Plough Hotel Mill Park VIC

Plough Hotel Mill Park VIC

Childs Rd, Mill Park VIC 3082, Australia
Visit Plough Hotel in Mill Park, Victoria.They have a bar and great food and drink choices. The Plough Hotel has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu. This pub has an average rating of 3.9 out of 385 reviews, with the latest ratings all being 5. The reviews show that this appears to be a great place to be!
If you want to have a drink and play the pokies, this pub has 100 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

The manager and staff were fantastic - thoroughly enjoyed our meals thanks team

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM

Latest reviews

Calm Creations
A big thank you to the plough hotel,
And our wonderful waitress Zoe for hosting a lovely night out! the food was delicious and the service was exceptional!
We will be back in the near future!
Robert Jankulovski
I love coming here! The food is always great, not to mention the friendly and helpful staff. Definitely one of the top pubs around!
Daniela Carpinteri
It is a great venue.
Friendly staff who go above and beyond to make your experience more enjoyable.
Great food and drinks.
What more could you asked for.
Highly recommended.
Chloe Wildey
Had one of the most incredible experiences tonight, Angus was so attentive and accommodating to our specific needs. We are a group of neurodivergent patrons so different servers can make some of us nervous, but Angus was happy to focus on us and ensure we had a wonderful time! The food was lovely, but the service from Angus really excelled
Thelma Brennan
For Father's Day we had dinner tonight at this place. It was our first time to have a family dinner in this beautiful bistro hotel. Despite of all the reservations for Father's Day they still accommodate our last minute booking which really make my family less stressful to find a place to dine in. We were so impressed with the service of the staff (special mention to Zoe) their service is beyond our expectations, food was served on time we didn't wait for so long. We ordered chicken parmas, chicken burgers, sticky pork belly and chicken wings, OMG all of them were divine it was just so delicious πŸ˜‹ We also had a sticky date pudding for our dessert and it just melts in our mouths the kids just loved it. And to our surprised Zoe handed a complimentary bottle of wine to my husband and to all Fathers who were there too, thank you so much Zoe. I would highly recommend this place to all my friends. Definitely my family and I will come back here again.
D Nikoro
Food is average compared to the many ALH venues I frequently visit, staff is great and the atmosphere is calm.. I really like how the restrooms are almost always clean every visit compared to others locations.
Kirstyn Condoluci
Beautiful staff who I found very approachable and helpful with a smile

Affordable and tasty meals

And the atmosphere inside is warm and comfortable with beautiful interiors

Will be back again !!! Triple ticks from me
Laura Di Cori
Had a lovely time in the Bistro, meal was delicious and the service was great. Would definitely recommend going for a meal there. The sticky date is to die for...yum
Abby Clark
One of my favourite venues. Food has always been great and quick to come out. The staff are welcoming and friendly. All around a great venue we frequent here regularly
Julie Devine
Nice simple food well cooked and good prices. Friendly staff however the amenities leave a lot to be desired.
Paul Oneil
Big hotel with lots of parking , friendly staff . Pokie area not lit up very well could look a bit more inviting .
Tom Slick
Garlic bread that actually had garlic on it fresh, crispy, and delicious. Ribs generous serving and melted in my mouth. Tasty crispy chips, what else can you ask for.
Honest R
We attended for lunch today, bistro was empty which did concern me immediately. We had to wait for someone to finally come out to us and take us to our table (which we were told, "just sit anywhere")

We went and sat and asked for a highchair, when it arrived at our table we then asked for a menu "oh so you won't order from the phone" - no.

We ordered the share plate which when I asked how big it was, I was told "oh it's really large, most definitely for two people" yet it came out on a dinner size plate. The chicken was dry, the wings were pale and off putting in appearance so we didn't eat them. The prawns were full of oil. The only half decent thing were the wedges!

We each ordered a salad, Thai beef and Caesar and both were so disappointing. The beef was tough and not at all "Thai style" and the Caesar literally had only about a cup of lettuce and so extremely salty. You could see the beef was a chopped up piece that they would use for their steak sandwiches.

My poor daughter literally waited the entire time for her chips and nuggets, which were rushed out eventually by the "chef" who said "oh here sorry, I forgot about your little one"

Thank god we didn't come here for dinner with our extended family as we had talked about doing. We will never be back and in hindsight, we should have just asked for a refund after the share plate arrived. What a complete waste of money the entire meal was.

Please also learn how to wash your dishes properly. Seeing lipstick marks on the side of a glass is disgusting.
The manager and staff were fantastic - thoroughly enjoyed our meals thanks team
Damien Goodfellow
Yeeah i took a date here for valentines day i honnestly wish i would have found somewhere else it wasnt the best experience for that, the meal area closed at like 8pm on valentines day and ended up taking my date elsewhere i should have checked the times and not assumed.. The staff are nice and a nice place for drinks but not the best atmosphere for a date.. ill be back though
Terrible food, terrible service in the bistro.
Haven't been for years and decided to give it a go.
First red flag was we didn't have to book for a Saturday night. That's usually unheard of at any venue on a Saturday night. When we got there the bistro was empty, other than us and remained empty for the night.
Menu was very, very ordinary. Terrible chicken, terrible fish, terrible nuggets for the kids and wouldn't do simple things like bowls of chips, because of a potato shortage, apparently. But, happy to serve them with meals.
Also,taking food off one plate to make up other plates. Disgusting.
I ordered chicken schnitzel and they brought me the fish and chips by mistake.
Then brought my chicken out very quickly (another red flag, precooked I suspect) and my chips tasted like fish.
Processed chicken full of rubbish.
Never again.
Obviously others have already come to that conclusion.
Shene Pao
Not one to usually give bad reviews but we came to the bistro at 1pm and went to the sports bar area to ask about using the pool table for some fun. Immediately the older lady at the bar there was incredibly rude to us and was not welcoming at all. We asked about the pool table and she rudely said no, maybe she misheard what we said because we had to repeat ourselves multiple times before she finally understood we wanted. Even then she seemed fairly angry at us. Was not a great first experience being there, which is a shame.
Stacey Rothwell
Quiet little tucked away bistro, food was lovely and quick turnaround. Really friendly and attentive staff especially Zoe who really went above and beyond. You don't see enough customer service like this around! Will definitely come back. 😊
Nicole Mylas
Great atmosphere, decent meals, reasonable prices. Staff were friendly especially Zoe, she was very attentive & nothing was too much trouble. Thank you, we will recommend The Plough to our family & friends & we will be back 😁
Sue Cross
Haven't been to the Plough Hotel in years and decided we go and try the bistro out.
Well we were very impressed with our meal.
We will differently be back !
Darren Stewart
My mother and i went here today to have lunch, The staff were so plight. I can say %100 The plough hotel nose what a salad is both my mother and i love both our meals. And I can't say enough how warmly the hotel is. Only thing I would love to see is photos up on the walls when the hotel was once a horse stables, showing the history behind the stables. in saying this my mother and i would differently be back again.
Mario Draicchio
Since I have become a bit of a home body, I decided to go out for dinner and went to the plough bistro. Ordered a beer and drambie but they didn't know what drambie was, I guess no one buys it anymore. The meal can be ordered via an app and I proceeded to order steak and an extra plate of veggies. The meal came in one plate with chips and veggies. The meal comes with veggies and chips without ordering extra so I paid for extra veggies for nothing. The steak was tough and since I was hungry I ate it. I then ordered dessert, sticky date, I waited and waited and nothing. I asked if there was a problem with the order and they didn't have clue, eventually I got my dessert. Money is tough to come by these days and a restaurant experience is expensive. So the service was average, the food average, they don't deliver what you pay for, and they miss orders. Also given the quality of the food I doubt that they have a chef preparing the food. Anyway its your buck, so you decide.
Gunr Mate
Went for a meal (Sunday Lunch), service was a bit slow as staff were probably filling in for a quiet Bistro (not usual staff). Meal was reasonably quick, well proportioned, cooked well and fairly priced. Won't rush back though as I'm not a fan of pokies and these were in high demand and focus seemed to be on that rather than the Bistro.
Sudhakar Reddy
Good place to meet up friends over couple of beers.
Krystel Williamson
Steak was delicious, great price, relaxed atmosphere. I will be going back there!!
Matthew Cupo
Best place I have ever stepped a foot in
Daniel Martin
Very nice staff , clean, nice atmosphere.
Greg Anders
The plough hotel is great for any occasion whether you are catching up with friends for a drink or having a punt set in the heart of mill Park the staff here are friendly and will greet you with a warm smile and a friendly hello
Tanya Lay
Great staff, especially in the sports bar