Risdon Brook Hotel Risdon TAS

Risdon Brook Hotel Risdon TAS

691 E Derwent Hwy, Risdon TAS 7017, Australia
Visit Risdon Brook Hotel in Risdon, Tasmania.They great food and drink choices and offer accommodation. The Risdon Brook Hotel has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu. This pub has an average rating of 3.9 out of 540 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5. It appears there are mixed reviews for the Risdon Brook Hotel.
If you want to have a drink and play the pokies, this pub has 30 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Staff very helpful as we moved table due to aircon above. Meals huge! Plenty of space. Children friendly! Soup came cold but reheated ASAP.

Opening hours

Monday: 09:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Sunday: 09:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Latest reviews

Ordered rare steaks, they were well done. Chips were cold. Some servers were lovely, others seemed they didn't want to deal with people in general. For the price of everything, I though the food and service would have been a bit better.
Had lunch. Large serves but very average food. We ordered small fish and chips and small lemon pepper squid and chips. Both came with the usual 'salad' and both were $18. Obviously both were straight from the freezer, as expected. Unfortunately the squid had no flavour, apart from flour. Needed lots of lemon and salt to get any taste at all, left most of it on the plate. Chips were pretty good and crunchy. Fish was ok. No hurry to go back.
Max Harris
Great food, rapid meal prep and reasonable prices. Small or large meals too.
Dale Robertson
Food was over priced, veggies were cold, looked like they had been re served, a 8 dollar bowl of chips, that a seagull could eat in 30 seconds, staff said they had been quiet! Now I can see why, do yourselves a favour and give it a miss.
Yanita Young
Service was beyond poor, staff acting like they wanted to be anywhere else, one woman in particular was extremely rude. Beer garden was dull, no music, nothing on the tv, poor and uncomfortable seating arrangements, no smoking allowed... but we had to stay out there, in the wind/rain (with a 6month old baby) because we wasn't allowed anywhere else in the venue with children. We finished our drink and left. We will NOT be returning.
Quiet location self check in neat and tidy . All the mod cons washer dryer oven ect home away from home. We stay regularly here ticks all the boxes for us
Rosemary Sferco
Food was OK. Heaps off parking , good play area for kids.
Judy Green
Beef schnitzel was ineadable, even the vegies were dry and not seasoned, told the waitress after we were avoided all night, did not seem to care. Will not be back. Poor food and poor service .
Emma Shishkin
Nice clean rooms, very simple. Convenient location. Next to a pub/restaurant. It looks like a toilet block from the outside, but nice inside.
Only downside was the small milks in the fridge were 6 months past their best before date and curdled.
Kerry Moore
We have been visiting the Hotel and enjoyed many a nice meal with good friendly service. However, after spending quite a large amount on meals and drinks ($185) one of the kitchen staff abused one of our family members for asking for a 'free' gravy pot, worth about 20c, by asking at the kitchen area instead of the bar area. Our family guest was collecting these for other members, very embarrassing and poor representation of this facility. We are certainly rethinking visiting again. I spoke to the duty manager at the time but i have no confidence in his apology.
Jeanette Hawes
Staff very helpful as we moved table due to aircon above. Meals huge! Plenty of space. Children friendly!
Soup came cold but reheated ASAP.
Matthew Holz
Had dinner last night, ordered the pork belly, it arrived at the table as a dry over cooked lump of what resembled meat. I've had biltong that was not as hard as this. The vegetables were great, but for $30 I expected better quality. Staff were great, venue was great.
Dean Randall
Had a meal and only half was edible, spoke to the waitress and she said she'll tell the chef and that was the last we saw of her. Thought she would have come back with an apology but nope.
Will not go back.
Chelsea Banks
Absolutely terrible food. Paid $27 for a Caeser Salad that came in the smallest bowl (looked like a 2 buck Kmart bowl) with wilted lettuce, rubbery chicken that was cold and fishy tasting Food used to be amazing quality but definitely gone down hill. Used to frequently go there for dinner not anymore. Do better...
Mark van Voorst
Went at 09-10-2022 disappointed with the flavour of the seafood basket and the chips. They weren't cooked very nicely. Perhaps a different chef perhaps different recipes...
Venue was nice and clean.
Food took a n unreasonable amount of time to get brought out (including the starter which was given to us almost a half hour before the main.) they have changed their chips on the menu from a golden crunchy chip to a plain old chip that looks like it come from a pack of coles home brand straight out of the freezer. no crunch and half of them are green. the bun on my chicken burger was under toasted which made the whole burger unpleasantly soggy, and to top off an already underwhelming experience the chicken in said burger was incredibly over cooked. I genuinely thought i bit into a toothpick or something at one point. it was a flavourless piece of painful chicken that literally had the texture of wood. only reason i made it a 2 star review rather than 1 is the staff is absolutely lovely and always have been.
Hayley Ashwood
We've been staying at the Discovery Park for the last three days and while this pub is convenient, the hospitality is awful.

Working and owning a pub ourselves, we understand what makes and breaks a good experience and your staff did just that.

Each night we have arrived we have been greeted with sour faces and below average service. Instead of having a chinwag with your fellow hospo employee, serve the 10 people in front of you, or better yet, serve them the beer that they actually order.
Kylie Westlake
This place has potential, such a shame the staff let it down.
Even though we called ahead to confirm it was OK to bring a cake for fathers day when it came to bringing the cake out to us it was simply dumped on the end of the table in its box, no plates not even a word... after trying to get get the girls attention to ask for plates and a knife she looked at us with a blank stare and ran off to the kitchen, coming back with nothing more than a "um we don't give out plates for your own cake but I can give you serviettes if you want" apparently we were to break up the cake with our bare hands?
The second issue was raw fish.
Would not recommend this place.
pauline blyth
Lovely and clean , friendly staff , great $19 two course lunch
Angela King
Always love this Hotel, the team there are the friendliest than any other hotel I've been into
Jesse C
Good food. Good service. Plenty of good beer on tap.
Gerard Enniss
Was in the beer garden for a birthday celebration. It was a perfect venue and a private place.
Later in the evening we moved inside and has a meal for dinner. The whole place was clean and modern. It looked to be recently renovated.
Seamus Erin
A quite large group of family were with myself. A booking had been made as there were nearly 20 of us, including kids from toddler age to mid teens & several adults.
The dining room was full,we were all served promptly & the wait 4 meals was very efficient, considering the nature of the dining room being full. No complaints at all.
aaron wilcock
Really amazing place went out as a family dinner, food was really incredible and prices were really good.
Would definitely recommend going to the Risdon brook hotel and will definitely be returning.
William Everingham
Bartender Jack could improve manners, was more interested in filling out paperwork then serving customers. Was told to sit down it's going to take a while after ordering 1 drink. 2 others in the pub at the time
Roy Ormerod
Been here twice in recenmt weeks. You always get good food served in friendly atmosphere
Greg Davis
Not as good as usual. We were asked to dine and be out in 90 mins. Not a problem to do but everything felt rushed...they were taking our plates the second we finished and wanted to serve my entree at the same time as my main? Beef Schnitzel was very moist...
rahul rampally
One of best place for living in Tasmania
I have stayed In this hotel last week
- Parking facility
- Best stay
- Internet
- Night view super
- Restaurant and bar facility
they sponsor our cricket club! great food and drinks. the outdoor setting is great to be in after a game, good for the kids as well (: