Meadow Inn Hotel-Motel Fawkner VIC

Meadow Inn Hotel-Motel Fawkner VIC

1435 Sydney Rd, Fawkner VIC 3061, Australia
Visit Meadow Inn Hotel-motel in Fawkner, Victoria.They have a bar and great food and drink choices. The Meadow Inn Hotel-motel has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu. This pub has an average rating of 3.8 out of 1162 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 3 to 5. The reviews for the Meadow Inn Hotel-motel appear to be a bit mixed.
If you want to have a drink and play the pokies, this pub has 69 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Ordered a medium rare rump steak and was excellent meal. Best steak for a long time and cooked perfectly as ordered. Great chef.

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM

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Latest reviews

Paul Nguyen
I have always driven by and glad that I came in for a late Sunday afternoon lunch and was greeted by the most friendliest of staff. Plenty of parking out back. Plenty of seating in the bistro area. Even a kids indoor playground, with a TV showing the kids play area just in case you're dining out of view of the kids. I don't know if we were just hungry or what but the food hit the right spot, portion size was also good. They have kids and also seniors menu. It was nice sitting close by to the cosy fireplace. To be honest, I was not expecting much but was pleasantly surprised with a good memorable experience. Will be coming back with the family for sure.
Andrea Keating
Great food, and great service from Josephine. Well priced meals.
Bathrooms could do with an update, and a door. We came back to the room after dinner to a nasty smell coming from the bathroom. Overall we are happy with the accommodation.
David Forbes
Had a large family gathering for Mums 91st birthday. Food and service was great. Special shout out to staff members in particular Josephine who went out of her way to decorate cake with candles and ensured all the kids (& adults) were well looked after. Thanks Josephine and staff for your polite and caring attitude.
Vicki Buckler
Your staff member Josephine is amazing. Josephine in the bistro is very caring, helpful and has wonderful customer service. Jo is the reason that we have been coming here every Wednesday night for many years due to her constant courtesy, welcoming smile and attention. Thank you Jo
The food has also improved substantially. Previous it wasn't very good but recently it has been very good and the younger members of our group who previously were constantly disappointed in their meal have commented on the food being very nice and tasty. Thank you
Riley Sims
Good size room for a couple. Parking was included and right outside of our room. Friendly staff.

The bathroom could have used some updating, had a damp smell and wasn't overly clean.

We had a meal in the bistro, food came out very quick. Food wasn't overly great. Drinks had a combination of flat/chemical taste to them, not very often both of us don't finish our food or drinks.

Overall though, could not complain with the price of the room, as we needed somewhere affordable and located within distance to the airport before our early flight.
Sherree Reid
We always stay at the Meadow Inn for our dancing comps, meals are delicious! Drinks are cheap, staff are friendly and always accommodating to our needs.
I highly recommend this venue!!
Greg Moloney
A great meal at a great price. Nice quiet atmosphere. Spacious. Very clean. I'll certainly be back. The seniors meals are well proportioned and inexpensive.
Peter Ferguson
We had a very nice lunch. Great sizes and taste great . The service staff were very friendly and competent at their job's. Would definitely recommend ??'? .
Vivienne White
We eat here quite regularly and find the staff very friendly.. service is good ... meals are of generous proportions... even the seniors meals are large....
It is becoming our regular weekend night out...
Luke Cupitt
Ordered a medium rare rump steak and was excellent meal. Best steak for a long time and cooked perfectly as ordered. Great chef.
Iza Goulart
The pub was a bit gloomy but quite spacious. A lot of gaming machines and variety. Staff looks a bit surprised maybe never seen newbie, come visiting the venue. Overall is good but, from my point of view, gaming area better when brighter with enough lightings. This time visit, I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars.
Maata to May 2023
Visiting from New Zealand, we stayed at Meadow Inn for 2 nights. We don't know the area at all so did a Google search/checked reviews and went with it. We're not fussy people, just wanted somewhere clean and decent, and the fact that it was a pub/restaurant/accommodation was cool. Lovely/accommodating staff who helped with everything we asked and had some good yarns as well. Overall we had a really good experience, we would recommend it to others and will come back again. Would be a cool venue as a base for a family reunion.
Savanah Fisher
Overall, it was a nice experience with decent food in a laid-back atmosphere. I had to ask twice for a high chair even though I made a booking requesting one.
I ordered through the qr code, and the staff were quick to bring the drinks out. The steak was cooked perfectly
ross hemmingson
Sadly I use to be a regular at these pokies,great staff but I could get a couple of hours entertainment with $200 now their pokies is like an 🏧 except you just deposit. $200 lasts just under 10 minutes..its like the machines are to finely tuned in their favour after the covid fiasco.
Tony Millington
Stayed locally for a week doing a job nearby. Had dinner here every evening and enjoyed every meal. Prompt service , great choice on menu, and the beer was good as well. I would recommend the Meadow Inn , best pub in the area
Rebecca Webster
We were very impressed with this establishment. Everything seems to run smoothly, staff are lovely and the food is delicious.
To add to this:
We went back for the Christmas buffet. It was absolutely delicious and the atmosphere was so wonderful.
What a great place to celebrate.
scott wade
Actually the meal wasnt bad but my mum was walking my 9 month old around to try and entertain her while I tried to enjoy sitting down for a minute and an employee was unbelievably rude to her. The employee raised her voice to say no babies in here!! To which my mother started to apologize as she didn't realize it was an issue when the employee interrupted to say JUST LEAVE! Her manner was unnecessarily rude. She then proceeded to give mum dirty looks as clearing a table in the restaurant... absolutely terrible customer service!!
Lynette Kurzman
Very impressive. Skye was so attentive to my needs which made me feel inclusive. I will definitely go back and next time bring more friends. Thank you Skye, you have given me the opportunity to get out of the house more often.
jack dog
Came here for a dinner recently. Bistro was great, especially our waiter Emily. She was very kind and her charismatic attitude made the experience very enjoyable! Not to mention the food was pretty good too
jackie carr
Meals were good and the young lady delivering/serving meals was lovely. Bar staff were horrible and slow and could not understand English very well. Took them 3 goes to understand a 'blue' steak and then got frustrated when we ordered 9 meals and said we should have used the qr code on the table. We had 5 elderly people at our table who don't know how to use a qr code. Then they got the drink order wrong. Oh well won't be going back there in a hurry.
Krystal Cruse
New bar staff Cass made me feel very welcomed to the venue.
Cass let me know the benefits of Monty Rewards and helped me set up my Monty Reward card hassle free.
Watching the bar staff from a view while eating my yummy meal, Cass's professional service to patrons were second to none.
Highly recommend this venue and all staff on last night especially Cass
Michael Jordan
Very much gone down hill. Was once a lovely place and great food, but the food could have been much better. Medium rare steak, extremely smaller than 200 grams (some people actually know how meat looks in size even when cooked) and was far from medium rare. Even though I was going to order rare, was convinced by my better half to be cautious about the cooking, as we've not been here in many years, was closer to medium than medium rare. And for the $36, there was a tiny salad (which should be a decent serve based on the size of the steak compared to the cost). Kids spaghetti tasted like canned spaghetti. Very much disappointed and will not ever return.
The one thing that was actually half decent was the garlic bread.

Shameful for the $150 spent for 3 adults and 1 child. Although the new QR ordering system was acceptable, and the service was good. If it wasn't for these very few positives of the experience, I would give zero stars but Google doesn't allow that.
Only attended the pokies sections of the venue, & that's literally what it was. Pokie. There was a good number of machines but also a lot of people. I was there on a Friday night around 11pm & there was way to many people in this section, you could barely move around. Just to move from the bar to the exit was a struggle, but from one machine to another it was near impossible. It felt like there was 2-3 people at every machine & overall the venue was just too overcrowded for it to be comfortable
Andras Beregi
We checked in with our app as no one was manning the desk. As we approached the TAB a lunatic came running after us screaming she hasn't seen our proof of vaccination. We showed her our phones with the green tick and she is still yelling at us saying she needs to see the actual certificate. We show her and she yells at my husband who is nearly 60 that she can't see it. If this woman has a problem with her eyesight then perhaps she shouldn't be working in this kind of establishment. This is our local watering hole and we have never been yelled at by any of the staff before. Very disappointed with this staff member but we won't let her ruin our day. Other than her poor behaviour, we absolutely love coming for a bet and a pint. Merry Christmas to all your wonderful staff.
My Mess
What a fantastic staff with full of knowledge and enthusiasm. Always happy to help customers with a smile .
Very fair price for the hotel accommodations. . Highly recommend.
Great place to stay for the night . Very helpful staff and management. Great venue for money .
Will come back again .
Vii Cowley
Housekeeping was terrible. Checked in Friday, Saturday house keeping came in replenished soap ONLY. No replenishment of toilet paper, (we had to purchase our own) did not change sheets or make the beds. No vacuum was done. (We cleaned our own floor also) We had bumped into housekeeping on Monday where we asked if she was the one tending to our room over the weekend to which she replied No and then asked for me to write a note with these comments so she could give to management.we didn't get any type of feedback from management about this. The handle for our room door had completely come off, this was communicated to the front office and a very polite gentleman tended to the issue and accommodated to the situation accordingly. The Manager on site was very polite and greeted us well.
Val Liam
I've recently moved to the area so decided to pop in for a drink. The young lady who served me was polite. The atmosphere was good.
Jax Bradford
Cold food. Good service but every time I eat there I feel sick after it, especially the fish. I won't be back!
Malosi Fane
Was good to see that staff were making sure that people were Scanning in and always walking around counting the amount of people in the venue before letting people in..excellent service
Yvonne Kriss
Thank you for setting us up in a great area to celebrate my birthday.The food was fantastic.
Mark Wilson
Unfortunately I won't be returning,after my party of 11 had nothing good to say about there meals even though the menu only has just over a dozen meals to choose from
Cal Carmichael
Best pub meal I have had ribs and rump absolutely beautiful will go again
Roland Auer
Unfriendly reception. Probably due to been burnt by the type of guests that this motel accommodates. Came across some rough situations just walking in and out of my room that were coursed by other guests and their visitors. Room is as standard that it can be. Clean I call something else. Nice meals at the pub do But cannot make up for everything else. First and last time for me here.
Michael Lineham
Hotel motel with pokies lounge, sports bar etc. Think there's a TAB there. Pokies have average payout rates. (In other words, if you win a decent amount, just put it in your pocket and walk away! Don't stay and play. You'll definitely lose it again.)