Baxter Tavern & Motel Baxter VIC

Baxter Tavern & Motel Baxter VIC

117 Baxter-Tooradin Rd, Baxter VIC 3911, Australia
Visit Baxter Tavern & Motel in Baxter, Victoria.They have a bar, great food and drink choices and offer accommodation. The Baxter Tavern & Motel has a great dine-in restaurant - check their website for their menu. This pub has an average rating of 4.1 out of 1483 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 2 to 5. It appears there are mixed reviews for the Baxter Tavern & Motel.
If you want to have a drink and play the pokies, this pub has 45 registered gaming machines.

Customer Review

Had not been to Baxter Tavern for a very long time. The decor is still the same and a bit dated but add to the homely atmosphere. The food was amazing, a wide range to choose from, quite a few Vegetarian options too. Free salad and fruit salad with a main dish and yummy free bread rolls. They had a musician playing and he was really good and not to loud and overpowering easy listening music. Will definitely be back soon.

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Monday: 08:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Tuesday: 08:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Wednesday: 08:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Thursday: 08:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Friday: 08:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Saturday: 08:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Sunday: 08:00 AM - 04:00 AM

Latest reviews

Ariana Valencic
Went to the tavern for a family dinner; the ambiance and live music was lovely (shoutout to the gentleman on guitar- best part of the evening!) and the service was perfectly fine, wait time reasonable for a Friday evening- but I was so disappointed by the food.

$29 for a parma is already a little steep but hey, it's a pub parma. Probably worth it, right?

Now I've only been in Australia for two years so I was asking my Aussie family if chips were included, because chips and veg were listed as sides for the steaks, but not the parmas. And they thought I was quite silly, what a thing to worry about! But turns out this is the one place on god's green earth that doesn't do parma and chips if you order the veg. Chips are only included with parma and salad- but you have to go to the front counter to pick up the salad.

The parma and veg wasn't even yummy. And this isn't a case of not liking the sauce recipe or something- the food didn't taste bad, it just didn't taste like anything at all.

I was planning to buy dessert at the end but had to pass. I've never had a bad parma before and I just didn't have the emotional fortitude to deal with a bad $13 cheesecake if that turned out to be yuck too.
Jo Jo w
Had not been to Baxter Tavern for a very long time. The decor is still the same and a bit dated but add to the homely atmosphere.
The food was amazing, a wide range to choose from, quite a few Vegetarian options too. Free salad and fruit salad with a main dish and yummy free bread rolls. They had a musician playing and he was really good and not to loud and overpowering easy listening music. Will definitely be back soon.
I don't know how they get their batter on the fish so crispy and airy. But it is sensational. Had an African curry there a few weeks back as well. Both meals were great. We think it is a hidden gem
Mark Lockhart
This is a great venue for Xmas lunch. The staff are welcoming and attentive to your needs.
The all you can eat lunch has fresh seafood, cold meats roasted ated meat and veg, other veg dishes and salads and kid favourites. Add to this the mini Xmas puddings and a selection of deserts, including an ice cream bar. Coffee is included in the price.
The venue is comfortable and not noisy, considering the number of patrons.
We thoroughly enjoy Xmas Lunch here.
Shirley Hill
Wonderful venue and meals were beautiful. Our Christmas break up of 13 really enjoyed the lunch, including our wheelchair member. Keep up the good work and see you next time.
Robyn Ballard
People were nice, food was average
Bread rolls were great. I chose the Ravioli and pumpkin. The sauce was like the contents of pumpkin soup. It was a bit heavy for the dish.
Unfortunately lost stars from me as there was glass in my food ! Management quickly took away the last of the salad they had and informed me they binned it from other customers. However no compensation or apology was given.

The space itself is lovely and has many amazing items on view. The open fire places made for a very warm space.
Had a lovely meal there tonight but more importantly had amazing service. Michelle was patient and helpful when I was asking multiple questions about menu choices and her recommendations were spot on. Got to say her friendliness and sense of humour made our night.
Valeriy Karimov
I recently had the opportunity to visit Baxter Tavern, and overall, it was a pleasant experience. From the moment I entered the establishment, I was greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. The interior had a cozy and rustic charm, which added to the overall ambiance.

The service at Baxter Tavern was attentive and friendly. The staff members were knowledgeable about the menu and provided helpful recommendations. They were quick to address any inquiries or requests, ensuring that my dining experience was comfortable and enjoyable.

The menu at Baxter Tavern offered a good variety of options, catering to different tastes and dietary preferences. I particularly appreciated the focus on locally sourced ingredients, which added a fresh and flavorful touch to the dishes. The food was well-prepared, with generous portion sizes, and the presentation was visually appealing.

One standout aspect of my visit was the selection of beverages. Baxter Tavern boasts an impressive assortment of craft beers and a well-curated wine list. The staff was knowledgeable in suggesting pairings and guiding me through the options available.
In summary, Baxter Tavern is a delightful establishment that offers a cozy atmosphere, friendly service, and a well-executed menu. It is an ideal spot for casual gatherings or a relaxing meal. I would highly recommend Baxter Tavern to anyone looking for a quality dining experience in a welcoming setting.
Ann Morrison
Always a lovely meal. Wedges with cheese and bacon fantastic.
Fruit salad was disappointing, looked like it was days old every person on our table couldn't eat it. Watermelon even tasted and looked old. Not fresh at all.
Karen Dickens de Geus
Stopped in for a bistro lunch with the husband at a whim. Staff are very friendly & informative & the venue has a pleasant ambience. The food is exceptional, from the entree to the salad bar. The only downfall I can pick is there is no kid area, though the majority of lunch patrons were elderly. If I could give them 4.5 stars I would.
Susan Suttie
Came to the bistro today for lunch with a friend.
I had the chef's special which was a chicken parmigiana with Napoli sauce, spinach, mushrooms and melted cheese on top accompanied with chips and fresh salad of my choice.
It was absolutely delicious and plentiful.
The staff were lovely and only to happy to be attentive.
We will definitely be back soon.
Thank you for such a pleasant time.
Dizy H
The Baxter Tavern is one of those downright "feel-good" pubs.
Smiling, friendly, helpful staff.
Delicious food, served promptly & hot.
I had the koftas & they were amazingly delicious.
My husband had the seafood risotto & he too enjoyed his meal.
Highly recommended.
Peter Sander
Unfortunately the Baxter Tavern bistro has taken a huge nose dive, the excellent staff that were passionate about their work and quality of the food are gone, the good menu is gone. The steak and vegetables I ordered were pathetic, the steak was full of gristle, and the vegetables consisted of a few pieces of zucchini and carrot. In the past I've always had to make a reservation to guarantee getting a table, not a problem anymore because it appears that people are voting with their feet and going elsewhere. My 10 years of enjoying a great meal at the Baxter are over, and I won't return until I see an under new management sign up.
Stephanie Whitworth
I'm commenting regarding their dinner service which I was really happy with!
I'd been going for a long time years ago but some issues happened on a birthday dinner which had meant I didn't want to return.
Was invited to dinner for a going away party and the place has really turned around.

My dinner was the Pumpkin and almond ravioli and it was fantastic.

Hubby had the parma, kids had spag bol and fish and chips.

Kids meals were really great sizes particularly for their price of $11. Someone else on our table got one of the kids burgers and it was huge!

Fish was fresh and my daughter had almost all of it (which is rare for her)

Spag bol was homemade, just a smaller version of the standard meal and was delicious.

Sorry didn't try the parma but hubs said it was good.

Service was friendly, quick and thorough.

They had a salad bar for all main meals and even the salads were great!

I didn't ask whether or not you offer a "take away" option for left over meals? Felt like such a waste when my daughter didn't finish her spaghetti.

All in all I would definitely recommened. Great value for money, great service and delicious food. Guess you've won me over again and I will be back :)
Mark Lockhart
We received a warm and genuine welcoming by all staff. The service was attentive and practical.
The food was well prepared and tasty. There was ample food for all customers.
This a great venue for Xmas Luncheon feast.
Leo Ye
Recently had Christmas lunch with the in-laws here and it was a very pleasant experience. Friendly staff, nice seafood, yummy dessert etc. and it was a good time! What's more, I accidentally left a small bum bag behind. I contacted the premise and was given very detailed instructions to get it back after they checked that I was who I claimed to be. It was a bit of a bummer that I had to waste some time on the road but the friendliness of the people here made everything so much better. Thank you guys!!
Pamela Robinson
We had our Xmas lunch today & I always thought it will be "fine", but it was more than that, it was very good.
Really friendly greeting at entrance, we had an excellent round table in a corner, plenty of helpful staff clearing tables. Good & plentiful food. Organised & efficient. We were most impressed.
Robyn Kelly
Had a lovely meal at the Tavern today. We were very happy with the meals the overall atmosphere and the staff were all very polite and friendly 😀
Romy Parks
Very disappointed as I ordered the salmon and it was over cooked and hard not cooked well.
The calamari was frozen in the middle I thought everything was fresh and good but serving food frozen is not on.
I would like you to keep everything fresh from now!
We celebrated my partners 60th Birthday there today. The food, service and staff were fantastic. Thank you very much to everyone who worked our tables today 😊
Ron Gallagher
Their choice for Vegans and Vegetarions is virtually non-existant. What they offered was blan and unattractive. They are leaving money on the table as I will not be back (and attending with a group of 30 + that go there once a month) till I hear they have raised their game. It is not hard to prepare a few simple mains and desserts that are Vegan friendly... All it takes is some imagination and some pride in your work. They need to look around at what is happening in the mainstream and realise it's 2022. not the 1960s any more. You offer a few choices of mains and desserts that are vegan friendly and anyone can enjoy them. I and many others cannot give you our money if there is simply nothing worth ordering.
A jewel of a place. Excellent, fast bistro service, best value steaks on the Peninsula, quiet. Try to get a table near one of the 4 fireplaces, okay? A recommendation is the garlic bread, the porterhouse, the chicken burger, the Parma. Budget on $50 for 3 courses, or two and a drink. Support your local taverns, folks, and this one's a better. We'll be back.
Murph "Motorious50"
Nice pub. Have been going there for years. Good food and good service.
Murph "Motorious50"
Nice pub. Have been going there for years. Good food and good service.
Ernest Drozdz
Went to the Tavern for the first time today for lunch and was pleasantly surprised.The welcome, the friendly staff, the atmosphere and the selection of food was excellent. Food came out on time and the dishes were fresh and tasty. Great place to meet up with friends. Will be back.
Heinmrich Van Der Graaf
Wonderful four of us had lunch every body was extremely happy. Fair prices. Everybody gave it five stars, 300g Peterhouse medium rare cooked spot on. calamari amazing. Nicest chips I've had in a long time
Justin Wood
Good meal, great place for a Friday afternoon beer as well. The staff are all super friendly. What more could you want!
I have been coming here as a regular with my family for many years now - it's my childhood pub. So, I have been getting the steak and chips every time and it has always been good, but never quite fantastic. However, I hadn't been for some time until recently and may I just say, well done. The chairs got an upgrade, the plates are very aesthetically pleasing and the food has improved greatly! I had a rib-eye steak that was perfectly cooked, the chips have always been great and my steak stayed hot on the heated plate. I'd only fault it for being under-seasoned, and the garlic flavour in the garlic butter was really mild. Apart from that, fantastic!Maybe get rid of the painting of the naked woman on the wall though. This is a great place for families and I was a little disturbed to see it while I was trying to eat.I shall be returning soon.- L
Reade Smith
Food is fantastic... so good the lounge gets extremely crowded and very noisy...being why we choose to eat in the public bar.Same great food, but at public bar prices.The race callers on the screens are still quieter than the crowd in the next room.
Stacey Mc
Great feed in the public bar. Steak is great, relaxed atmosphere and free yummy bread rolls is always a bonus these days.
david crisp
Just ok