Railway Hotel Queenstown TAS

Railway Hotel Queenstown TAS

33 Driffield St, Queenstown TAS 7467, Australia
Visit Railway Hotel in Queenstown, Tasmania.This pub has an average rating of 4.1 out of 91 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 3 to 5. The reviews for the Railway Hotel appear to be a bit mixed.
If you want to have a drink and play the pokies, this pub has 10 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

'Don't judge a book by its cover' applies here! Our family enjoyed an awesome meal. Great size servings, quality & fresh.

The Railway Hotel does not appear to have any published opening hours.

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Latest reviews

Robert Barnett
Dropped in for counter tea was very good meal chicken snitzl only came with salad but was very nice meal will come here again. Seem a bit more affordable than the other pub meals in Queenstown.
Ilyan Keay
This is just for the food and service in the dining room which was top notch. One of the best pub meals and most lovely staff we've had in Tassie. Meat was cooked medium rare to perfection and they have an old school serve yourself bread and salad bar which was neat. But get in early as the bread was out when we got there.
Nyasha Maketo
The Railway Hotel was a great place to stay with great customer service and friendly staff.Especially appreciative to Matthew,Jodi and Julia and the rest of the staff in making dinner for some of us after all the shops had closed in Queenstown (at 8pm) and there was nowhere to eat. The staff are very friendly and accomodating.The rooms were clean and had the listed amenities good for a couple of nights in Queenstown.
Ande O'Keeffe
Good location in town. And $110 per night for 2 people is reasonable.

Overall the room was very clean, however, the sheets were stained, didn't realise until late that night.

The smoke alarm was going off randomly (no smoke, no heater, nothing..) and the shower floor was uneven and crackly.

To be fair, we didn't get a chance to raise this with management and we are overall happy with the room.
Vicki Bell
Room was very clean and the beds were good. Most suitable if you are just want somewhere to sleep.
Sophie Challinor
Good place to stop for an overnight stay before continuing on a road trip. The rooms had the bare minimum and did feel a little like prison cells rather than motel rooms, but they did the job.
The shared bathroom facilities were in good condition and very clean.
Kettle is available in the room for tea and coffee. Unfortunately there is no bar fridge, but as we were traveling in winter we left our esky in the car and everything stayed ice cold anyway.
Andreas Ludwig
Yes, we knew it would be cheap. Yes, we needed to book this place because no other place would accept us with our dog at the time. But we stayed for two nights when the temperatures hit record highs in Tasmania. And we felt we almost died. In particular our dog needed to be cooled with wet blankets and walked in the middle of the night.
The rooms are super basic - felt more like prison cells than motel rooms. Windows only to one side up on the top, not allowing any substantial air flow. Of course, no AC (the units installed are heaters). The place had more spacious rooms on the other side with en-suite bathrooms (we only had a shared bathroom), but those were closed for unknown reasons. The outside space you could use to have food felt like sitting in the parking lot.
We really liked Queenstown as a place to visit and explore, but we will look earlier for a better place next time.
Joanne Wright

Best little pub on the west coast of Tasmania.
Shona Lin
The reception staff are very friendly and nice!! The room is small but clean and have 2 share bathrooms is outside ,the reception is inside the bottle shop
Elaine Yeap
Front desk was very helpful with my late check in. We called hours prior, she gave a detailed instruction and everything was perfectly arranged when we arrived about 9pm.

Small room yes, but it was absolutely spotless. Comfortable bed and a small sofa. It has a mini bar, an electric kettle, a well stocked beverage tray. It was just a perfect ending to our day after a few hours drive from Mount Field.

We left rather early the next morning. Somehow I couldn't find the reception so I passed the key to a friendly housekeeping staff.
Tassie Adventures
Manager was very helpful. Basic rooms but very clean and good for price.
Karl Borth
Yes very tiny just enough 2 swing a cat lol. But no bar fridge which suxs. But very handy in location
Melika H.Nejad
The room by itself was like a jail! But the basin in the room and the cleanliness of the room and share toilets were really good
Ross Woodford
A good place for a meal or just a drink. The meals are good value and certainly worth a try if in town.
Hector Kidd
Both Waitresses' called me the C Word. Service was below average. Average food. Not worth the stay. Would NOT RECOMMEND.
anita tremble
Bottleshop very expensive. Ouch
Hardik Bhatia
Enjoyed my stay here. Food was good. Stay was only $45. Toilet and bathroom were clean and easily accessible. Staff was freindly.
Samantha Hirniak
'Don't judge a book by its cover' applies here! Our family enjoyed an awesome meal. Great size servings, quality & fresh.
Harshith Collooru
Photos are misleading! The rooms are very small and there is only space for one person to walk at once. Shared bathrooms. The ac remote didn't work. Kettles are very dirty! The staff are responsive and that's the only good thing about this place.
Kyle Lankier
Amazing food! Having recently moved to Queenstown we have almost tried every restaurant and the Railway Hotel has the absolute best food by far.
Highly recommend dining in and having an amazing meal served by fantastic staff.
Stefan RS
The staff are friendly, as are the locals.
We came here for a night stay. You get your $60 worth. Me and my friend affectionately refer to it as "the box". Don't expect much. But definitely a good budget stay
Steve Gadsden
This is a great place to go to in Queenstown and the staff are friendly as are the locals.
sharon morris
The bar tenders was great and happy people
Lovely room with the a very comfortable bed! Clean, cosy and warm. Staff were very welcoming and kind! Thank you for the lovely stay!
Sahnya Shiels
DO NOT STAY HERE!! When we arrived in to our room the bed was not properly made as if someone had slept in it and there was a dirty towel thrown on the bed. When we pulled back the cover there were crumbs in the bed - the sheets had definitely not been changed between us and the last people staying! There was also still rubbish in the bin and the one cup that was left in the room had not been washed and had coffee stains in it. Disgusting experience 😠