Lorne Hotel Lorne VIC

Lorne Hotel Lorne VIC

176 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne VIC 3232, Australia
Visit Lorne Hotel in Lorne, Victoria.They have a bar, great food and drink choices and offer accommodation. The Lorne Hotel has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu. This pub has an average rating of 3.8 out of 1586 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5. It appears there are mixed reviews for the Lorne Hotel.
If you want to have a drink and play the pokies, this pub has 10 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Had dinner on the 27/4 2 adults 2 kids. Both adults had chicken parma which was delicious. Kids pasta was really nice. Live music was a nice touch. Recommend

Opening hours

Monday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Tuesday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Thursday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Friday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Saturday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Sunday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Latest reviews

Michael Waterhouse
Amazing location and lovely setting looking out towards the beach but so overpriced is not even funny. Whoever costed the food and drinks for this venue is out of touch. Such a shame. The only saving grace is the happy hour.
Ian Whitbourn
We ordered the seafood platter at $85 thinking that it would be a reasonable size for two to share. At best it was like an entire.
Probably overpriced by $30+
Don't be disappointed like we were.
Hannah Mumford
WAY TO OVERPRICED!! The hotel itself looks quite nice, but that's all it has going for it. My husband and I just ordered a schnitzel and bangers and mash which worked out to be $40 EACH!!! Ridiculous price considering the portion size of both meals, and on top of that there was a +$3 fee for gravy for the chicken schnitzel, which was served in a 50c sized jug, TINY. The service was okay, wouldn't say it was good.
Would NOT recommend- better off going to a different place down the road, Lorne seems to have heaps of other great options!! Very disappointed in the hotel :(
Nicholas Brown
Honestly no idea how this place gets such a bad rap. Since the new ownership everythng has run smoothly here. As the most popular spot in Lorne it manages the huge crowds. Cant go run with pub food. Seafood platter great to share with your partner.
Great Vibe! 4.5/5
Kyle Johnston
Half way through dinner on Saturday night the Me&U app was turned off for drinks allowing food only which we already ordered. The queues for drinks were 10 deep and would have taken 20 minutes .... a great idea to make us leave which we kindly did. A big miss by management. Will definitely not book this dining room again on peak nights if this is the new service standard!
Dined four other times in the previous two weeks with no issue.
Absolute wankery... how many times can you pretend you're Byron bay by mentioning them several times in your andvertising and charging ridiculous prices. Food was not great. My burger patty was raw. Super expensive. Views amazing. Super smart putting smoking area near kids area?!
On September 20, 2023, we stopped at the restaurant for lunch on our route to see the Twelve Apostles. The chicken parma and burger were good, and the service was prompt and courteous. You may eat lunch while taking in the sea view thanks to the glass windows.

The family is playing pool at one of the restaurant's pool tables.

It is simple to swing by for lunch because there is plenty of parking by the hotel. After lunch, you might visit the beach and go shopping.
We had a little late night drink, it's a stunning hotel/location with beautiful views. Bar staff were friendly, seemed to be quite busy although it was a weeknight. Enjoyed my frozen passion fruit? Long Island iced tea - would definitely buy that again!
Nice terrace, nice view, busy. Paid $40.75 for one pint of Stone and Wood beer, and one glass of the house rose. Will try the surf club next time...
Travis Grenfell
Asked if they could do some veggies for the infant. Told "naaaah, don't have veggies..."
I've been here a few times over the years, with kids and without. They always find a way to make sure you understand you're in an overpriced tourist trap.
Love the pokies too, stay classy Lorne 😉
Stef Limbert
A word of warning to anyone with a dietary need - 5 of us attended Lorne hotel for lunch. We had a coeliac child and gluten-intolerant adult. Asked for the allergen menu we usually get (been here twice before and viewed it alongside the regular menu) and was told by the waiter they don't bring these out to the table now as "it's not a great look for other patrons". Queried this and was then told, "it doesn't look good for other patrons to know there's allergy stuff on the next table". Spoke to the supervisor who also advised they don't bring the allergen menu to tables and that we are to question the bar staff when ordering at the register, which we did, and she had no idea of the options available anyway and sent us back to the supervisor at the kitchen. All of which would have been avoided had we been able to see the menu options available and just order normally. I can only assume there has been a change of management/policy or the staff are uneducated in regards to industry standards when it comes to allergens. I'm not sure why the restaurant seems to think that modelling to other patrons inclusivity of medically necessary dietary needs and letting a person with a dietary need view a menu at their table like any other patron is a taboo and distasteful act. In any instance, we definitely won't be dining here again, that's for sure!
Ryan Zarb
Dropped in for a impromptu lunch. Location was very nice and glorious view from the restaurant.

Staff were friendly and attentive. Brought out drinks straight away.

Loved they had the option to use QR code for ordering. (You could also order traditionally too) Was easy and worked great. The food was very nice. Particularly the fish and chips. Legit the best I've had in a while.

All in all. Worth the Sunday venture out to give a try.
We had dinner in the bistro on an extremely busy Friday night. The service was great and the food came out very quickly. Prices are a little high, but not extremely so. Food was tasty.
Cristian Folletti
The room was clean enough, a bit on the small side, but understandable for the price. Service was great, the provided internet unfortunately was inexistent, not working at all, and the location was very bad for Telstra or Optus(as we had both providers) internet signal, as a result, we could not use our work-devices efficiently and ended up watching the television, that had only normal channels. Other than that, it was good, and staff very helpful.
Completely satisfied. The food was amazing; the presentation immaculate; the staff courteous; the service great; the mood perfect. No complaints - our family now comes regularly for great local food.
Highly recommended
Nick Aylward
If you want to freeze and be surrounded by kids then this is the place for you. Doesn't provide a space for a relaxing drink with some decent music. For such a nice building in an awesome location I've never been so let down. Won't be back for a long time. Hopefully under new management.
Jason Herbert
Had dinner on the 27/4 2 adults 2 kids. Both adults had chicken parma which was delicious. Kids pasta was really nice. Live music was a nice touch. Recommend
Elizabeth/Robert Jolly
Had a meal tonite Friday 21 April in the bistro. Wife's fish n chips were good. Fish was fresh. I had the chicken parmigiana with chips n salad. Parmigiana was tasteless and seemed straight out of the micro wave. The side salad was inedible, lettuce drowned in some weird cheap oil and not much else. At $35 you've got to wonder. Don't recommend.
Decently priced compared to what's around.
Modern place with great atmosphere feels friendly and welcoming
Very dog friendly, had both our dogs with us for dinner and drinks.
+Smoking area, DJ
Must go if you have dogs and want a decent dinner and drinks
Jodie Foreman
This review is for the upstairs deck bar. Lovely view for drinks under the umbrellas. We almost went back the next day but didn't go in because the music was so loud. Pier to Pub celebrations.
M-P Cricket
Tick this pub off your go to list because everything about it was awesome, came in without a booking on a Thursday and greeted by a lovely lady who sat us down on the deck, (in my opinion the best spot at the pub) this is where the beer garden with unreal vibes lives. Got a parma and a fish and chips, both 10/10 would definitely recommend. Better to book to guarantee a spot
Dillon Waters
Great service and happy hour pricing. The only downfall was the jump in price from $6 schooners to $11 after happy hour. This may have just been because schoolies is currently on. But definitely a surprisingly large increase. The location is excellent with the afternoon sun. Small gaming room (pokies) and 2 pool tables.
Matthew McEwan
My wife ordered steak and chips. It was the saddest looking steak I have ever seen. At least we got a laugh out of it. Staff were cold, he told my pregnant wife to go and get the cutlery herself.
We come to Lorne often, but we will drive to the next town for a pub meal (Wye River has a great pub!)
Went for dinner. Staff were really friendly & service was fast. If you're going just for drinks you'll be fine. Girlfriend's steak was tough & her Cafe De Paris butter tasted like curry. My seafood pasta...just wasn't good.
Brooke Hotchin
My partner and I headed out to Lorne for a weekend getaway, when deciding what to do for dinner we headed over to the Lorne Hotel. The food was absolutely incredible!
The vegetarian curry was full of flavour and my partners steak was cooked to perfection. Hats off to the chefs on a busy Saturday night!
Ian Gould
Ate lunch here in the bistro.
Chicken schnitzel was delicious. Fat and juicy chicken breast, perfectly cooked. Lovely crisp crumb coating.
Chips are more like french fries; not our favourites, but still not bad, although they went cold pretty quick.
Only complaint was that it took a long time to come out, but they gave us a free salad to make up for it, which was tasty.
Overall, excellent.
Nice view too.
J "Ryan" C
This review is for the restaurant and bar. We visited Lorne for the weekend and 14 of us had dinner here. Fantastic experience all around. The place is a great space and vibe! There was a DJ playing but the music wasn't too loud from inside the restaurant. Food and drinks was delicious. Great serving sizes and quickly served after ordering through the QR code. We stayed on after dinner and good crowd of people, lots of space outside with outdoor heaters to keep us warm on a winter night.
J "Ryan" C
This review is for the restaurant and bar. We visited Lorne for the weekend and 14 of us had dinner here. Fantastic experience all around. The place is a great space and vibe! There was a DJ playing but the music wasn't too loud from inside the restaurant. Food and drinks was delicious. Great serving sizes and quickly served after ordering through the QR code. We stayed on after dinner and good crowd of people, lots of space outside with outdoor heaters to keep us warm on a winter night.
Leonie Hollow
We ate dinner at the Bistro last night and would highly recommend! Excellent service, great seating and quality food for reasonable prices. We ordered the Bangers & Mash, Chicken Schnitzel, Cheese Burger and kids chicken tenders - all cooked well. Big shout out to our waitperson who was attentive, polite with a willingness to assist and ensured our kids food allergies were noted in the kitchen. Thank you ??'?🏻
Vicky Toparlanis
Need more gluten free options. Other than that the food is tasty. I enjoyed the butter chicken. Full of flavour
Tom Herbert
Got asked to leave after I had ordered and paid at 6:30pm because I only had a photo of my ID, not physical ID and I wasn't even ordering alcohol. Kids and families around as it seems like a family venue, we weren't asked for ID until after we had ordered food and non alcoholic drinks ... a nice family sitting next to us were mad with us that we were being asked to leave and stood up for us due to the absurdity that is that venue.
Extremely poor customer service.
Elizabeth D
$40 for a VB stubby and fish and chips. No salad or veggies with the dish and fish was inedible. Needed a steak knife to cut it let alone chew it. Absolutely awful. So disappointed as I used to get a beautiful dish of f&cs here. What's happened?
Was just there for lunch and it was a great decision. Sat by the windows in the bistro overlooking the beach on a nice sunny day. The main meals and kids meals are big servings. The side garden salad and broccalini were ??'?
Luvjit Kang
Nice place for some drinks with family and friends. Prices are reasonable for the location. Staff is friendly especially the Punjabi Chef who we spoke to for about 5mins. Great work and see you guys again soon
Jeremy Noble
Look I found this really good value and service. The place was packed. I'd heard it was pretty expensive - but actually upstairs at the Bistro seemed pretty reasonable.
Bethany MacCurrach
Jamie at The Lorne Hotel is such an incredible person and I hope the Lorne Hotel realises what an asset he is. From the moment we met Jamie, we fell in love with his energy, enthusiasm and strong understanding of events and event management. We had our wedding reception at the Lorne Hotel, and it was not just the incredible views that made the night, it was also the amount of care and effort Jamie put in to making everything perfect. Nothing was too hard, and he honestly made myself, my husband and our entire wedding party feel like the most important people. He was intuitive, he always noticed when our glasses were empty or something needed to be done. I do not believe our wedding day would have run as smoothly and perfectly as it did if it were not for Jamie. Thank you so much Jamie, I will always be so grateful that I met you! Thank you for helping to make my wedding day so perfect!
Sonia Monteiro
I ordered a Vegetarian salad costs me only 14$ but it was one of the best salad I ever had. Amazing quality ingredient's and very delicious.
We were family of 10 and everything we ordered tasted really good. Very enjoyable experience with beautiful views surrounding the hotel. Service was excellent as well.
Michelle Burdett
Had the porterhouse steak which was lovely and cooked as requested. Staff were lovely and friendly. As is the case with most establishments in Lorne you are paying higher prices.
Almi Leko
Food was nice but not worth how much we paid for it. The guy forgot our order I realised this after the 2 tables after us got their drinks first, of course he made an excuse up!
Customer service was horrible. They where pretty busy and possibly not enough staff and over worked. The seating was very tight hardly any room to pull the chair in and out. Would not recommend this place.
Joey Brodski
We had planned to go here for our anniversary. Checked out the menu online to make sure there was something for me to eat as Im vegetarian and saw few items that looked really good. They seated me and my hub along with our two kids, only to find out that they changed their menu without updating the web menu....The waitress said they had changed the menu the week before, so maybe they just didnt have enough time to reflect the changes online, but then went on to say they didnt have burgers since she had started working a month ago.They didnt have a ramp to get up either, hub had to carry the pram up the stairs (unless there is an alternative way to get in that we couldnt find)Our night was almost in shambles but we ended up going to the pizza place a little bit down the main strip.
Ruby Thomas
Food was nice and quick, however I had to ask for my drink 3 times as it kept getting forgotten even after my partner had received his drinks. I ended up getting my drink half way through my meal even though I had initially ordered it as soon as we were seated. We found some of the staff to be quite rude, even when we said thank you as we were leaving we received absolutely nothing back
P. Lent
Lovely weekend spent at Lorne Hotel over the Easter long weekend. Small quaint room, suitable for family of 4. Very clean with comfortable beds (brought our own pillows).The location was very central, a couple of minutes walk to the beach and to the town.Recommend and would stay again !
Adam Tutin
Visited twice this weekend. The food was fantastic. Great atmosphere brilliant service from all the staff.especially Shane he is a brilliant host and has great customer service skills. He is a credit to your company. Will definitely be back. Keep up the great work.
Chris Goyne
Dropped in for a drink after walking around in the crowds along Lorne's Main Street. Drinks were refreshing and reasonably priced. The staff gave positive vibes and were easy to talk to. Pretty good view of the beach.