Castello's Longbeach Hotel Chelsea VIC

Castello's Longbeach Hotel Chelsea VIC

380 Nepean Hwy, Chelsea VIC 3196, Australia
Visit Castello's Longbeach Hotel in Chelsea, Victoria.This pub has an average rating of 4 out of 945 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 2 to 4. The reviews for the Castello's Longbeach Hotel appear to be a bit on the low side.
If you want to have a drink and play the pokies, this pub has 49 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

We have been to Costello's Longbeach Hotel many times and we enjoyed each and every meal. The place is well located and there is sufficient free parking at the back. They have a nice venue - also for Seniors. The staff has always been very polite and helpful. We must go back again soon. Keep the good work!

Opening hours

Monday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Thursday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Friday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Sunday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM

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Latest reviews

chris turnbull
Was with a group of eight. All food arrived at close to same time which was great. Staff very friendly. Some food was just warm not hot but still within acceptable range. Overall, a good meal out.
Sunee Hay
Second time here. Meals and Service exceptional.
The Barramundi and Calamari are our favourite. Well presented, Fresh and well priced. Good relaxed atmosphere and accommodating staff.
Will definitely make this our regular.
Mark Mcconaghy
Friendly and helpful staff, the food was uniformly good with good portion sizes and senior's discounts. Gets noisy in the dining area, to be expected but something to be aware of. A good night.
Clancy Simpson
Ordered a Chicken Parama for Sunday lunch, salad had no dressing, chicken was as dry as a dead dingos donger and the doughey chips had 2 grains of salt on them. Service rated low only as there is no table service. Not worth 30 bucks.
Mel Russell
What a great little find. Offering 'Seniors Discounts'. The Lamb Roast was perfect for lunch- including Mont sauce ' crunchy broccoli & beans ( perfectly cooked). Potatoes could have been 'crunchier' outer coating for a roasted flavour. The entree- 'Bang Bang Cauliflower' was great- but needs a slightly different 'batter' to add more flavour. The Vegetarian Pasta- could have done with much greater flavour also- perhaps include Pumpkin , Pine Nuts, and spinach? The Pasts was just too bland & really felt like I was eating passata tomatoes with cooked penne. Service & staff are amazing! I look forward to coming back again soon.
Kate Lyons
Attended tonight with my husband and 2 kids.
Food was great, the ambience of the venue is a good vibe.
Super clean, comfortable and inviting.
Staff are attentive and good was delicious.
Ordered the eye filled, the burger, fish n chips and the chicken bao. Everyone left happy and full.
Big shout out to Natalie in gaming who helped with our booking over the phone and we met at the table. Lovely and attentive. Exactly what customer service should be...actually want to be nice... not there to just do their job. She was fantastic.

Highly recommend ??'?
Dee Gaut
We ordered the Sri Lankan chicken curry and it was delicious, not spicy hot, but full of flavour. Chicken Parma was plump and tender, basic sauce topping and the calamari was perfect, fleshy and soft
Chiluka Desai
Fantastic experience . We just there for hot chocolate and cake . However like the service, atmosphere so much , will definitely go back for dinner
Jae 15
Favourite restaurant at the moment!

The food is absolutely delicious and is made so fast. Was not expecting to receive my food so quickly!

The staff are very polite and helpful and we will definitely be going back more often!
Kate Demornay
Dropped in for lunch with my sister. . Enjoyed the experience. Pleasant atmosphere. Food.
As I entered I noted the fish tank needed time spent cleaning it. Needs a Professional clean.. Not a nice environment for the fish. The fish tank is a centre point.
The dozen times we've been here the food ranged from okay to outstanding. The pizza, Barramundi fillet, all outstanding the first time.

Subsequent times, the pizza has been quite ordinary compared with that very first time we tried a pizza when it was incredible, and the Barramundi fillet has halved in size over time. Quite disappointing. They may be trying to cut costs with supplies and now hiring cheaper chefs?

It's rare to find roast vegetables with the layered oil treatment on them. These are still good.

The very first time: the crumbed Barramundi was divine. The very first time: the medium thickness crust pizza (pictured), the Truffle Melanzane, was so well conceived and made it was heaven to eat. Thank you chefs. The Napoli sauce they use for the pasta's was also excellent.

Most staff are very friendly. Located close to the beach. Top level Ambience and room design. The well regulated cooling provides a welcome break from the heat outside.
Shweta Leonard
Returned for dinner after a long hiatus. I had the curry of the week which was Lankan chicken curry. It was tasty & it had a good level of spice also which I enjoyed. The menu has improved so will return to try other menu items. Service friendly.
Roscida Mortimer
I went to have a catch-up dinner with my friend. Never ever was I disappointed with our meals as this time. We walked in and followed the signage, asking us to wait to be seated. 2 staff members were having a chat, and only when we looked at them were we approached to be seated. I let that slide, We then ordered our meals, a honey pumpkin risotto and a chille garlic prawn fettuccine. There were no pictures as we were both fairly hungry. The food at least mine looked very appealing. However, the honey pumpkin risotto had no honey flavour, nor was the pumpkin well cooked. My delicious looking chille garlic prawns were absolutely tasteless without a trace of salt in it, not even a hint of it. Even if the chef wanted to be conservative with the taste, they could have at least put in a dusting of salt to give it some taste. Our meal was an absolute disaster and a disappointment. This was a reminder as to why we had not been there in a while. I can only hope you guys raise your game.
A disappointed dinner.
Always a pleasant experience. Promptly greeted and seated each visit. Ordering straight from QR codes on tables is as fast or slow as your own tech savvy skills go. Food has always been served in quick succession. Menu options seem to be well catered and broad enough for most dietary requirements. Great atmosphere and Welcoming for young and old.
The two times we've been here the food ranged from very good to outstanding. The pizza, barramundi fillet and roast vegetables, all outstanding.

It's rare to find roast vegetables with the layered oil treatment on them. The crumbed Barramundi, divine. The medium thickness crust pizza (pictured), the Truffle Melanzane, is so well conceived and made it was heaven to eat. Thank you chefs. The Napoli sauce they use for the pasta's is also excellent.

The staff are very friendly. Located close to the beach. Top level Ambience and room design. The well regulated cooling provides a welcome break from the heat outside.
Maryam Bahar
A great pub close to Chelsea beach, very nice, clean and spacious place with lots of seating, nicely decorated. Very friendly staff with excellent and timely service. And above all the food was delicious , ordered from the special menu and my Lemonish barramundi was to die for, honestly the best fish dish I have ever had in a pub/bistro setting. Cocktails were also nice with reasonable price. Will definitely recommend this place if you are in the area.
Greg Blair
Open plan seating inside which means it can get a bit noisy at times. Service was efficient and wait staff pleasant to deal with. The Honey Pumpkin Risotto was overpowering with the amount of garlic in it, but the steak was really good, tender and cooked well.
Kirupakaran Pirasath
Food generally in Melbourne is amazing and Longbeach Hotel keeps up with that pace. Visited here twice from Canada in 2017 and 2022 - both times staff were amazing and food was fantastic. Highly recommended.
Jacinta Andrews
Nice meals, and good value for the seniors menu. The service is excellent. The staff are helpful and friendly. They even gave me a refund when I stupidly ordered an extra meal. It was my mistake but they still refunded me. Now that is good old fashioned great service. Keep up the good work!
Helena Schneider
Visiting from Canada. Our first time in was okay. Food was good. We went again a few days later for a cocktail....which was good but definitely slow service. We have on two separate occasions tried to go there to eat at around 5:30-6 pm. And turned away ! Apparently not allowing additional clients due to 'staff shortage' however...they were not overly busy. No option to wait and have a cocktail. Just flat out no. We were staying in an Airbnb just down the road and come from a hospitality background. So after our first turn away we thought we would give them the benefit of doubt so we tried calling to book a table the alternate time and clearly that did not help. Both these attempts were midweek days. Very disappointing and we certainly will not try again.
Philip Cash
After being born less than a kilometre from this pub, I have never been inside. What a surprise, very clean for its age and function rooms for many purposes. Even conferences can be catered for. This pub no longer has the feel or reputation that it had when I was growing up
Sharen Sullivan
We held our daughter's 21st birthday party in the function room upstairs. The room looked absolutely beautiful, the food was delicious. The staff were wonderful and so helpful. A special thank you to Jade for all her hard work and orgainising behind the scenes and ensuring the night ran smoothly. All our guests had a fabulous time and commented on how wonderful the venue is. We would highly recommend Castello's Longbeach Hotel to anyone and will be definitely booking here again for our next function.
Tim Robinson
Love the seniors meals nice and small. The phone app for ordering is fantastic. Staff were very cordial.
Vanessa Porter
Spent an afternoon swimming at Chelsea beach then went to Castellos for dinner with kids. It was not crowded even though it was a 34° day, service was good meals were delicious and priced well. Will be going back soon highly recommend this place
Mila Giganti Curchod
We have been to Costello's Longbeach Hotel many times and we enjoyed each and every meal. The place is well located and there is sufficient free parking at the back. They have a nice venue - also for Seniors. The staff has always been very polite and helpful. We must go back again soon. Keep the good work!
Michael Chiklis
Service and food leave a lot to be desired since reopen. Ended up getting sick from what tasted like a fairly old fish and chips. Whether or not this was the fault of the kitchen it's a shame coming from a once beloved establishment.
Standards after this new ownership has really dropped. Ordered special curry and it didn't even taste like curry. Canned curry was better than this restaurant. The porterhouse steak was really the worst quality meat, it was fatty and didn't taste good. On top of that we ordered the specialty milkshake to again be disappointed and given the standard milkshake not even providing us refund on price difference. The bloody Mary drink was gross...they managed to ruin my favourite seriously..Honestly would not comeback here again, despite living around corner, it has made it to the worst restaurant list. Wasted money on horrible horrible food. Shame on you. :(
John Watts
Simple but pleasant pub / bistro in Chelsea. First time there and not long after lockdown finished. They have come up to speed quickly like they have never closed. Friendly and attentive wait staff.
Loretta Southam
Great customer service and excellent coffee and Carmel slice. Company was fantastic veiw great too.
Bambi Frost
Very comfortable atmosphere, tables well spread apart. Had the yummiest pasta - Penne Chicken with cheese sauce - was delicious , and cheesy garlic bread. One of the nicest meals l have had. Have recommend to friends to try this dish.
Jesicca Taylor
Quality of food has reduced since new ownership. My family and I were all quite disappointed, as we have loved coming to the Longbeach for years!
Kreed 01
Food was very impressive and reasonably priced. Good, friendly service too. Kids play area was sufficient to keep the little ones entertained. Would be happy to go back
Rangee K
Friendly and helpful staff. Clean eating area and bathrooms. Yummy food and a good selection of sweets if youre in for just a coffee (or cocktail) and cake. Theres a cute little play area for kids to keep them occupied while the parents enjoy a peaceful meal ;)
Leeanne Cole
Kathy is the most professional and amazing gambling attendant. It's also an absolute pleasure seeing her ..
Glenys Fisher
Loved going again. Roast lamb they said to my delight Roast pork was on the menu.So many veggies too. No cauliflower.
Marion H
The worst! One hour and several black jellybeans later, I can still taste the dry and offensive tasting fish. My companion could not eat her risotto. If you think the food here is good, I feel sorry for you.