade pasta at least. Complex is nice.
Len Krois
Meals quite good. Value seniors meals. Venue clean and comfortable.
It's a really nice venue with a better class of people.The bistro is much bigger and the meals are fantastic.It's definitely worth joining as a member as it's free.
Jessica Mitchem
Lovely show 'Buble and Robbie' a real great performance! The food was great and such beautiful atmosphere in the function room!
Michael Munn
The meals were fantastic but the service was absolutely terrible. Yes they were busy but we waited an hour for our mains only to have 2/4 come out and then wait another 10 minutes for the other 2 meals, then once we were finished we said we're ready for our dessert's after almost waiting an hour of watching people's desserts go out we asked where ours was only to have the waitress disappear and not return walked past our table 3 times with no response to our question, finally a different waitress comes over to notify us that our order was forgotten and another 15 minutes I then asked if my 2yr old could get his 2 scoops of ice cream please only for that to be delayed till the main desserts came out. All in all bad experience and won't be coming back anytime soon, which is a shame because the meals were great.
Cheryl Bishop
Enjoyed the American Made Day immensely. The entertainment, Lunch and atmosphere in the Legends Room was fantastic. On top of that, easy viewing of the Trots made our day out.
Mark Solomon
Oh! I love tabcorp park and the hotel. All the staffs are wonderful. All of them make you so welcome. Everyone should come and visit and stay there too.