Moe RSL Sub Branch Inc Moe VIC

Moe RSL Sub Branch Inc Moe VIC

63-67 Albert St, Moe VIC 3825, Australia
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Visit Moe RSL Sub Branch Inc in Moe, Victoria. The Moe RSL Sub Branch Inc has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu.
The Moe RSL Sub Branch Inc regularly hosts events such as bingo nights. They also do Poker nights.
This club has an average rating of 4 out of 278 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5. It appears there are mixed reviews for the Moe RSL Sub Branch Inc.
If you want to have a meal and play the pokies, this club has 45 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Great staff made us feel welcome Great meal we brought in our own birthday cake supplied plates and cutlery Thanks Moe RSL see you soon

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Coffee machine
6PM start


  • Bistro
  • Poker nights

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Latest reviews

Danny Graham
Great place to catch up with friends or family we sat around the bar area, will be back soon for a feed
Gary Gow-Brown
No sign of a senior's menu so I elected to try the Flathead tails with salad and chips for a whopping $26..... very disappointing.... . not sure I got Flathead tails...very small portions and the amount of salad I got wouldn't feed a mouse.
Service was great, but for a pensioner there is no value at this place.
Will not be returning.
Brian Tarrant
Great staff made us feel welcome
Great meal we brought in our own birthday cake supplied plates and cutlery
Thanks Moe RSL see you soon
Nicole Miller
Very little basic accommodations for the elderly and disabled. Have never seen anything like it, and am disgusted.
We were loudly berated by staff because we had a wheelchair and a walker, although this had been communicated when the booking was made. This was in front of my grandparents who are in their mid 90's too, who were the ones with mobility aids. The entire visit my grandparents were treated as objects in the way, not people.
My grandparents requiring the ramp was treated as an annoyance, as we had been seated upstairs.
I could go on, but basically every encounter with staff was shocking, and we really don't ask for much. Our only questions were
regarding accessibility. Bistro wasn't busy.

I had to climb over the ramp banister myself to remove a trolley from bottom of the ramp as my father wheeled my grandfather out via the adjoining function room. Literally a full shopping trolley parked at bottom of the only accessibility ramp. OHS nightmare.

Worst service and setup I have ever encountered in my life. Your staff need basic training on how to treat people with respect, and ableism.
Thank you for ruining what could very well be their last Christmas with your rudeness and lack of care. We won't be back and we encourage others to think twice about booking.
Lisa Tregenza
After moving to Gippsland nearly 3 years ago, my partner and I started to visit the RSL regularly in Moe for dinner, go to the pokies or attend an event or raffle night.
The local community are always welcoming and friendly and we love to support the establishment by attending and also being members.

If you're looking for a quiet dinner, catch up with friends or to try your luck on a pokies machine, you should definitely visit here.

They often run events like bands, raffle nights as I mentioned and holiday themed events as well.
Everyone seems to know everyone there and hopefully one day we'll be known as one of the locals too.
Jo Micallef
The two meals ordered one for myself and mum ordered the fish and chips with salad and tbe cheesy garluc bread the food ordered was tasteless unseasoned and unappealingI i only ate half the chicken schnitzel which didnt taste like real chicken. And my mum didn't touch her fish and chips because the fish had a fishy smell. because I was thought the food was of a good standard the previous times i have been to the Moe Rsl but obviously not , the mediocre standard of food and the amount I was charged was overpriced and discusting and when I went to rectify my mistake when ordering because my mums a senior and had her seniors card she showed it and I was told it price cannot be changed i wasnt sure whether it was an excuse for not loosing the money but I saying my mum was there with me when I was told this I am very unimpressed with this experience

The oeople at reception where very nice and welcoming people but that's all that was good but that was all
Tom Streater
Lovely staff, decent food, reasonable prices.
008 008
Nice restaurant, clean but the price of the meals expensive for an rsl. I had Thai beef salad was full of salt no fresh flavours served in a small bowl. Hubby had seafood platter all dry and over fried. Wouldn't go back.
1 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
Exsquisite portions, friendly staff; and a clean gaming room.
Whilst the wait staff and kitchen are fantastic with their customer service, I found the gaming attendee to be too relaxed and passive in tending to us as we waited at the counter. Perhaps more training can be provided to him.
Entering this branch you are warmly welcomed by the administration directly ahead and to your left.
There is ample seating and wheelchair access across the floor as well as unisex disabled amenities.
A very clean example of one of Victoria's RSL Sub branch's.
Will be stopping through again on my travels.
Middle Class Bogan
Exsquisite portions, friendly staff; and a clean gaming room.
Whilst the wait staff and kitchen are fantastic with their customer service, I found the gaming attendee to be too relaxed and passive in tending to us as we waited at the counter. Perhaps more training can be provided to him.
Entering this branch you are warmly welcomed by the administration directly ahead and to your left.
There is ample seating and wheelchair access across the floor as well as unisex disabled amenities.
A very clean example of one of Victoria's RSL Sub branch's.
Will be stopping through again on my travels.
J&k Blake
Had a great time.I go for the carpet bowls which give you lots of fun and company. All staff are really friendly and I look forward to going every week.
David King
Worst experience ive ever hah in an rsl orders were wrong so they tried to fix them btipping things off and dropping bits on
Service from the girls was great but girl who took the orders was where it all went wrong
Read it back ok but it went wrong from there
My sons meal only 2 thirds their so they fixed it and supplied a little more but then he found issues with the taste of the potato
My wifes seafood meal had burt calamari fish was very average all round
My steak was meant to be with garlic prawns on top so i got mixed seafood which i cant eat so sent it back explaining that so they tipped most of the seafood off tossed on a few prawns called that fixed
Spen $140 on food and drinks an it was worth it for the drinks the food was great if you count the garlic bread past that its time management found a new chef who can supply the meal ordered and do the job once every night not when the time suits and tought their staff about how to listen and and put it on paper
Ive had some bad meals this was the worst thanks moe rsl i wont come back now PATRONS BEWARE 2 out of 10 at best sad for such a great and honourable place to deal such rubbish
Pierre's Adventures
Came here for lunch and it was great, much better than in the past. Love seeing places improve and servive.
Beautiful service and very understanding, they helped bring my OMA through there function room to the upper level and were very understanding of my 3 children with special needs and allowed my sister and I to order off the seniors menu as we have both had weightloss surgery! Amazing food too ❤️
Tony Vickery
Had Saturday lunch, chicken Parma was raw, the bread slices we asked for were stale, the fish was oily .
Very disappointed.
Very good garlic sauce could have a bit more flavour but the Thursday deal on steak is excellent would recommend
Michael Beeby
The meal that we had was great value, well cooked and presented
Brett Riddle
My folks regularly attend this venue for the Wed's night Parma events, unfortunately getting a consistently good meal is harder than winning the jackpot on the Pokie's next door.

I attended with them recently and we all ordered the Aussie Parma, the eggs were left off each Parma and when Mum asked the staff where the eggs were, they jokingly suggested we had eaten them or they were under the cheese. Neither scenario suggested by the wait staff was correct. It seemed like a major inconvenience to get what was supposed to be topping the Parma and as the minutes passed, we nearly ended up eating the rest of the meal while the longest eggs in history were prepared, the apologies offered were by my Mum, nothing doing by the wait staff in the form of any sincerity or apology.

We are probably some of the most patient and understanding customers going around and make allowances, however there were barely any other diners eating at the time and coupled up with the weirdest looking mishmash of chip batches I've seen, this one goes down as an average-poor meal sorry. Very disappointing...

To the proprietors: Not sure if it's a lack of care in the kitchen, or whether you are unable to secure a regular chef, yet something's amiss and if you'd care to read these reviews you'd see it's hit or miss.
Jo Wolfe
Great food, big meals, extremely clean, staff friendly
Latrobe Valley Paranormal Detectives- LVPD
Great food and service. Good value.
neva martinez
Had a lovely beautifully cooked parma and an equally lovely roast pork lunch today. Excellent service too, looking forward to going again
Debra Azzopardi
Table for 5 on a busy sat night at Moe RSL. Ordered 5 of the steak specials. Every one of them was cooked to perfection ??'? very friendly staff. Very reasonably priced. We'll be back. Thank you
Pam Gazzara
What you would generally expect from an RSL. Moe RSL has all accessibility parking, facilities & entry.
Wonderful memorabilia, Banjos restaurant on site & The pokies. There is functions room, with lots on all year round.
Helpful staff, decent meals, clean & inviting atmosphere. Sign in is required at this venue.
jeanette robinson
The staff were wonderful food was large serves and tasty definitely would dine there again
Rick Lyn McDonald
Club is OK however the meal we had was disappointing. Roast of the day 'Pork', very little gravy, no crackling and cold uncooked vegies.
Always enjoy a couple of hours here day or night and if you get hungry they have a great bistro too.
Neville Chater
Great experience. First visit. Yummy calamari and fish. Beautiful wine of the month.
Elainor McAllister
Moe RSL is currently refusing service to dependant individuals that have special needs, my family tried to attend this restaurant with our autistic brother and we were denied entry.
I've never been so disappointed in a restaurant and I expect more from people in 2022
I hope they can do better in future but we certainly won't be going back to find out.
Izzy Calleja
WONDERFUL atmosphere, great food! Staff are always so nice. Thoroughly enjoy going there, its always so exciting when mom says we are going to the Moe RSL for dinner.
My partner and I made a booking here on Thursday night for 6:30 when we arrived we were asked if we were sure that we had a booking.. when we definitely did book. We were then told to stand at the door while the staff member went and seen if there was a table available which there wasn't. She ended up finding a dirty table and had to wait for it to be cleaned.

We had duck rolls for entree and they were beautiful and out in a timely manner. But main was horrible we both had scotch fillet my partners was meant to be medium and mine medium to well. On the way to our table the waitress must have forgot what she had in her hands as I got the medium and my partner got the medium to well. Asked for garlic sauce or creamy mushroom which they said they couldn't do so I decided to get the mushroom gravy. When my meal came out the steak was on top of the chips and the sauce on top of my steak had made all the chips go soggy and tasted like they had dropped a pepper shaker on my meal. The steak was tough and unpleasant I definitely would never order another steak here again.
Desert was beautiful we had a banana fritter but when it arrived 'by the chef' mind you... there was no cream and on the menu it stated that it came with cream. We then asked where the cream was the chef turned around to us and seemed very annoyed that we had asked and said I can get you some cream but I'm running around like a headless chook. Not that we wanted his life story we just wanted our cream. He then returned with cream and said sorry these girl aren't communicating very well. Which didn't make sense to me as he is the chef and should know that cream comes with a banana fritter.
I'm not going to speak for others but we could also see at the other tables next to us that their meals were half eaten and they did not seem happy.
All up I'd probably return for a beer but you'd never catch me eating here again. Lost my service
My partner said for over $100 he would like to go home smiley and satisfied but we were anything but that.
Moira Laming
Well run by friendly Covid-19 restrictions compliant staff.
Harley Wilder
Banjo's on Albert side of the RSL is absolutely appalling, the staff are unwelcoming, rude and miserable.. started with the receptionist throwing her pen at the desk due to us being walk in, it didn't get any better from here, the first meal served was clearly microwaved and COLD!

This meal was replaced by a miserable salad with no dressing and being told there would be a extra charge for it? (Since when does it cost more to return a COLD meal?) The server may as well have thrown the plate with how it was passed.

Will not be back.
Ken & Melanie Wood/Martin
After a long drive home to Moe from Ballarat we stopped in on a booking for dinner. Chicken sntizel vegies and chips. The worst meal ever had at the RSL. Chips were cooked too many times and too hard to eat.. beans were floppy and soggy and most had not had ends cut off..tinned corn yuk..roast pumpkin that seemed days old.. topped off with three times burnt cooked chicken sntizel placed over it all. As we were hungry after our three hour drive we ate some of it and left very unhappy and dissatisfied.. we have been at a local pub and had meals like this and never went back...ithink that cook is at the RSL. Won't be going back for a while
Ed Krytenberg
One of the best (pub meals) I have ever had
Michael Elliott
Staff awesome
Highly recommended to you
Anthony Kelly
A nice place to relax in an atmosphere that pays respect to service personnel and gives value for money.
The staff very friendly and helpful thanks for great lunch.